About site

Do you love biking? Want to know everything about it and more? Can’t imagine your life without your iron friend? Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time! Welcome to bikeles.com, a project created by cyclists specifically for cyclists. We respect every member of the cycling fraternity and are genuinely happy when it gets bigger and bigger. We know why a bike rides and when a bike starts to “capricious”, together we understand the intricacies of maintenance and help each other to choose the ideal model for a leisurely ride in the city or exciting rides on the forest trails.

You won’t get bored with us.

bikeles.com is a young but very ambitious team. For us a bicycle is not just a hobby and a tribute to fashion. It is new adventures and acquaintances, a new perspective on the native city, a headwind in the face and new discoveries – it is a way of life, which is chosen not only by the younger generation, but also by active people of advanced age. We can help you choose the right model of bike for a beginner and a real pro, we can tell you how to repair the bike and how to store it properly in winter, we are ready to teach you how to ride properly so as not to hurt yourself and your iron friend. It does not matter how old you are, what city you’re from, it does not matter if you’re a boy or a girl, we are not interested in your financial situation and social status – you’ve chosen a bike, and this means that you became part of a large and friendly team.

Do you think a bicycle is not cool? You think that a personal car is much better and more practical? No way! A bicycle is not just a means of transportation and a tribute to a fashion trend. A bicycle is a way of life and style. But that’s not all, a good bike is:

  • Environmentally conscious: riding a bike, you do not have to worry about the fact that the vehicle emits toxic fumes into the environment.
  • Notable savings: a bike is much cheaper to maintain than a car with even the most modest demands.
  • New experiences and acquaintances: have you ever gone camping on bikes? You should try it – it’s worth it.
  • Health care. It’s all plain and simple: strong thigh and buttock muscles, good exercise for your respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

In addition, the bicycle makes life in the big city noticeably easier. While most of the working-age population “lives” in traffic jams, you can rush through the crowded row of cars and arrive at your destination earlier than you should, having time for a cup of aromatic coffee before the start of the new day.

Life in motion

We’re not trying to impose a love of bikes – we’re helping members of the bike fraternity solve questions, deal with a problem, and make the right choice. We’ve created a unique project so that cyclists of all ages and social status can find common ground with their bikes. Join us – lots of interesting and useful information awaits you!