Woom Bicycles – Types and Best Models

Nowadays, cyclists of different ages can choose the most suitable unit for themselves depending on personal preferences and riding styles. There is a wide range of high-performance bikes and budget bikes on the relevant market. Among the variety of models found not only products mastodons of the bicycle industry, but also relatively young brands that are just starting to attract attention.

One such company is Woom. The Austrian brand is distinguished by the fact that it specializes in the production of bicycles exclusively for the younger generation. And today we will tell you what are the features of Woom bicycles, as well as tell you what models of this manufacturer are popular in almost all countries of the world.

Information about the bike brand Woom

cycling brand Woom

The history of the Austrian company began relatively recently, in 2013. Its founders Marcus Ihlenfeld and Christian Bezdeka decided to develop special bikes for their children. During the development, they took into account the riding style of young cyclists, their body proportions and many other factors. The founders of the Austrian brand did a lot of work before they realized what should be the ideal bike for a child.

The result is a cute line of children’s bikes for kids from 1.5 to 14 years old. The design and construction of all models are well thought out to the smallest detail. This allows you to safely and with pleasure to learn the world around them and have fun.

A bicycle brand from Austria quickly became popular. After just 6 years after its appearance products began to be recognized not only in Europe but also in other countries. Today, Vum bicycles are sold in more than 30 countries. These are Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the United States and China. In the domestic market, the distributor of Woom is “Mosgorbike”.

The Woom range includes not only children’s bicycles and treadmills. The company also sells branded clothing and accessories.

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The main feature of the Austrian manufacturer – focus on younger consumers. This allows the developers not to disperse their efforts to create mass products, and to concentrate their capabilities on the creation of exclusively high-quality and adapted equipment for children of different ages. The company’s products have a number of other features that distinguish it from bicycles from other manufacturers:

  • Woom children’s bicycles are 40% lighter than similar products from other manufacturers. This figure was achieved through extensive research and demonstration experiments. Therefore, at the moment Woom children’s bikes are rightly considered one of the lightest.
  • The manufacturer pays great attention to the quality of assembly and selection of components. Thus, about 85% of all parts are made specifically for this brand, which allows you to take into account all the features of riding a younger generation.
  • If you want to teach your child to ride a bike, then the products of the Austrian company are ideal for this. Studies have shown that children learn to ride Woom bikes up to 30% faster than other brands.

Woom children’s bikes are distinguished by increased ergonomics and comfort. In addition, worthy of respect and design performance of products. Every kid can find his perfect bike, which will open the way to new horizons.

Varieties of bicycles Woom

The range of the company Woom – it’s children’s bicycles and treadmills. The products are designed for the younger generation between the ages of one and a half to 14 years. The Austrian manufacturer also produces branded clothing and accessories.

The best models

Woom 1

Woom 1

The lineup of bicycles is represented by several categories. The lines differ from each other in terms of age. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights of the Woom range:

  • Woom 1. Begovel, designed for children from 1.5 to 3.5 years. The model is suitable for a child of height from 80 to 100 cm. It is the best option for those who are just getting acquainted with two-wheeled transport. The tricycle will teach your child to balance steadily, and train their leg muscles. Weight of the product is 3 kg. The diameter of the wheels is 12 inches. Special attention should be paid to the wheels: good cushioning damps the bumps in the road, providing extra comfort during the ride. For greater safety on the side of the wheels are reflective strips. The treadmill is assembled on an aluminum frame. Distinctive features are the ability to adjust the saddle and handlebar position. In addition, the handlebar has a turn restrictor – an angle of 68 degrees. This provides extra safety for the child while riding.
  • Woom 1 “plus”. This version differs from the previous model its dimensions. The tricycle is suitable for children from 3 to 4 years old, which corresponds to the growth from 95 to 110 cm. This model is distinguished by its large weight (4.5 kg) and wheels. The position of the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted.
  • Woom 2. A full-fledged bike designed for children aged 3.5 to 5 years. This model harmoniously combines elements of a treadmill and a full-fledged two-wheeled bike. A distinctive feature is the special geometry of the frame. It is designed so that the baby pedaling can easily reach the ground without losing his balance.
  • Woom 3. This model is designed for young cyclists aged 4 to 6 years. Suitable for toddlers from 105 to 120 cm tall. The model is distinguished by ergonomic handles that are easy to grasp with children’s palms. The bike comes with a reliable handbrake, 16-inch wheels and an anatomically shaped saddle. The handlebar also has a turn limiter, which creates additional safety on the road.
  • Woom 4. The bike, designed for children from 6 to 8 years old, is suitable for small riders from 115 to 130 cm tall. The weight of the model is 7.8 kg. Differs from previous models by having a seven-speed transmission. Bicycles equipped with SRAM equipment, assembled on an aluminum frame.
  • Woom 5. This model is designed for children aged 7 to 11 years. The bike weighs 8.8 kg. Low-lying frame provides a comfortable landing on the bike. The 8-speed transmission switches easily and smoothly. And V-brake brakes work clearly and smoothly.
  • Woom 6. This model is designed for teenagers aged 10 to 14 years. The model will appreciate the active guys taller than 140 to 165 cm. The weight of the bike is 9 kg. The model also has a turn restrictor and 8-speed transmission.
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Children’s bikes and treadmills from Woom are a great way to instill in your child a love of cycling and an active lifestyle.

Choosing tips

great Woom

Choosing a bicycle for your child, first of all, be guided by the growth of your child. It is clear that children are growing up very quickly, and a bike that was last year was still great, today it can suddenly be a small. So try to pick a model, the saddle and handlebar which will “grow” with your children.

Manufacturers of quality children’s bikes recommend paying great attention to the quality of construction and components. The weight of the bike is important when it comes to young children. Growing up, the cyclist will be hard to lift his iron friend if necessary. Therefore, it is always worth considering lightweight bikes for children, so that riding does not cause negative associations.


Woom bicycles are high-quality and safe bicycles for children. Products of the Austrian manufacturer are designed taking into account the specifics of the child’s behavior on the road. And this means that Woom bikes will be the perfect first bike for your baby.

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