Rock Machine Bicycles – Features and Recommendations

Rock Machine bikes are the choice of the advanced rider who cares not only about the practice of riding a bike, but also about the development of profile technology. The brand we are going to talk about today is still quite young, but it can already boast a serious and quite high position in the relevant segment.

History of the bicycle brand Rock Machine

Rock Machine

Many people mistakenly believe that Rock Machine is an American company. However, this is not the case. Yes, as of today, the brand is indeed headquartered in the United States. But the history of Rock Machine began in the Czech Republic in the 1990s. It was at that time that the bicycle movement covered all European countries. The founders of the company felt the need to create their own unique brand, which would be different from the competition.

And, it should be said, they succeeded. Today Rock Machine – it is not only high quality and stylish bikes. It is also affordable equipment, covering a wide audience. The company has its own MTB-team in the DH discipline. Athletes regularly win prizes in various international championships and local competitions.

In 2000, the company entered the European market. The brand gained popularity almost immediately, and Rock Machine bikes became recognized market leaders. Nine years later, the well-known bike corporation Bike Fun International bought Rock Machine and, using their best experts, started to create improved models of bikes loved by all.

A brief chronology of the brand:

  • 1994 – the founding of Rock Machine.
  • 1998 – presentation of the Adrenaline model, the beginning of export policy.
  • 1999 – victory of Michael Marosi at the World Cup. He won the championship with the Adrenaline 7000 bike.
  • 2000 – entry into European markets, the brand begins to successfully compete with other manufacturers.
  • 2001 – Rock Machine becomes the main sponsor of the Cup of the Czech Republic in the downhill discipline.
  • 2002 – the first export models are presented on the overseas market.
  • 2008 – the Blizzard bicycle is evaluated by the German magazine Bike.
  • 2009 – Rock Machine brand is taken over by Bike Fun Int.

Today, Rock Machine is headquartered in the United States. The production facilities are located in the Czech Republic and Taiwan. Bicycles of the brand can be purchased in Europe, U.S., China, Russia and other countries.

Main characteristics

The bicycle brand Rock Machine specializes in the production of bicycles aimed at a wide range of consumers. Distinctive features of the products are high quality of assembly, ergonomic design and affordability.

Rock Machine bicycles are assembled on a frame of durable aluminum, completed with attachments from the famous manufacturer Shimano. Almost all models are equipped with multi-speed transmission and fork with a stroke of 60 to 100 mm.

Overview of Rock Machin bike lines

The company produces several series of high-performance bikes. Each line has its own features and is designed for specific purposes. Let’s look at the features of each of them:

XC Fun Series.

This is one of the most famous series of the brand Rock Machine, represented by a fairly large number of models. In fact, these are bikes for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances, which perfectly withstand the test of uneven surfaces and riding on rough terrain. The bikes are notable for their reasonable cost and quality assembly. All components from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. XC Fun Series bikes are easy to recognize by the distinctive bend in the frame.

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Popular series models:

Rock Machine Tornado

Rock Machine Tornado

  • Tornado. The two-paddle on an aluminum frame is equipped with reliable disc brakes and transmission from Shimano. The 26-inch wheels provide good rollability and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability of the unit. The bike perfectly copes with off-road, has good maneuverability and stability.
  • Typhoon. Another model for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances, but this time its purpose is to become the first transport for beginner riders. The bike is assembled on a sturdy aluminum frame, completed with Shimano attachments and perfectly copes with its tasks. The SR Suntour front fork with 100mm of travel damps shocks effectively, and the proprietary aluminum frame with oversized seat tube compensates for lateral rigidity. Comes with a nine-speed transmission and hydraulic brakes.
  • Thunder. Now it was the turn of serious equipment. Rock Machine Thunder bike belongs to the category of semi-professional bikes. It is assembled on an aluminum frame, equipped with SR Suntour XCR shock-absorbing fork, double rims with 26-inch wheels, reliable hydraulic disc brakes and transmission from Shimano with 27 speeds. Bike perfectly copes with light and medium off-road, suitable for amateur competitions and honing the skills of riding on rough terrain.
  • Heatwave. Mountain bike model with entry-level attachments. A great choice for beginners and those who rarely go beyond the smooth asphalt. Model assembled on aluminum frame. A distinctive feature of the bike is an extremely rare wheel diameter, 27 inches. The model comes with a 24-speed transmission and disk brakes from Shimano.
  • Surge. Another model with entry-level equipment. Bike on an aluminum frame with 26-inch wheels and disc brakes is suitable for quiet riding on rough terrain. Not suitable for steep drops and aggressive riding, but on the countryside and dirt roads, it goes flawlessly.
  • Manhattan. Dynamic bike with good sport geometry. The bike is equipped with responsive V-brakes, which provide a smooth stop transport. Shock-absorbing fork Zoom at a stroke of 60 mm dampens the bumps well. 26″ wheels with double rims provide good skating and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability of the bike.

The XC Fun Series from Rock Machine is popular with active young people and beginning athletes. Its bikes feature eye-catching design, superior build quality and affordability.

XC Performance Series

XC Performance line consists of bikes that use innovative technologies. In particular we are talking about triple batting pipes, fork with shock locking and attachments that are used to assemble professional bikes. On XC Performance Series bikes, even a beginner can take on any climb.

