Children’s bicycles Capella – pros and cons, tips for choosing

A bicycle is a great way to provide your child’s growing body with a balanced physical activity. Riding a bike, children train their vestibular apparatus, learn to keep their balance, develop their limb muscles, and strengthen their back and spine. Many parents know that a good bike is half the battle. With a comfortable, productive and attractive bike baby will certainly want to explore the world around them and actively spend time.

In order not to waste your precious time on processing a lot of information, we suggest you pay attention to bicycles from Capella. The manufacturer specializes exclusively in the manufacture of children’s transport – these are bicycles, car seats, cradles, strollers and other products for children. Of course, this gives a clear advantage over competitors. Let’s find out what is a bicycle brand Capella, and also tell why parents should pay attention to the bicycles of the South Korean manufacturer.

History of Capella bicycle brand

Capella logo

The company exists since 1987. Throughout its existence, the brand has managed to win not only numerous awards, but also the unconditional trust of customers. The first product was released a year after its foundation. At that time it was a primitive walking stick. Now the range of brand noticeably expanded. Capella produces not only strollers and prams, but also high chairs, walkers, playpens, car seats, and, of course, the heroes of our conversation – comfortable and safe bikes for kids.

To develop its products, the South Korean company attracts a wide range of specialists. The team includes pediatricians, famous designers and talented engineers. Their joint contribution to the development of the brand makes it possible to see convenient and ergonomic products for the younger generation in store windows.

Capella products belong to the medium price segment, which means that virtually every Russian family can buy their child a high-quality bike from the South Korean manufacturer. There is a wide range of children’s bicycles in the store chain “Dochki-synochki”. Points of sale are not only in the capital, but also in other major cities of Russia.

What is the difference between children’s bicycles Capella from similar brands? Outline the key features of South Korean products.

Varieties of Capella bicycles

As we have already said, the range of the South Korean company presents not only children’s bicycles. This is also treadmills, strollers, playpens, walkers, high chairs, car seats and much more. But today we are talking about personal transport for children, that is, about bicycles of this manufacturer. And they, it should be said, in the brand range is not so little.

Conventionally, Capella bicycles can be divided into several categories:

  • scooters;
  • treadmills;
  • two-wheeled bicycles;
  • tricycles.

Each model undergoes numerous checks and tests. This results in quality products for children that meet all safety requirements.

Popular models

Capella has a range of bicycles for children of different ages. Here you can find and three-wheeled models, and scooters, two-wheeled bicycles and treadmills. Consider a few of the highlights of the model line:

Capella S-511

Capella S-511

  • Capella S-511. Three-wheeled model, equipped with a push handle. The latter allows parents to control the movement of the child on the road. The bicycle is equipped with footrests and pedals, so your child can pedal by himself or put his feet up on the panels if he gets tired. Ergonomic seat with correct orthopedic shape provides comfortable movement of the child and his rest. For safety are responsible three-point harness and soft bumper, which prevents the fall. The weight of Capella S-511 is 11 kg. To store children’s belongings and toys provides a fairly roomy basket. The baby will be protected from the sun’s rays by a thick visor made of high-strength material.
  • Capella Action Trike II. A bright model of tricycle, which will appeal to both boys and girls. Recommendations of the manufacturer – for children from 2 to 4 years. The model is a transformer: a kid can independently rotate the pedals and set the direction of travel, as well as put his feet on the footrest and recline on the seat for a midday rest. The bike is equipped with a sturdy push handle that allows parents to correct their child’s movement. The model is equipped with a padded bumper, adjustable backrest, sun visor, roomy back basket and handlebar bag. The convertible bicycle weighs less than 10 kg.
  • Capella Prime Trike Pro. Another three-wheeled model equipped with a push handle for parents. The bicycle is designed for children from 3 to 5 years old. Equipped with an orthopedic seat with adjustable backrest, footrests, seat belts, bumper, sun visor. If desired, the push handle can be detached along with the visor, resulting in a full three-wheeled bike.
  • Capella Twin Trike 360. It is impossible not to mention this model, which will be the object of attention of parents of twins. The bike is equipped with two comfortable seats for children. The design of the lightweight version will be the optimal transport for joint walks. Both seats are equipped with reliable safety belts and a padded backrest with adjustable angle of inclination. The seats swivel, which means that children can be placed in goosenecks or turned to face each other.
  • Capella G14BM. It is the turn of the two-wheeled bicycles from the South Korean manufacturer. The model is suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old. It is equipped with additional safety wheels that allow you to keep your balance in any situation. Diameter of wheels is 14 inches. Model is equipped with wings, protective cover for the chain, safety wheels, reflective elements and a device for a sound signal.
  • Capella S-14. Comfortable and cute bike for children from 4 to 7 years old. The main wheels have a diameter of 14 inches. Includes 2 more safety wheels, allowing your child to learn to ride the bike with confidence. Bike assembled on a steel frame. Comes with hand brakes, soft pads on the handles for a comfortable grip, soft and comfortable seat with adjustable height, grooved pedals. The steering wheel can also be adjusted in height and angle.
  • Capella S-16. The model is adapted for older children aged 5 to 10 years. But the manufacturer has provided for the option that the child does not know how to ride a bike at this age, so the basic package includes two safety wheels. The diameter of the main one is 16 inches. The steel frame is highly durable, but remains quite lightweight. The saddle and handlebars are height and angle adjustable.
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Separately we should pay attention to the model Capella G20S650. The bike is suitable for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances. Focuses on children aged 6 to 10 years. The mountain bike with 20-inch wheels effectively copes with the bumps on the road, allowing you to get the most out of the ride. The 21-gear transmission allows your child to hone their driving skills and conquer easy off-road terrain. The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes and an ergonomic handlebar.

