Corratec Bicycles – Varieties and Selection Guidelines

Corratec bicycles are a combination of Bavarian reliability, the latest technology and unusual design solutions. For several centuries, German products have been associated with unsurpassed quality and advanced technology (take for example the no less famous BMW bicycles). This is the case with Corratec bicycles – the company produces reliable and time-tested units, introducing the latest developments and carefully controlling the assembly process.

History of the Corratec bike brand

Corratec logo

Production of Corratec is located in Germany. The history of the company began back in the 1970s in a small German town of Rosenheim, where a store was opened with sport paraphernalia, which at that time did not have a department with bicycles. The owner of the outlet at the time was Konrad Irlbacher. A little later, in the 80s, when his son ran the store, there was a department with a small collection of Italian bicycles. Since that time, Konrad’s son literally “fell ill” with the idea of creating his own brand, which would become recognizable all over the world.

The years went by, and here in 1988 the first carbon fiber bicycle appeared in the stores, and in 1992 in the German town of Raubling, located at the foot of the Alps, the first bicycle with a special design at the time was released. Today the area of the plant, producing bicycles “Korratek” is about 15 thousand square meters. Every day the company produces about 300 pieces of two-wheeled transport, each of which undergoes thorough quality control.

Corratec Team

Today, the Corratec trademark is clearly associated with quality in the bicycle industry. German products are created using modern technology that guarantees the strength, durability and flawless operation of all mechanisms. Over its long history, the brand has become the owner of a number of patented technologies that allow the production of bicycles, superior in many respects similar products of competing companies.

The quality of Corratec assembly has been repeatedly confirmed by athletes at international competitions. For example, cyclist Jan Ostergaard has repeatedly won prizes due to the impeccable quality of Corratec bicycles. Achievements of the company figure not only in sports disciplines – there are victories in other categories. Very often the brand is awarded by the cycling community and sports magazines for “best design”, “best components”, etc.

Interesting fact: there is a museum Das Deutsche in Munich, where the Corratec Air Tech One bicycle has a place of honor – the museum’s management considered this bike an unbeatable example of bicycle engineering.

It is a common phenomenon among famous cycling brands to have their own team, which takes part in competitions on branded bikes. Corratec also has its own team, which includes country riders, road racers, and other athletes.

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The guys are actively involved in international sporting events and quite often achieve high results. Team Corratec Lunardi is another team, but already of Italian origin, whose members compete mainly in Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances competitions. The German manufacturer of high-quality bikes also has its own team of enthusiasts – Team Baier-Corratec Landshut – represented by a group of chasseurs from Bavaria.

Unique Corratec technology

Miss C

Miss C

We have repeatedly said that the company uses innovative technologies and non-standard solutions in the production of bicycles – it is time to lift the veil of secrecy and find out what is unique about the production:

  1. The first thing that makes German-made bicycles exceptional is the 10 Hz suspension. The front shock mount is equipped with an auxiliary structure with MDU material. In tandem with Inside Link technology, this material significantly increases the efficiency of the suspension when pedaling and riding on uneven terrain.
  2. One of the company’s most outstanding achievements is its unique Biometric Bow System technology. This is one of Corratec’s trademarks. The essence of the engineering solution lies in the upper tube of the frame of a specific shape, which continuously stretches from the handlebar cup to the dropouts. This allows many times more frame rigidity and significantly reduces the weight of the bike.
  3. Miss C – a unique production technology for women’s bicycles, created with the physiological features of beautiful women cyclists in mind. Models feature a shortened upper frame tube and a lowered standover, which provides a more comfortable fit.

Corratec’s engineers have repeatedly won honorary awards for excellence in testing new technologies. Today there are 17 patented solutions for shock absorbers and mountings in the manufacture of bicycles. Quite a few patents are used in the production of bike frames. Only Corratec bikes feature arc-shaped frames made of SuperBow carbon. The company has also made efforts to create half-slick tires and the Diamant profile, which are still used in numerous competitions today.

No wonder that today the brand is recognized not only among professional cyclists, but also among ordinary people. Engineers and designers are responsible for the implementation of the tasks. For example, handlebars for mountain bikes are designed according to the wishes of athletes, for example, the BullBar model was developed based on the wishes of Corratec’s own road cycling team, which repeatedly became winners of international competitions.

