The lightest children’s bikes: rating of the best

Before the start of the season, parents are faced with the difficult task of choosing a child’s bicycle. Gone are the days when “self-propelled strollers for kids” were produced with pedals attached to them. Today’s models focus on the comfort and safety of children. Among the thousands of technically advanced models, varying in frame size, wheel diameter, quality of components, it is necessary to choose a suitable option for the child. Weight is the first criterion that customers pay attention to. A small bicycle – does not mean light. Sometimes it can weigh more than an adult bike. The indicator is important not only for the child, but also for the mother, who will carry her baby’s “friend”.

What parameters affect the weight

It is clear that the aluminum frame is lighter than the steel construction. But the weight of the bike depends on the fork, the size of the wheels, the crank system, the number of installed accessories. The lightest designs are considered models with a wheel diameter not exceeding 18 inches.

The weight of a small bike is affected by the tires, which are made of plastic, rubber, foam rubber and other materials. Lightweight, high-quality frames made of carbon, carbon fiber, titanium reduce the weight of the bike. Pedals made of metal increase it, and plastic has no effect on the total mass of the construction. Bicycles with a small number of accessories are considered lightweight. You will have to pay for lightness, but for children’s bikes, the less weight the better.


different types of children's bicycles

The prototype of children’s transport, made of wood, appeared in 1817. Thirteen years later, children saw the first models, the pleasure of which was questionable. The twenty-first century has provided a huge selection of the first transport for the child. The little rider got the opportunity to sit comfortably in the seat, lean on the padded handlebars and ride a lightweight comfortable bicycle. Today you can easily buy the fastest bike for kids. For six-year-olds, manufacturers even produce BMX and mountain dauchkolesniki, made of special steel, molybdenum, chrome.

Of all the varieties, choose a model that should match the age and height of the child, suitable for the location of the ride. The pioneer is considered Islabikes Cnoc 16, which in 2016 opened the market for children’s bicycles. The lightweight models were replaced by the Pro line, weighing 4.8 kg. Later, the leader of the global retail was Early Rider. In the last three years, the brand of the Austrian company Apollo Neo topped the ranking of the best children’s bikes. But the growing body needs more than just a comfortable transport. It is important to have the right posture, weight, ease of operation. Therefore, all varieties of bicycles correspond to the standard scheme of growing up kids.

Children’s models are classified according to the size of the wheels and frame.

  1. For the youngest riders, manufacturers offer pedalless ” treadmills. The design helps to quickly master the basics of riding with balance.
  2. For 4-7-year-old children produce single-speed bikes with a wheel size of 16 inches. Well-known models are Scott Voltage/Contessa Jr 16, Author Stylo.
  3. On Author Cosmic, Author Smart bikes are riding guys who are 115-135 cm tall. On these bikes with multiple gears, 20-inch wheels, it is interesting to ride together with your parents.
  4. Multi-speed road models (Author A-Matrix, Author Mirage) with shock-absorbing forks, disc brakes, wheels 24-26 inches resemble adult bikes and are designed for children 8-12 years.

Each group has its own characteristics, differing between the size of the bicycles and the age of children.

The lightest bikes for kids ages 2-4 (85-100 cm)

At an early age, it is important for children to move around a lot. Through movement they learn and master their surroundings. At the age of 2-4, the upper body, shoulder girdle muscles and flexor muscles are developing. Babies are mobile with insufficient coordination of movements. Therefore, parents should take care of the safety of the bicycle, which will help to freely use the energy of the child. The group of lightweight children’s bicycles includes treadmills without pedals, small bikes with pedals on the front wheel, designs with a rear handlebar, tricycles. Bicycles take into account the anatomical features of children, teach how to sit and hold the wheel, to manage the first in the life of transport. Height indicators correspond to wheel diameter of 10-12 inches.

Tips for parents
When buying two or three-wheeled models with attached wheels, check that the bike is rocking, and the additional parts do not stand in line with the rear wheel. Otherwise, the child will just roll over when turning.

Aluminum construction is 40% lighter than steel. What to look for when choosing? Steel frame has a narrow seam not wider than 5-6 mm. Aluminum – a large, pronounced seam of 1 cm or more.


The super lightweight bike weighs 5.2 kg. Children’s model looks like an adult bike in miniature and is characterized by quality assembly.

Features two-wheeled bike for kids:

  • 12-inch wheels;
  • the saddle height – 42-50 cm
  • aluminum frame
  • industrial bearings;
  • quick-release front wheel;
  • one speed;
  • rear brakes with instant action;
  • high-quality coating of bright and visible colors.

