B’Twin bicycles – features, advantages and disadvantages

Two-wheeled bicycles under the B’Twin brand confidently occupy a leading position in the market thanks to the technical characteristics and modern design. The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the main components. In the event of a breakdown, the cyclist should take the bike to a specialist store workshop. The part will be instantly repaired or replaced with the latest analogue from the collection.

High requirements to meet European standards, continuous improvement of product quality increase the service life of B twin bikes. The model line is represented by hybrid variants (for highway and off-road riding), mountain, urban, children’s versions. Vehicles for cyclists of all levels are valued for reliability, comfort, stylish appearance, the best value for money.

History of B’Twin bikes


Under the brand name B’Twin the firm Oxylane (France) produces modern bikes, equipment, accessories and spare parts at budget prices. It took 10 years for the subsidiary of Decathlon, the trade giant specializing in 70 kinds of sports, to conquer the market. The B-bike twin was first displayed in a sporting goods supermarket in 1986. The manufacturers introduced a low-cost model for cyclists of all levels. The new product interested consumers. Four years later, a successful marketing move called “Insurance Smile” built confidence in the popular model. Cyclists were given a lifetime quality guarantee on frames, handlebars and stiffening forks.

In 1995, the company set up its own laboratory to test manufactured models. By 2010, 50 B twin bikes had been tested. Of the 250 constituent parts, only 74 went on sale to the masses. Since 2006, Dekalton stores opened in 57 countries around the world have featured B twin bikes in their range. The development of the bicycle industry continues with the opening of its own sales center. The company establishes an innovative design site with a testing ground in Lille. The well-known bicycle companies of Europe and Asia become technical partners. Today, the owners of the brand have a network of stores (more than 1000) around the world.

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B twin bicycles are subjected to strict selection in accordance with the requirements of European quality standards. Only every fourth innovation withstands the tests on the technical polygon. The main features of the models:

  • reliable brakes installed on children’s bikes (Stop Easy);
  • Advanced fork (U-FIT);
  • sturdy frames with racing geometry (Cadre Evo);
  • gear shifting system (Easy Speed);
  • Enhanced efficiency of the “intelligent” lighting system (V100 CLIP);
  • ergonomic seat for racing bikes and long rides (Selle Ergo Fit);
  • Simplified seatpost design (Ergolock).

The patented manufacturing method of the durable fork prevents dirt and moisture from getting inside the unit. Thanks to Ergolock technology, the clamping lever is secured in 2 movements. The developers of B twin bikes achieved the optimum angle of rotation in the gearshift system on children’s models. Special devices(shifter), reminiscent of the shape of a tennis racket, were attached to the handlebars.

B’Twin bike types

Oxylane Group

Oxylane Group focuses on bikes for cycling. The B’Twin lineup is represented by various types of bicycles:

  1. Highway bikes are used for high-speed riding on a straight surface.
  2. City bikes are designed for walking on level roads.
  3. Hybrid combine road and mountain bike types. They are characterized by increased off-road ability.
  4. Mountain MTBs are designed for professional athletes and fans of classic biking. Double-walled rims, powerful tread, dozens of speeds can withstand any load on a difficult track.

The brand has been transferred to children’s bicycles. The company values its reputation, so it makes safe, high-quality models for children and adolescents.

Popular models of bikes

Rockrider ST560S

The range of bikes is represented by many innovative models. Bikes from B twin produce for men and women, athletes and ordinary cyclists, children and senior citizens. Simple models are offered for kids. For young athletes make bikes on wheels with a diameter of 14 inches. The walking version is chosen for riding in the park with the whole family. The following models are popular:

  1. Rockrider ST560S mountain bike was developed together with professional riders. Features of the bike:
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A rugged bike that withstands intense stresses on mountain trails.

  1. The Racing 500 recreational bike is a lightweight, compact version of the bike from B twin weighing 12.9 kg. The bike on 20-inch wheels has 6 speeds and is designed for younger students learning the basics of cycling.
  2. Folding Hoptown is a light and nimble vehicle for getting around town. Miniature bicycle with a matte finish has a stylish design. The model weighs 10 kg and is convenient both for traveling and for carrying in the folded form. Car travelers when choosing a bicycle consider compactness and convenience to fit in the trunk.

The main parameters are:

  • 20-inch wheels;
  • 6 speeds;
  • V-Brake brakes;
  • straight handlebar;
  • steel frame;
  • classic pedal design.
  1. The Rockrider 340 mountain bike with reliable brakes, 21 speeds, and a Shimano derailleur is ideal for entry-level riders. Exclusive rugged alloy frame geometry, 26-inch wheels with bulk bearings, bright design reminiscent of professional sport models. Shimano drivetrain shifter is resistant to mechanical impacts.

Pros and cons

The French company specializes in the production of bicycles focused on the needs of the general consumer. Stable, maneuverable, durable and reliable bicycles are produced according to the standards of a well-known brand. The table shows the reviews of bike owners about the advantages and disadvantages of the models.

High quality bicycles produced Brakes fail when a foreign body enters the system
Constant updates to the lineup Fenders poorly protect cyclist’s clothing from dirt
Conformity to European standards Heavy weight
Lifetime warranty on 4 product elements Weak rear axle
Testing of innovations with professionals Grips and numbers on the shifter wear out quickly
High-tech solutions used in production models Brake ropes break in tight spots
Easy-to-replace components High price of top models
Wide range of bicycles available Poor fork stiffness control
Modern design Plastic pedals on some models
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Advice for choosing


B’Twin products are available in shopping malls Dekalton, online stores, at bicycle markets. Professionals advise to consider 5 tips when choosing the right model:

  1. Determine the purpose of the two-wheeled vehicle. For riding on highways choose hybrids or city bikes. Mountain bikes come in different types. For example, off-road is used to overcome off-road. Cross-country are designed for sports racing on rough terrain with difficult sections.
  2. Expensive models are not suitable for riding in the city and often “cool” in garages. It is better to buy a budget, but in-demand variant.
  3. Determine the type of brakes. For riding on paved roads you need a standard V version. For mountain transport, disc brakes (mechanical or hydraulic) are suitable.
  4. Folding models are easy to store indoors or transport in the car.
  5. The renowned manufacturer provides additional options to increase the comfort of the cyclist. Expand the basic package of bikes.

All of the brand’s bicycle accessories are fully compatible. Therefore, you do not have to spend time looking for the right options.


The dream of cyclists has come true. The expansion of the network of specialized stores B’TWIN allows you to choose any model of the popular brand. The thematic Blog Decathlon has been online for 4 years. Fans and professionals of cycling will find a description of the technical characteristics of each B’twin bicycle. There are expert recommendations and additional information about the nuances of a lifetime guarantee of a high-quality product.

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