Pros and cons

Capella children’s bicycles are distinguished by three main qualities:

  1. Safety;
  2. comfort;
  3. Attractive design.

The fact that the manufacturer works exclusively for the children’s audience is extremely important. This allows a lot of attention to the development of innovative products for the younger generation. Only quality and safe materials are used in the production process. The output is a durable product that retains its original appearance for several years.

Separately, it is worth noting that in a team Capella also employs children’s doctors of subspecialization. Their experience allows them to assess the quality of products from a medical point of view. In particular, orthopedists note that the saddles in Capella children’s bikes and the position of the child during the ride are safe for the back and posture. Other advantages of the products include the following qualities:

  • Increased durability of the frame and other elements;
  • the possibility of adjusting the position of the handlebars and saddle;
  • a wide range, divided for convenience into categories according to age criteria;
  • reliable fasteners;
  • each model meets orthopedic requirements;
  • availability of reliable and responsive brakes;
  • bright and attractive design;
  • additional wheel protection, which prevents the formation of punctures.

Parents of young cyclists will also be pleased with the availability of additional equipment. It is impossible not to note another advantage – it is affordability. So, the average cost is 9-10 thousand rubles.

No matter how good Capella bicycles are, they cannot be perfect. Over the years, several characteristic nuances have gathered, which have been noticed by many consumers. These are:

  • The pincer-type braking system;
  • inconvenient location of the luggage basket (on the rear wheel).

Also, some moms note the difficulty in adjusting the bike to a particular child. They say that without a man’s help it is almost impossible to do this.

However, these disadvantages are easily offset by the advantages of reliable and quality Capella bicycles. A child can easily do without the luggage basket in front. Adjust the design for a particular child can be with the help of consultants working in the store. And the pincer-type brakes are a nuance that allows you to reduce the cost of the bicycle. And why the beginner cyclist complex and expensive hydraulics?

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How to choose a bike

Capella bike

How to choose a suitable bicycle for the child? This is the question many parents ask themselves when they realize that their boy or girl is “ripe” for such transport. Manufacturers, doctors and even experienced cyclists in one voice advise to pay attention first of all to the growth of the child and its physiological parameters.

Yes, in order to save money we want to buy a bike that a child will ride it for at least five years, not 1-2 years. However, in this way parents do themselves the “dirty deed”. Not reaching for the pedals and making considerable effort to rotate them, the baby ceases to enjoy riding. Accordingly, the purchase at one point may be useless. So try to buy a bicycle that matches the growth and size of the child. After all, transport, of which the baby grew up, you can easily sell at a flea market, returning part of the cost. Moreover, in one year a child is unlikely to “ushaty” bike to unsellable condition.

The second point – the quality of the assembly and all components. And here the desire to save money often plays a negative role. Flimsy wheels, heavy steel frame, oak saddle of cheap plastic – to list the shortcomings of budget children’s bikes can be endless. In addition, the baby is unlikely to ride on such a bike allotted time. Accordingly, and sell a bicycle you can not.

High-quality children’s bikes – like rare things, passed on from generation to generation. Other times, looking at ads at flea markets, puzzled why people are selling brand new bikes. But they were already in use! The reason is that the man bought a good bike for his child. And even after a few years, the condition of the paint coating does not raise questions. Not to mention the mechanisms and parts of the bike.

For the youngest cyclists can buy a children’s bicycle-transformer. It performs several functions at once: a stroller walking type, a bicycle and a pedestrian. Very convenient for active parents and children who want to learn the world.

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Choosing a quality bike for a child, you should focus on the products of companies with a narrow specialization. South Korean brand Capella is known for the fact that it produces exclusively children’s products. This indicates that the manufacturer pays quite a lot of attention to its products and tries to make them as suitable as possible for the younger generation.

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