Types of bikes

In the Corratec product catalog you can find a variety of bicycles. The German brand specializes in the production of the following categories of bikes:

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The category of mountain bikes is represented by dynamic hardtails and two-pods with aluminum and carbon frames – a total of 8 model lines, each of which contains several bike configurations. Both amateurs and professional athletes will be able to find a suitable model.

There is a good selection of road bikes in the catalog. Racing highway and rugged cross models – a total of 9 lines for each sporting discipline. In general, professional riders have a lot to look at and a lot to ride.

Corratec does not forget about the younger generation – especially for the younger riders there are 3 models of bikes on 20-, 24-, and 26-inch wheels in the catalog. The range allows you to pick up the first bike to a child of almost any age. It is worth noting that each model has the ability to adjust the saddle height and handlebar angle, which allows you to buy a small bike taking into account the rapid growth of children.

Corratec city bikes and trekking models are equipped with rigid forks. This is a category of bikes for those who lead an active lifestyle. There are two models in the catalog for out-of-town riding and four copies for riding on the stone jungle.

Corratec electric bikes make it easy to go off-road thanks to the powerful enough engine and the special geometry of the frame. There are children’s and adult models in the catalog. By the way, two-pods are also equipped with electric drives.

Top models

X Vert Motion

You can argue about the company’s unique technologies and well-deserved patents for a long time, but nothing will give you a more comprehensive picture of the bike’s capabilities than personal experience. If you have had your eye on German Corratec products for a long time, you should pay attention to the following models:

  1. X Vert Motion. An excellent choice for cycling enthusiasts. The model is assembled on an aluminum frame. The bike is suitable for those who are seriously fond of riding two-wheeled transport. The model comes equipped with RST fork with 100 mm stroke, the transmission of the initial and medium level of Shimano, 26-inch wheels and wide enough tires. It’s not a bad bike – it’s a pity it’s been discontinued for some reason. But, if you try hard, you can still find this bike in some stores or look for a used model.
  2. The X Vert Halcon is a model of the same series, which differs with a fork with less travel. This is exactly the bike with which you should start acquaintance with mountain bikes. The eye is immediately caught by the spectacular design of the bike, which is sure to attract the attention of others.
  3. X Vert expert 650b. Mountain bike on 26-inch wheels with Chinese Zoom fork (travel 100 mm), equipped with a locking function. The bike is equipped with a flawlessly working transmission from the famous company Shimano advanced level of 27 gears. The bike stands intensive loads, overcomes moderate off-roads gently, looks impressive in the city landscape and feels confident on a Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances terrain.
  4. Harmony Gent. Road bike, which for some reason is more often used as a comfortable transport for the city. The bike is equipped with front and rear lights, a roomy rack, a Shimano transmission and a short stroke fork.

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The Corratec X-Vert Ten 24 teenage model is also worth mentioning – the bike is designed with a dynamic and sometimes a bit aggressive riding for kids in mind. It comes with an aluminum frame and 24-inch wheels with double rims.

Choosing tips

If you decided to join the number of fans of German quality, in the catalog Corratec you can certainly find a bike that will fully meet your requirements and wishes. Mountain bike, road bike, city bike or electric bike – whatever your choice, with Corratec you can experience Bavarian quality and the unique technologies that can be used in two-wheeled transport.

To ensure that you never regret your choice, we advise you to stick to the following recommendations:

  • Buy a bike with your riding style and riding style in mind. If you need a bike for the city, to get from point A to point B – it makes no sense to buy a mountain bike just because it looks spectacular. But if you live in the city on weekdays, and on Friday nights or Saturday mornings you rush out of it – then it’s worth looking at mountain bikes.
  • Don’t chase a professional canopy. The average cyclist is unlikely to notice a significant difference between a carbon frame and an aluminum frame. In addition, today’s aluminum alloy is superior to its carbon fiber counterparts in some respects. Therefore, the word carbon should not have a hypnotic effect on you. The presence of this material increases the cost of the bike, so once again think whether you need it.

Before buying a Corratec bike, you should run through the reviews of real owners, so as to get an idea of the technique you plan to buy.


The German quality of Corratec bicycles has been repeatedly confirmed at international competitions. Designers do not stop working on improving their products, offering new solutions and advanced technologies that make the design of bikes as thoughtful and efficient as possible.

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