Univega bicycles – varieties and popular models

Products from Germany have always been distinguished by excellent quality and reliability. Today we will talk about Univega bicycles and the technologies that are used in production, identify the brightest representatives of the model range and, of course, tell you how the products of the discussed brand differ from other companies.

History of the brand

Univeg logo

The United States, 1970 – it was at this time and in this place broke out bicycle boom, which enslaved the minds of Americans who indiscriminately wanted to become the owners of cost-effective and practical transport. A former immigrant from Iraq, Ben Lavie quickly figured out what to do and founded a company that specialized in the production of maneuverable mountain bikes.

At the time, the main production facilities were located in Japan. A little later Ben Lavie founded another company Italvega, which designed and assembled bikes in Italy (city of Padua). Soon the production of Italian bikes also moved to Japan, combining two branches in a powerful production line Univega.

Even then, the brand products covered almost all the needs of consumers, from ordinary fans of leisurely rides in the parks to professional athletes. The popularity of the models was so great that literally 10 years later the whole world knew about it. European countries seriously took interest in Ben Lavi’s brainchild, so already in 1996, the brand joined the corporation Derby Cycles, which united under its guidance such famous brands as Terra Fox, Focus, Kalkhoff and others.

It was then that Univega bicycles conquered the German market, and then won the hearts of cyclists in the Old World. Ben Lavie sold his company and retired from cycling. Since then, Univega bikes have been produced in Germany. Derby Cycles Corporation has wisely used Lavie’s know-how and, with solid connections overseas, has been able to ensure the popularity of Univega bikes around the world.

Today the production facilities are located in Germany and Asia. The company’s head office is located in Switzerland, and a network of official representatives has spread to almost every continent. Under Derby Cycles, Univega bicycles have become even more presentable.

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In 2008, the brand released a series of budget bikes. The models were made in accordance with the standards of quality, but also differed by their affordable price. The maximum demand for them came in 2009-2010. Currently, the company continues to improve its products, offering consumers the widest range of bicycles for any purpose.


The company’s management is not chasing after the total introduction of innovative technologies and advanced ideas. Using the classic solutions in the form of triple-battening and hydromorphing, engineers and designers introduce a few more simple but effective solutions aimed at creating a truly high-quality electric bikes and trekking bikes:

  • Strong and lightweight aluminum frames with sporty geometry. The design provides maximum comfort for the rider even during long rides.
  • Removable headlights. Ergonomic and handy accessory that blends into the exterior of the bike.

A few words about the design of the electric bikes produced by Univega. Impulse E-Mountainbikes – a series of mountain electric bikes, the distinctive feature of which is the special location of the battery, which does not affect the distribution of the center of gravity. The electric drive allows you to accelerate the bike up to 45 km / h.

Varieties of Univega bicycles

types of Univega bicycles

The product catalog cannot boast of the diversity of the model range. However, the range includes the basic categories:

Trail models can effectively cope with serious off-road conditions. The line of trail bikes will certainly be appreciated by fans of riding in the mountains and forest trails. Designs of bikes from the series “Renegade” are characterized by increased strength and endurance. There are trail bikes with electric drive.

The line of bicycles for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances includes 13 models, each of which is characterized by quality equipment and assembly. The variety of modifications and prices allows you to choose the bike that best meets the requirements. Also Univega offers a decent range of mountain hardtails.

Separately we draw your attention to the trekking line GEO – highway hybrids, represented by bikes on 28-inch wheels with rigid forks and special frame geometry, which has indirect relation to the road type.

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Cross bikes Univega are represented by the classic hybrids (hardtails with a short fork). The designers have bothered to change the geometry of the frame a bit, in order to provide the maximum level of comfort for the cyclist on the long road.

Urban models are lightweight hybrids GEO, equipped with a mechanical disc and high-speed transmission. Very unusual and attractive looks design of bicycles from this series.

The best models of bicycles Univega

Almost every manufacturer of two-wheeled transport in the model range has a couple of the most striking representatives, which are especially popular. Univega has the following bikes:

Univega Terrain 6.0

Univega Terreno 6.0.

  • Summit 4.0. A bright model in the line of country bikes. This is the most suitable option for those who are not engaged in sports, but seeks maximum comfort. The frame is made of lightweight but durable aluminum alloy. The model is equipped with SR Suntour fork and high-speed transmission. It is equipped with Shimano attachments of amateur level. In the basic configuration are good tires from Schwable.
  • Summit LTD. And this is already a fighting unit, assembled on a frame from carbon fiber, which is suitable for sports competitions. Professional niner with a fork from Roks Shox and attachments level Shimano Deore XT. The bike is suitable for both sport and recreational riding.
  • Univega Terreno 6.0. Cross bike with hybrid geometry and frame made of durable aluminum. The model is completed with Shimano attachments of Deore group, transmission with 24 gears and 28-inch wheels. German quality tires provide good rolling and handling of the bike. This is not a bad bike for long distance and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding.
  • Univega GEO 8.0. A bike for active and confident people. This bike is perfect for riding in city parks. The model is equipped with a luggage rack, a front light and a footrest. The disc hydraulics provide confident control of the bike, and the reliable Shimano XT drivetrain works effectively for both fast riding and smooth climbing.
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It is worth paying attention to the classic hardtail Alpina HT. The bike has proven itself as a reliable and responsive unit, which effectively copes with light off-road and can conquer more difficult routes.

Recommendations for choice

To the Russian consumer, the Univega brand is not yet as well known as to European cyclists. However, interest is growing stronger every year. The reason lies in the availability of bikes and their excellent quality. Production from Germany has always been famous for its impeccability, so you can safely count on the fact that in the near future, you can buy a Univega bikes in almost every store. If you are planning to become the owner of an iron horse, we recommend paying attention to the tips of experienced cyclists who will help you make the right choice:

  • For branded bikes, contact the official representatives of the company.
  • Buy bikes in stores where you can provide a guarantee and certificates of conformity of quality products.
  • Do not rush to make a purchase after seeing the bike of your dreams – a patient person always has a chance to buy a bike at a discount.
  • Try to get as much information as possible from the consultant in the store.
  • Do not forget to carefully inspect the bike before buying. Pay as much attention as possible to the quality of the welds and the condition of the paintwork.

Please note that bike stores on the internet offer a much wider range of models than the real outlets. In addition, if we are talking about the official representative of a particular company, the buyer always has the opportunity to order a specific model of bike.


Univega bicycles are German quality, laconic design and affordable price. The manufacturer’s catalog features solid and reliable units that are deservedly popular among European and American consumers. Univega products are distinguished by strict design, good equipment and reliability of assembly.

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