Totem bicycles – popular models and selection tips

A couple of centuries ago, it was easier to choose a bicycle – there were few manufacturers, and bike designs did not differ much from each other. Today, the buyer has a difficult task – the choice of bicycles is so great that even the experienced can be confused in the store.

Quite a large segment of the market are bikes from Chinese manufacturers. Well-known brands and start-up companies offer a fairly budgetary means of transportation, luring customers into a spectacular design and quite decent characteristics of bikes. One of the Asian manufacturers is the company Totem. Bicycles, despite the widespread stereotype of the quality of Chinese products, characterized by a good quality assembly and a good complete set. By the way, the products of the brand Totem for only a couple of years was able to enter the markets in Europe, the U.S. and Russia.

Today we look at the products of the bicycle brand Totem, define the distinctive features of bicycles, and learn how to choose the right bike among the variety of presented models.

Information about the brand Totem

Totem logo

Brand Totem belongs to the company “Golden Wheel Group Co., Ltd.”, which is one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles in China. The company “Golden Wheel” appeared back in 1978. Today, production is aimed not only at producing a variety of bicycles, but also components for them (frames, forks and other accessories).

Particular attention in the development of the design is paid to the comfort of the rider and a comfortable fit. Frame geometry and pipe connection points are designed so that the rider feels virtually no fatigue even after a long ride. Absolutely all models of Totem undergo rigorous testing, updated line is subjected to numerous test-drives, in which the components of the bike is tested by simulating the daily loads, as well as possible force majeure mechanical effects.

Products of the Chinese brand Totem are sold not only in Russia but also in Europe, North and South America, as well as in Southeast Asia. The lineup is represented by a solid variety of universal bikes and highly specialized bikes. In the domestic market, Totem bikes appeared in 2015. Every year the demand for Chinese products is growing, which means that the quality of produced models meets the needs of consumers.

Varieties of bicycles

The company Totem does not pursue the total filling of the market with its products. The developers pay more attention to the quality of two-wheeled transport. Therefore, the range of products Totem is not as diverse as, for example, Black One, but the quality of the bikes is worthy of respect.

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The following categories of bicycles can be found under the Totem brand:

  • Mountain models. The design allows you to easily overcome off-road and traverse rugged terrain. The double-suspension is equipped with a rear suspension and good shock absorption, reliable mechanical brakes and features an ergonomic frame geometry.
  • Women’s models. The frame design is designed with the physiological features of female cyclists in mind. The products are also distinguished by an attractive design and more elegant outlines. Women’s bicycles Totem are equipped with attachments from well-known manufacturers.
  • Teen models. Veliky differ strong steel frame and bright design. Potential buyers are attracted by the affordable cost: considering that the bike for teenagers is designed for literally 1-2 seasons, Totem is quite a decent option for the young rider.

Absolutely all products of the Chinese company Totem is carefully controlled at all stages of production. Assembly of bikes is done using the latest technology: frame coating three times, hydroforming pipes, etc.

The best models of the brand Totem

Talk about the merits of products can be long, but it is much better – to designate a few running models of bicycles Totem, which are deservedly popular with consumers:

Totem Axion

Totem Axion.

  • Axion. The only model of women’s bicycle presented in the Totem catalog. It is worth paying tribute to the designers, who were able to create a kind of universal design, which will be appreciated by almost every representative of the fairer sex. Laconic appearance, elegant outline and pleasant coloring – this bike will suit both active girls and romantic natures, who like to ride around town in the evening. Bike is equipped with Shimano Altus and hydraulic brakes. The bike is assembled on a standard aluminum frame alloy 6061 with a classic geometry of the female type.
  • Ecosport. Budget model, available in two versions: on 29-inch and 27.5-inch wheels. Transmission for 24 gears is the same as the previous model: Altus in the front and Acera in the rear. Comes with mechanical disc brakes and fork travel of 100 mm.
  • Explosion. One of the iconic Totem models, which comes in two variations, differing from each other by wheelbase. The bike is equipped with medium-level bodywork, which allows to take part in amateur competitions: transmission and hydraulic brakes from Shimano. The model is characterized by durability and reliability. Users note the bike as one of the most suitable options for active use. The only drawback – nothing outstanding design.
  • Inspiron. Stylish and maneuverable hardtail for cross country, which will be appreciated by fans of active riding. The model is equipped with entry-level attachments, a durable aluminum fork and Suntour shock absorber and hydraulic disc brakes.
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Buy your Totem is better on the sites of online stores, where there are detailed characteristics of the model and there is an opportunity to compare offers on price and delivery options.

Recommendations for selection

Given that under this brand is produced quite high-quality and good-quality products, it is very easy to come across a counterfeit product. Therefore, potential buyers should adhere to some recommendations that will help you buy a really good and high-quality bicycle Totem:

  • Give preference to proven online stores. Study reviews, compare prices and pay attention to the list of additional services (delivery of goods, the ability to exchange faulty models, the seller’s warranty and the possibility of service).
  • If the bike is purchased in a regular store, you should pay great attention to the quality of the joints and paint coating. It is also worth checking the smooth running of the working mechanisms.
  • Decide for what purpose you buy a bicycle.
  • Pay close attention to the size of the frame – remember that the bike should be chosen according to the growth of the rider.

If you have difficulty making your choice, ask your consultant for help. A competent specialist will tell you in detail about the characteristics of this or that model, will draw attention to possible defects, as well as offer different versions of bicycles, depending on your preferences. We draw your attention to the fact that with a competent approach to buying a bike is always possible to buy a bike at a discount.


Bicycles Totem – this is a worthy product of the Chinese company. You can say with confidence that the quality of the models presented is quite consistent with the requirements of the consumer and meets European standards. Reliable and inexpensive bikes Totem will be suitable for everyday cycling, as well as for active use in off-road conditions.

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