With low weight, the vehicle is characterized by durability and reliability. According to feedback from parents, the child quickly learns to ride the bike. Long life, low resistance during the rotation of the pedals, excellent controllability in any road quality – the best characteristics of lightweight children’s bicycle transport brand Russia.

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For kids taking their first steps in comprehension of the basics of riding, the company WELT has developed a reliable model of treadmill. The lightweight device teaches steering and maintaining balance. The child does not get tired thanks to the comfortable saddle and soft grips.

The characteristics of the model:

  • weight – 3.6-5 kg;
  • inflatable tires – 12 inches;
  • aluminum frame;
  • roller brake;
  • rigid fork;
  • reinforced plastic rims.

Advantages of the safe “shell”: it teaches you to assess the situation and avoid collisions, makes you feel the center of gravity of the bike, keep your posture.

Disadvantages: tight handbrake, the refusal to pedal with your feet when switching to another bike.


Stylish, bright model is designed for girls aged 2-4 years. The frame is made of quality aluminum, combining reliability and weight. Rigid Rigid fork is made of steel. Braking is done by tenacious rim brakes, to which the child quickly gets used to. The 12-inch wheels are “shod” in Wanda 1021 tires, which are suitable for city and park riding. Lightweight design (7.2 kg) gives a child the confidence to control the bike. The presence of one speed helps to overcome any terrain. Strengthened handlebar cup adds extra reliability to the design.

The lightest bikes for kids ages 3-5 years (95-110 cm)

During this period, the motor activity of children occupies half of their waking time. At the age of 4 years, endurance and physical qualities (speed, strength, etc.) begin to form. A child strives for independence, but cannot cope without the help of an adult. For children from three years are designed lightweight bicycles with increased safety requirements.

  1. Inflatable wheels (12-14 inches) have an inner tube.
  2. A plastic guard is installed on the handlebars and chain.
  3. Understated frame design, soft seats make it easy to climb on the bike and ride comfortably.
  4. Rear and front brakes are installed on the rear and front wheels at the same time.
  5. Training (side) wheels are installed on bicycles.

Single-speed models are equipped with reflectors, fenders, and luggage rack.



Optimal option lightweight and safe bicycle is suitable for both beginners and able to ride children. Ergonomic aluminum frame, 14-inch wheels provide super lightweight model (5.3 kg). The main advantages of bicycles:

  • good handling;
  • reliable braking system;
  • the strength of design with low weight;
  • comfortable frame geometry;
  • quick-release front wheel;
  • quality painting.

The children’s bike is supplemented with supporting wheels, fenders-shields.


American company Scott is famous for its innovative technologies. 26 years ago the leader among bicycle manufacturers created Endorphine carbon frame, which brought many victories in world championships. A series of successful discoveries is continued by a range of lightweight children’s and teenage bicycles. SCOTT ROXTER is made for kids up to 5 years of age and not more than 110 cm in height. Rigid with wheels with a diameter of 16 inches and without shock absorbers does not have the disadvantages of cheap bikes.

The advantages of the model:

  • weight (7.2 kg);
  • telescopic handlebar;
  • saddle, adjustable for child growth;
  • rim and foot brake;
  • chain protection;
  • two side safety wheels.

Prestige transport for children is characterized by increased comfort when moving around the city.



According to feedback from parents, the simplest possible design is great for children 5 years old who have decided to start mastering the bicycle. Weight (6.3 kg), 14-inch wheels, a comfortable seat, the European standard carriage – the main advantages of the model. Aluminum alloy frame is designed for the anthropometric characteristics of a small child. Disadvantages of the bike: fragile pedals, too wide grips.

The lightest bikes for children aged 4-6 years (100-120 cm)

In the manufacture of children’s transport take into account the level of physical development, endurance of the child, the lifetime of the bicycle and other factors. Bikes with the following characteristics are suitable for the height and age of the kids:

  • Ergonomic aluminum or steel frame of a child-friendly shape;
  • foam handlebar protection;
  • single-speed transmission;
  • foot brake;
  • minimal resistance to pedal rotation.

Children at age 5 buy lightweight 16-inch bikes. Along with an increase in the size of the wheels, change the parameters of the frame. The best bikes are considered Czech AUTHOR. Reliable all-terrain vehicles for boys and elegant bikes for girls are produced in America (the company SCOTT).


Superlight children’s model of the Russian brand BRYNO features a strong construction, quality components, low weight (5.8 kg). The well-thought-out geometry of the aluminum frame gives the kid a comfortable and safe landing. Steering column is equipped with sealed industrial bearings, providing a great bike roll. During the walks, the child is always visible due to the use of bright, saturated colors in the model. On a well-controlled bike with 16-inch wheels, children quickly learn to keep their balance without additional devices. Reliability, longevity, safety, and easy handling are the benefits of great transportation for kids.



