Top Gear Bicycles – Best Models, Choosing Tips

Among the variety of domestic brands, Top Gear bicycles stand in a separate category. Aesthetically attractive, durable, and inexpensive, they appealed to Russian cyclists and people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle. History of the brand, interesting models, design features – today we will talk about the Russian bicycle brand Top Gear.

Top Gear brand history

Great Top Gear

It began in 2005 in Kaliningrad. The Yantar factory, which opened, still produces inexpensive bikes for domestic users. Currently, the bicycle factory employs about three hundred people. The bikes are assembled on modern equipment.

Marketers decided to give the brand a high-profile name. However, among professionals, this name can only cause an awkward smile. The manufacturer Top Gear assures that all products are subjected to careful control at each stage of production. However, the assortment of the brand says the opposite – there are disproportionately wide tires, horns set at the wrong angle, and other defects. Consequently, Top Gear products are hardly interesting for true connoisseurs of two-wheeled transport. It may appeal only to beginner cyclists.

Top Gear range.

To date, the bicycle factory “Yantar” produces various modifications of bicycles Top Gear. In the catalog you can find:

Of these categories, it is worth paying attention to hardtails and models for beginner cyclists. Relatively good technical characteristics combined with an affordable price – the best option for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with two-wheeled transport.

The range of the Russian brand also includes folding models. This is a good choice for children, teenagers and those who find it difficult to solve the problem of storing the bike in a regular apartment.

Top Gear’s double-suspension bikes are not designed for serious loads. The rear suspension is only effective on high bumps. In addition, the manufacturer did not provide an opportunity to adjust it. The rear shock absorber

is a decorative element.

Popular models

Top Gear Neon 225

Top Gear Neon 225

Despite the relatively acceptable quality of bicycles, the brand’s products are in demand among domestic cyclists. The most prominent representatives of the catalog are:

  • Top Gear Neon 225. The two-pod is assembled in a factory in China. It is equipped with the entry-level attachments from Shimano. The model has a good price-performance ratio. On the bike is an 18-speed transmission, rim brakes and front suspension fork with a stroke of 50 mm.
  • Top Gear Forester. Mountain bike with entry-level attachments from Shimano. The bike has V-brake type rim brakes. Some users note too rigid saddle, which causes discomfort during long rides.
  • Top Gear Eco. Folding model for leisurely walks in the city and relatively flat terrain. Suitable for children and teenagers from 7 years old. Adjustable height of saddle and handlebar. Equipped with a 6-speed transmission and Shimano attachments. Three folding positions make it easy to store and transport.
  • Top Gear Cyclone. Cross country mountain bike, assembled on a steel frame. Height adjustable handlebar. The bike is equipped with V-brake type rim brakes. The model comes in two versions: adult and teenage versions.
  • Top Gear Luna 50. Women’s hardtail singlespeed suitable for young cyclists and adult ladies with delicate build. Comfortable geometry, elegant design, relatively good build quality – the model is suitable for riding in city parks. The bike is equipped with chain protection, footrest, front basket and rear rack.

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Another model that is popular is the Top Gear Nova 120 bike. It comes with 26-inch wheels, rim brakes, and entry-level attachments.

Advantages and disadvantages

Key advantages of Top Gear bikes include:

  • The use of inexpensive, but durable components and materials for the assembly of bicycles;
  • aesthetically attractive design models;
  • Attachments from Shimano (entry-level);
  • worthy choice of models;
  • optimal endurance at low loads;
  • affordability.

Top Gear bikes are easy to maintain. Owners can easily find the right parts and accessories. And with the proper skill and skillful hands can perform tuning bike Top Gear, turning it into a powerful, durable and productive bike, which will ride for several seasons.

There are also disadvantages. First of all, these are:

  • high weight of bicycles;
  • not very high quality attachments;
  • rigid saddle on some models;
  • poor quality pedals (many owners have to change components literally immediately after purchasing the bike);
  • low efficiency and potential of the bike.

Nevertheless, Top Gear bicycles can be considered a good option for novice cyclists and those who do not have to systematically operate two-wheeled transport.

Selection tips

choosing a Top Gear bike

It makes sense to take a closer look at the range of the Russian brand Top Gear for parents and those who need a bicycle for occasional walks in the city or the countryside.

When inspecting, it is worth paying attention to the quality of fastening and basic components. It is desirable to immediately check the work of the brakes and transmission. Gear shifting should be smooth, without clicks and significant effort.


Top Gear bicycles do not claim to be high-performance equipment for athletes and active users. Aesthetically appealing and inexpensive bikes are suitable for fans of leisurely bike rides on relatively flat terrain.

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