Novatrack bicycles – varieties, popular models

Today, most bicycle brands try to reach as wide a range of consumers as possible in order to increase the visibility of their products. Some do manage to meet the requirements of most riders. For example, the American company Marin produces high-performance bikes in various categories. However, there are brands that specialize in a particular segment.

And today we will talk about such a company. Novatrack is a domestic manufacturer that produces bicycles for children and teenagers. Narrow specialization allows us to take into account quite a few things that help to create a truly high-quality products, aimed at a particular segment of consumers. We suggest you learn a little more information about this brand, as well as get acquainted with the most popular models of bicycles.

Information about the brand Novatrek

Novatrack logo

The hero of our article is a relatively young brand, which began its existence in 2006. At present, Novatrack bicycles are produced by the company “Velobalt”. It is located in Kaliningrad. Among our compatriots, Novatrack bicycles are among the most recognizable. The company produces maneuverable, stylish and high-quality bikes for the younger generation.

The main production is located in the Russian Federation. This means that the quality control department is able to thoroughly check the products at each stage of production. Attachments and accessories for Novatrack bikes come from well-known and trusted companies. These are such popular brands as Shimano, KMC, etc. In combination with excellent quality of assembling it allows to get high-performance and reliable bicycles for the younger generation of cyclists.

A distinctive feature of Novatrack products is also an attractive design of bikes. Since the company specializes exclusively in the production of children’s bikes, engineers and designers tried to make each model was attractive to a child.

Types of Novatrack bikes

The main specialization of the domestic brand is the production of children’s and teenage bikes. Nevertheless, the catalog of products dazzles with other models of two-wheeled transport. These are:

We have already identified the distinctive feature of Novatrek products – a bright and original design of bicycles. So, it is a licensed series of bicycles, the design of which resonates with the famous cartoons. In this category you can see bikes with images of Transformers (boys will appreciate), My Little Pony (the choice of young bicyclists) and other characters.

Children’s bikes are represented by lightweight bikes designed for children from 2 to 9 years. For the most part, these are simple single-speed bikes, which are equipped with safety wheels. Very convenient for parents who want to teach their child to ride a bike. Absolutely all models in this category can be adjusted as the child gets older.

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Folding models are convenient because they greatly simplify the issue with the storage of the bike in the apartment in the winter, and also allow the unimpeded transportation of the bike in the trunk of the car. Folding bikes Novatrack feature a reliable folding mechanism that can handle even a child. Convenient geometry and fit ensure a comfortable body position while riding. In the catalog of the domestic brand has several options for folding bikes, among which each member of the family can choose a decent option for themselves.

Hardtails Novatrack focused on children aged 7 to 10 years. Depending on the configuration and model, the bike can be equipped with a shock-absorbing fork, disc brakes, transmission and other components.

Two-saddle models in the Novatrek catalog is not so much. Nevertheless, active boys and girls together with their parents will be able to find a decent option. Novatrack two-saddle can be conditionally divided into two categories depending on the frame material: steel and aluminum. Of course, buy a 6-year-old child steel bipods probably should not be – a little cyclist will be difficult to lift him up the stairs.

There are scooters and treadmills in the catalog. Recent focused on the smallest children who are too young to sit on a full bike, but the desire to learn this world is already quite strong. Begovels well develop movement coordination and facilitate the movement of parents with a child.

The best models

Novatrack Lady Vintage

Novatrack Lady Vintage

Speaking about this or that manufacturer of bicycles, it is impossible not to note a few of the most striking representatives of the model range. Let’s pay attention to the most popular models of Novatrack bikes:

  • Novatrack Lady. A model for small bicyclists, which is suitable for girls over 10 years old, as well as for adult girls of compact size. Hardtail is equipped with a reliable transmission from Shimano for 18 gears, rigid fork, 24-inch wheels. Comfortable frame geometry is designed with physiological features in mind. The only point that may confuse potential buyers is the frame material. Still, steel bike – not the most rational solution for the beautiful half of mankind.
  • Novatrack Lady Vintage. Quite interesting from the design point of view model, the name of which eloquently speaks for itself. Nice shades and the original geometry of the frame give this bike a distinctive and very attractive look. The model will be appreciated by young cyclists who prefer leisurely walks in city parks and scenic routes. The model is equipped with a basket in front and a rack in back, a protective cover for the chain and components from reliable manufacturers.
  • Novatrack Aurora. Folding model, which can be ridden by both children and adults. Adjustable saddle allows you to adjust the proportions of the bike depending on the growth of the rider. The frame is made of steel, but it almost does not affect the weight of the bike. Shimano transmission (6 gears) is responsible for perfect gear shifting. The design allows you to easily transport the bike in the trunk – the folding mechanism works clearly and smoothly.
  • Novatrack Racer. Teenage hardtail is available in two versions: on 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. Both versions frames are made of steel. The model is equipped with a rigid fork and transmission for 6 gears. Bike will appreciate the active kids over 10 years.
  • Novatrack Butterfly 24. The name already suggests that the model is designed for girls from 8 to 13 years. The model is equipped with Shimano entry level mounted equipment. The bike has a bright design and quality equipment. The padded seat and handlebars are height-adjustable, which allows you to adjust the design to the individual rider. 24-inch wheels are “boots” in wear-resistant tires Z-Axis, which together provide a smooth ride and good Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability.
  • Novatrack Urban 20. A model aimed at children from 6 to 10 years. It is suitable for children who are just beginning to master the skills of two-wheeled transport. The frame is made of durable steel and has lowered geometry. The bike is equipped with responsive transmission and flawless brakes – all the attachments are supplied by the famous Japanese manufacturer – Shimano. The model will be an excellent choice for children who ride not only on smooth and dry asphalt, but also occasionally go to the country roads and measure the depth of puddles.
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Speaking of the domestic manufacturer, it is impossible not to note another feature of Novatrack products. It is about the affordable cost of bikes. So, parents can afford to buy a child a quality bike as a gift for less than 10 thousand rubles.

Comparative characteristics of Novatrack bikes

We have studied consumer reviews and offer you to pay attention to the comparison of the best models of the discussed brand:

  1. Category – the most maneuverable bike for a child. The leader is the Novatrack Valiant 24 model. It appeared in the catalog of the Russian company recently – in 2019. The bike will be an excellent choice for a child from 8 to 13 years old. The frame with lowered geometry is made of durable steel. The spring-elastomer fork effectively dampens all vibrations from bumps on the road. 24-inch wheels provide good rolling and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability of the bike. Transmission for 178 speeds allows you to choose the most suitable riding mode depending on the road surface.
  2. Category – the best bike for beginners. In this category, the palm of primacy is given to the Novatrack Urban 20 model. The description and technical specifications were presented above.
  3. Category – the perfect bike for girls. Here the leading position is taken by the Novatrack Ancona 24.7 bike.The model appeared in the company’s catalog in 2019. The bike is suitable for young cyclists aged 8 to 13 years. The bike is equipped with entry-level attachments from Shimano. The model has a lowered frame geometry, is equipped with 24-inch wheels, rigid fork and adjustable saddle and handlebar. Additional equipment includes cataphotas, a protective cover for the chain, and fenders.

Extensive brand Novatrack catalog makes it easy to find the perfect bike for your child. Estimate the products in more detail you can in almost every store, which presents a relatively good selection of two-wheeled transport.

Selection Rules

choosing a Novatrek bicycle

Choosing the perfect bicycle for a child is not exactly a simple task. Parents should remember that the most important criterion of choice is the kid’s height. Of course, you want to buy a bike on which a child can ride not one, but at least two seasons. Nevertheless, to pick up the bike should be guided by the size of the children.

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Especially since all models of children’s bicycles can adjust the height of the saddle. This means that the bike can “grow” with your child.

The second point to pay attention to is the weight of the bike and the quality of assembly. If your child has to lift the bike up the stairs every time, try to give preference to lightweight models. Or take care of the safety of your property, buying a reliable bicycle alarm.

No less important parameter of choice is the external performance of the bike. Of course, the iron friend should like a child. Otherwise, he will remain dusty in the garage or on the balcony.


Novatrack bikes – these are high-quality and reliable bikes, designed for the younger generation of cyclists. The manufacturer pays great attention to the quality control of its products and the interests of young users. Despite its relatively young age, Novatrack is deservedly popular among domestic consumers.

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