Before the appearance of the Czech model with a total weight of 7.8 kg, bicycles of this size weighed up to 12 kg. The difference is tangible for kids, who have more fun riding a lightweight bike. Significantly reduce the weight of the bike managed to use aluminum alloy. The frame, handlebars, cranks, rims are made of high quality material. The bike is well equipped. Includes protective coating for fenders and chain. Front handbrake and foot brake provide a safe ride. Moderately chiseled rubber allows for off-road riding. A design flaw is considered the use of two colors: gray-orange or silver-red.

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WELT PONY 16 2019

Stylish model for girls is considered the lightest in the segment of popular children’s bikes. Bright design, excellent controllability, well thought-out equipment characterize a wonderful transport for kids.

PONY features:

  1. Weight – 7.2 kg.
  2. The surface of the aluminum frame is similar to the carbon frame with maximally smoothed joints.
  3. Equipment – Shimano.
  4. 16 inch wheels.
  5. Adjustable handlebar.
  6. Foot brake system.
  7. Removable side wheels.

Austrian company WELT took care of quality of assembling, slow wear of details, comfortable landing of a small rider.


Lightweight, maneuverable bike weighs 7.8 kg. Pedals, fork and hardtail frame are made of aluminum alloy. A pair of extra wheels provides safety, teaches the novice cyclist to keep his balance.

The advantages of the model:

  • Rim brakes with quality pads and special outer walls;
  • 16-inch wheels with tenacious Wanda P-104 tires;
  • adjustable saddle height;
  • comfortable rubberized grips.

The lightest bikes for children aged 5-7 years (110-130 cm)

In terms of equipment and appearance, this group is almost the same as the previous one. But bicycles are selected for the growth of children, which is approaching the mark of 130 cm. Therefore, the wheel diameter should be 18 inches. Older preschoolers will not ride on attachable wheels. Children are trying to ride in an adult way. They are interested in models with speed gears and brakes.

Tips for Parents

When choosing a bicycle, pay attention to the length of the crank (10% of the child’s height).

Buy models with rim brakes, which teach proper braking.

Allow children to choose the color and design of their own personal bike.



Very lightweight bicycle (6.3 kg) for all the time of use does not bring problems to parents. Quality assembly, bright colors remain in pristine condition. Obedient in the management of the bike ensures safe riding thanks to reliable brakes and ergonomic frame.

Design Features:

  1. The handlebars, rims, and frame are made of high-quality aluminum alloy.
  2. The carriage has a cartridge, industrial-type bearings.
  3. Wheel diameter is 18 inches.
  4. Trouble-free brake system.
  5. Easy turning of pedals.
  6. Excellent skating.
  7. Quick-release front wheel.
  8. Breakdown-resistant.

The bike is suitable for beginners and young riders alike.


Germany has released a trendy sports model for the little ones. The ultralight bike is made of aluminum alloy. Sophisticated ergonomics, quality details, reliable welds ensure safe riding for children. The weight of the construction (with accessories) is 8.9 kg. The bike is easy to carry with the specially installed handle. In the steering fork, 18-inch wheels and pedals there are high quality ball bearings. On a reliable, easy to handle bike, children start riding in a couple of hours. Premium tires, adjustable brake, parking device – additional advantages of children’s bike.



The world leader in the production of bicycles Ningbo Royal Baby (China) has released a safe model, recognized as a model of quality in the market of children’s vehicles. The design takes into account the age, gender, height of the child. Bicycle with a wheel diameter of 18 inches has a number of advantages:

  1. The model weighs 9 kg has passed the crash test for safety.
  2. The color palette matches the child’s gender.
  3. Both wheels have powerful hand brakes.
  4. Wide pedals are made of special material that prevents shoes from slipping. Reflective cataphotas are installed on the sides of the pedals.
  5. A plastic visor covers the chain, protecting your child’s feet from injury.
  6. Ergonomically shaped seat takes the load off the spine. Taken into account the individual characteristics and growth of the baby in the future.
  7. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, elements of the running gear – from quality steel.

The design is characterized by strength and durability, as covered by a special hypoallergenic paint.


The reliable design of the children’s bicycle is well thought out to the smallest detail. Stark Rigid fork is made of hard plastic. The tapered carriage and rear hub are appropriate for entry-level riders. The angle of the adjustable handlebar ensures the correct position of the back while riding. The frame is made of aluminum alloy (AL 6061), which reduces the weight of the bike (9.4 kg). The child’s saddle is equipped with a support handle. Designed for children under the age of seven years, the bike does not have a gear shift system. The foot brake provides child safety. Inflatable rubber wheels (18 inches) are suitable for recreational riding.

