Nameless bicycles – features, pros and cons

The current range of bicycles is able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding riders. Along with high-performance foreign brands, domestic bicycle brands arouse a certain interest among consumers. Today our focus is on Nameless bicycles.

We will tell you how the brand appeared and what is behind this name. Let’s talk about how Nameless bicycles differ from other domestic and foreign brands. In addition, we identify the top models that are in demand among a certain circle of cyclists.

History of the bicycle brand Nameless

Nameless logo

Nameless is a very young Russian brand that appeared on the market in 2012. Two our compatriots decided to design an ideal bicycle in their opinion. Almost a whole year they were poring over the drawings and design of their brainchild. As a result of fruitful work, a year later, a draft of the model appeared. The smooth lines of the frame gave a special dynamism to the design. The prototype of the Neimless turned out to be ergonomic.

After that, the guys began to work on the implementation of their idea into reality. We must pay tribute to the founders of the Nameless company – they moved quickly and confidently enough to reach their goal. Just kidding, only 2 years after the foundation (in 2014) the first Nameless bicycles rolled off the assembly line. Thus, another bicycle brand appeared in Russia.

Today, the company’s staff includes specialists from different cities of the country, which allows for a broader understanding of the wishes of consumers and the nuances that should be taken into account when developing new models. To date, the range of bikes in the company Nameless represents different categories. The consumer will be able to find a worthy copy here for overcoming rough terrain and leisurely riding on the smooth asphalt of city streets.


Nameless bikes are aimed at a wide range of consumers. The products of the young domestic brand can be used by fans of daily walks in city parks, forest trails and small hills. There are several models designed for amateur competitions.

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Like many other domestic brands, the company Nameless specializes in the assembly of bikes. Most of the equipment and components come from China. These are the well-known brands Innova, Shimano, Natty and others.

Most of the bikes are equipped with aluminum frames of the hardtail type.

Top models of Neimless.

The company’s range includes bicycles for consumers of different ages. There is a decent selection of teenage and women’s bikes, as well as transport for fans of extreme riding.

A separate category presents a folding bikes, the design of which greatly facilitates the storage of bikes in the winter in the apartment. Speaking of the model range, it is impossible not to mention a few of the most striking models that are in some demand:

Nameless S2000

Nameless S2000.

  • Cross 12 inches. An excellent choice for city kids who periodically ride together with their parents on forest trails and rugged terrain. The bike is aimed at boys and girls from 75 to 105 cm in height. The model features a sturdy frame and a rigid fork. The bike is equipped with safety wheels (a great option for those who plan to teach a child to ride a bike), a luggage basket in front, wings, reflective elements in sufficient quantity. The model comes in four color variations: green, red, blue and black.
  • Vector 14 inches. Not a bad choice for the city and country road. Model is aimed at the younger generation of cyclists. On the bike can ride children ranging in height from 104 to 110 cm. The model range has several variations of this model, differing in color solution. This allows you to choose a great bike for a girl or a boy. The range includes green, white, pink and blue copies. The bike comes with a sturdy steel frame, hard fork, chain guard, luggage rack and fenders.
  • Sport 16 inches. A stylish and dynamic model that will appeal to the active teenager. The bike is aimed at a child from 110 to 116 cm in height. Bicycles with a single-speed transmission assembled on a steel frame and rigid fork. Aluminum rims and fairly wide tires provide a good roll and passability bike. The model comes in a good variety of colors (blue, white, gray, red and other colors).
  • Nameless S2000. Mountain bike for teenagers and miniature riders. The model is suitable for cycling through the woods and city parks. The bike is equipped with a 7-speed transmission, V-brake, and 60mm suspension fork. The kit has a footrest and fenders.
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A decent range of Nameless is also represented by dynamic bikes for adult cyclists. You should pay attention to the two-propeller with 26-inch wheels. Model V6200D is focused on the rider growth from 155 to 180 cm. The bike comes with a shock-absorbing fork and mechanical rim brakes. Transmission for 21 gears provides flawless shifting speed mode.

Taller riders should pay attention to the S9400D unit from Nameless. The model is aimed at riders up to 197 cm in height. The so-called “niner” with 29-inch wheels has good Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability. It is equipped with hydraulic brakes and productive transmission with 21 gears.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bicycles of the domestic manufacturer are distinguished by affordability and a decent variety of models. Among the other advantages of Nameless bicycles it is worth noting the following qualities:

  • stylish and memorable design;
  • The reliability of models and the possibility of service;
  • Bikes are adapted for the domestic consumer.

Nevertheless, there are some weaknesses in Nameless’ products. And this is not surprising, given how little the company works. First of all, consumers note the insufficient quality of assembly of budget bikes. Unflattering reviews are heard in the direction of the frame: buyers believe that the 1-year warranty – it’s not enough for equipment of this plan.

In addition, complaints cause and bike frames. Much of them are made by Chinese craftsmen. They make frames of mild steel, respectively, to speak of any quality is not worth it.

Tips for choice

great Nameless

If you are looking for a cheap and stylish bike – look at the products of the company Nameless. The range has a lot of models that will be suitable for leisurely strolls around town, and for high-speed descents from the small and gentle hills.

Choosing a particular instance, check the quality of the assembly and condition of the paint coating. It is also worth paying attention to other points:

  • frame size depends on the height of the rider;
  • equipment of a bicycle;
  • build quality;
  • Availability of warranty and service.

Nameless bicycles can compete with other domestic bicycle manufacturers. Therefore, choosing a budget bike for everyday riding, it is worth turning to Russian brands.


Nameless bikes are budget, cute and quite decent bikes, aimed at a wide range of consumers. The company’s products need refinement. However, given that the company has only recently existed, there is hope that Nameless will become a more recognizable brand very soon.

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