Wheeler Bicycle – Varieties and Choices

Quality, reliability of bikes of the famous brand appreciated by professionals, experts and ordinary fans. More than 100 models produced by an innovative manufacturer, meet world standards. The Wheeler bike, which is in demand in 30 countries, confirmed the reliability of the highest technology in prestigious competitions.

Wheeler brand information

Wheeler logo

The German concern has been manufacturing bicycles since 1972. Over 50 years of activity Wheeler has become one of the most popular and reliable brands and holds leading positions in the cycling ratings in Europe. The “chip” of the company is the perfected production process with the use of innovative developments. Bikers around the world appreciate the manufacturer’s approach to quality. Concern’s engineers treat mounting equipment, saddles, brakes and correct handlebar endurance with special responsibility peculiar to German specialists. Today the wide range of the collection is represented by models:

  • for professional athletes and racers;
  • Amateurs of extreme sports and stunts;
  • for quiet riding around town;
  • For travelers and beginners;
  • people of all ages and genders.

In 2009, the firm made a breakthrough in the bicycle industry. In production was launched a series of new Wheeler bicycles, based on innovative ideas of designers. International experts called the models legendary, corresponding to the highest standard of quality.

The structure of the concern includes two own plants, a test laboratory, a testing ground. Performance characteristics are tested on real roads with the participation of professional athletes and stunt drivers. The manufacturer is very picky in choosing the suppliers of components. The complex auction system imposes strict conditions on manufacturers who put the Wheeler label on their products.

Technologies of the German brand

Among the advantages of Wheeler brand models are the advanced development of designers:

  1. Lightweight construction of bicycles (especially children’s) that can withstand weights up to 800 kg.
  2. Reliable frames are made by carbon production technology, used in the manufacture of racing bicycles Wheeler.
  3. In the production of mountain bikes, a new wheel diameter of 28 inches is used.
  4. The designers created so called hybrid of a wide profile niner and 26-inch wheels.
  5. The Boost platform is an innovative design for mounting wheels on a wider and stronger axle.
  6. Lev Integra internal wiring system technology has created comfortable bikes with extended seatpost adjustments.

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The bikes feature adaptive shock absorbers that soften shocks when riding off-road. Titanium designs have replaced lightweight hardtails and two-pods made of aluminum alloys.

Bicycle types


The assortment of the German company is represented by hundreds of types of design variants of models in all price categories. The manufacturer divides its products into product lines:

  • road;
  • mountain;
  • hybrid types;
  • urban;
  • electric;
  • professional;
  • Wheelerkids and teens for girls and boys.

Each type of bike corresponds to the riding goals, skills and age of riders. For example, hardtails are represented by five lines, which include 30 different configurations. Mountain bikes produced for professional athletes are equipped with special attachments and frames with racing geometry. The range of road bikes includes bikes for city riding, long rides, tourism. Two-wheeled transport designed for men and women are equipped with shock-absorbing forks and disc brakes. Bicycles for children are available with wheels 14-16 inches, front brakes, chain protection.

Top models.

Brand Wheeler harmoniously combines maximum reliability, quality of components, good build, European standard design. These characteristics apply to all types of bikes. Examples of the best models are presented in the table.

Type Purpose Features
Pro 39 Cross country
Advanced level hardtail
Frame made of aluminum alloy with innovative technology
26″ wheels
24-speed drivetrain
Remote locking
Urban Alley Pure Ideal for paved roads and out of town riding Durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame
Rigid fork
Hydraulic disc brakes
Shimano xt transmission
Speed riding attachments
Cross 6 2 lady (year of manufacture 2014) Woman’s recreational model, for adults
Mountain hybrid
24-speed transmission
Tektro brake system
Balanced aluminum alloy frame
Sports saddle
High quality Kenda tires
Wheels – 28 inches
Weight – 13,4 kg
Junior 240 Cross country (teenager) Lightweight aluminum frame
Sloping saddle with extended riding position
High-quality components21-speed transmission
Kenda tires

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Choosing advice


Before buying a bicycle, both professionals and amateurs arrange a test ride of the model. Riders try to study the advantages and disadvantages of two-wheeled transport. When choosing the products of Wheeler, which guarantees a quality product, many questions fall away. Strong, reliable, beautiful two-wheelers will not upset the buyer. Experts advise following the established rules of the checklist:

  1. The first parameter in choosing is your budget. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a new bike, and start from that amount.
  2. Pay attention to what the bike looks like. Wheeler offers a range of attachments and types of wheels. A rule of thumb: if you don’t like the model (even if it has good specs), it’s not right for you.
  3. Everything matters: appearance, color, and frame geometry. The bike should fit like clothes. If the size does not suit, the rider will constantly feel discomfort.
  4. Decide on the type of model Wheeler. The choice depends on where the biker will ride.
  5. For riding only on flat city roads and sidewalks, it is worth thinking about a hybrid with large rolling wheels. If you plan to spend time on forest paths, ride the sand, go out into nature – buy a mountain Wheeler.
  6. Decide what kind of cushioning you need. The front soft fork weighs more than the other part. The device helps you feel comfortable on curbs, but it eats up speed.
  7. Depending on where you ride and the fitness of the rider, choose the number of speeds.
  8. Beginning bikers are recommended to buy a two-wheeler of the amateur level. Riding on a universal Wheeler will allow you to understand what attracts: speed, comfortable ride, jumps, etc. Later you can buy an expensive, specialized model.
  9. Due to the quality and lightweight components Junior bikes are sold out immediately. Therefore, the choice of bike for children and adolescents will not cause difficulties.

Purchase bicycles from the famous company Wheeler only in specialized stores. Do not forget to buy the necessary cycling accessories: helmet, glasses, gloves and other accessories.


A quality, durable, well-thought-out Wheeler bicycle is the best choice to meet the demands of the most experienced riders.

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