Representatives of the series:

  • El Nino. A new generation niner bike. Beginners will like this bike for its fast acceleration and good rollability. The model is equipped with 29-inch wheels (the distinctive feature of all nainers), 24-speed transmission and hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano.
  • Flash. This is a high-speed hardtailstransmission to 27 speeds, rim brakes and lightweight aluminum frame. The bike behaves itself confidently on high-speed downhill and shows excellent maneuverability off-road.
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Bikes from this series are focused on riders who prefer forest trails to smooth asphalt. XC Performance bikes are a great choice for up-and-coming athletes and active riders.

Core Series

This line of bicycles from the Czech-American manufacturer will appeal to fans of jumps, thrilling descents and other extreme cycling sports. The line is represented by only two bikes:

  • Avalanche. Chic dart bike, equipped with adjustable suspension fork with a stroke of 130 mm. Equipped with 24-speed Shimano drivetrain and 26-inch wheels.
  • GoBig! Exp. A bike designed for fans of extreme riding. The frame of the unit is made of reliable chrome-molybdenum alloy. The basic configuration of the bike has 20-inch wheels, rim brakes, rigid fork. The model does not have a multi-speed transmission. However, for bikes with such purpose and it is not needed.

Both models of the Core series are assembled from triple-battened tubes. Also maneuverable and high-performance bikes feature a quality canopy from reputable manufacturers.

WXC Series.

The Czech-American manufacturer has kindly provided a separate category of stylish and dynamic bikes for the beautiful half of humanity. Representatives of the line assembled on the original anatomically shaped frame. The line of women’s bikes Rock Machine is represented by only one model, but in different color variations.

Rock Machine Catherine

The only representative of the WXC series is the Catherine bike. The model is suitable for regular use. Beautiful bicyclists can ride it both on city streets and on rough terrain. The bike is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels, hydraulic brakes, lightweight aluminum frame.

City Bikes

Another series, represented by only one model, the City Ride bicycle. This is an excellent unit for regular rides through the stone jungle. The bike has good maneuverability, which allows you to deftly maneuver between the rows of cars and leisurely ride through the winding streets of the city.

The bike is equipped with attachments from a well-known Japanese manufacturer, has a comfortable handlebar stem and the original geometry of the frame. Additional equipment includes a luggage rack, footrest and fenders.

Teen & Kids series

As is clear from the name, the line is focused on the younger generation of cyclists. Equipment and design of bikes correspond to their adult counterparts. This means that children’s bikes Rock Machine are great as the first two-wheeled transport. Among the most striking representatives of the model range of this series are the following bikes:

  • Yankee. Bicycle for teenagers, equipped with transmission for 18 speeds. Equipped with rim brakes and shock-absorbing fork, which effectively cope with the bumps in the road. The bike has good stability and high quality build. Despite the fact that the design is universal, the bike is more suitable for tough boys. The fact that the model is assembled on a steel frame, which means that fragile girls will be difficult to cope with the management and movement of the bike.
  • Mustang. The model is suitable for very young cyclists. Bright design and sporty frame geometry will appeal to beginner riders. The bike comes complete with safety wheels, which means that the Mustang from Rock Machine can be used to teach your child to ride a bike.
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This series also features smaller copies of the Surge and Manhattan bikes, geared toward teens.

Pros and cons

Rock Machine has been on the market for almost three decades. During this time, the brand has managed to gain recognition in global markets. Among the advantages of Rock Machine products are the following qualities:

  • excellent cushioning of bikes;
  • lightweight frames;
  • original frame geometry;
  • high quality of components;
  • Excellent maneuverability and controllability of models;
  • affordable price and a good range of models.

Nevertheless, consumers were able to identify several nuances, which can be attributed to the disadvantages of Rock Machine bicycles. These are:

  • plastic pedals;
  • high probability of the need to replace the pads (can manifest itself after 800-1000 km of mileage);
  • low wear resistance of Kenda tires.

To consider these obvious disadvantages – a personal matter. Some may think that the plastic design elements – a significant defect. Others can easily change the pedals for the new and not sweat, because in all other respects the bicycles Rock Machine is consistent with the requirements of riders.

Choosing Advice

Often, choosing a bike, many are guided by the price, design and advice from friends. In fact, the gradation of the selection criteria looks different:

  1. The first and most important parameter is the size of the frame. Choose a bicycle should be guided by the growth and stature of the rider. This applies to both adult and children’s models.
  2. Build quality and manufacturer. Yes, there are little-known brands that produce quite suitable equipment. But, as practice shows, most little-known companies do not care much about the quality of their products, and try to cover the widest possible segment of consumers, producing budget bikes. An excellent example would be the so-called “Ashanbayki”, in a wide range presented in large stores and hypermarkets in the country.
  3. Purpose of the bike. It makes no sense to buy an expensive hardtail for systematic rides around town. Similarly, sitibike is unlikely to be appropriate on the forest trails and hills.

Choosing a particular model, do not hesitate to study the reviews of users. It is quite possible that the bike will be a few specific qualities that you may not be satisfied. And vice versa – a model that you have not considered as a decent, may be quite suitable option for you.


Rock Machine is currently a popular and recognizable brand, behind which is a decent quality of equipment and assembly. Rock Machine bikes are the choice of advanced riders who appreciate machinery for its high performance, reliability, and aesthetics.

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    Great article. I recently purchased a rock machine bike and have been impressed with its performance. The frame is lightweight but still strong, and the components are top-notch. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent biking experience!

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