The lightest bikes for children aged 6-8 years (115-135 cm)

Active and fairly tall elementary school students have no problem learning to ride a bicycle with 20-inch wheels. The braking system ensures safe riding on level roads and more challenging trails. Children of this age try to imitate adults in everything. Bright models with the basic equipment are produced without safety wheels and are equipped with high-speed gear. Two-wheeled friend transforms from a toy into a reliable technique that instills endurance and improves coordination.

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Advice for parents

At this age, children grow up very fast. When choosing a bicycle, pay attention to the ability to easily adjust the saddle height and handlebar tilt.

Boys love massive bikes that resemble bikes for adults. So there is no need to choose models with a “girlish” design.



Children’s bike super lightweight category is made using aluminum and light metal alloys.

Model features:

  • The comfortable frame is designed for the child’s height;
  • quick-release front wheel;
  • excellent rollability provides easy rotation of the pedals;
  • the industrial bearings are used;
  • V-Brake system installed.

Low weight (6.9 kg) and wide rubber provide good handling, maneuverability and a comfortable ride on any road.


Children’s bike weighing 7.5 kg was released by Beagle-Bikes, distinguished from competitors by high quality build. The use of bright colors in the design increases the safety of the little rider.

The main advantages of the model:

  1. The aluminum frame tube is made by hydroforming technology (hydraulic molding).
  2. Planetary derailleurs.
  3. Lightweight hubs with industrial bearings.
  4. Quality Shimano transmission.
  5. Belt made of composite materials instead of chain.

Smooth riding is ensured by “Kenla” rubber installed on the double rim.


The model of the new line of bicycles SHULZ is designed for children who know how to ride. Convenient seven-speed Shimano system allows the child to switch without distracting from the ride. Rear and front brakes help to stop quickly in any situation. The bike features 20-inch wheels with wide toothed tires that provide a soft ride on any surface road. The seatpost adjusts the height of the leather upholstered saddle. Stylish bike weighs 8.3 kg and is suitable not only for walking, but also for sports. The lightweight but rigid aluminum frame is able to withstand increased loads.


The sturdy bike allows you to take your parents out on country rides. The single-speed model weighing 10.4 kg has technical features:

  • 20-inch wheels;
  • components “adult” bike, made of aluminum alloy;
  • mechanical rim brake and foot brake;
  • lowered frame geometry;
  • Schwinn rigid fork;
  • soft handlebar protection;
  • high quality KMC chain;
  • wide tires with inflatable chambers;
  • footrest for parking.

The lightest bikes for kids ages 8-14 (115-135 cm)

Models for teens are different from bikes for the younger age group. Independent children are able to focus, take responsibility for their actions. The range of trips from riding in the city to traveling out of town expands. Parents choose different types of bicycles to meet the needs of teenagers. Manufacturers offer city bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes. Wheel diameter and number of speeds are increasing. Most bikes have a frame made of aluminum alloys, reducing the weight of the structure in the range 11-13 kg. Full bikes with Shimano level derailleurs sometimes have disc brakes.


The bike has a strong place in the range of models with pre-professional-grade components. Teenagers are no longer learning how to ride, but are looking to ride fast. Taking into account the needs of the age, the manufacturers have designed the bike with the following characteristics:

  1. Weight – 10 kg.
  2. Straight-shaped handlebars.
  3. Wheel size – 24 inches.
  4. The frame is made of durable aluminum alloy.
  5. Wide seat provides comfortable riding.
  6. Transmission is 24 speed with Shimano Alivio derailleur.
  7. Mechanical rim brakes that provide an instant stop.

The design of the bike has been tested for safety, meets the European quality standard.

FORMAT 6412 2019.

FORMAT 6412 2019

A type of mountain bike with a set of branded components is designed for teenagers up to 15 years. Transition-age kids are given a great opportunity to ride comfortably and quickly on any roads. Except for size, the children’s model does not differ from the adult bike.

  1. The lightweight bike weighs 13.3 kg has a solid closed frame made of aluminum alloy.
  2. Hydraulic disc brakes significantly shorten the braking distance.
  3. Front shock-absorbing fork provides a smooth ride on roads with any surface.
  4. Wheels (24″) are equipped with universal Kenda tires with a reliable tread.
  5. Switching speeds (Shimano system), 8 speeds, the presence of double rims – the advantages of teenage bicycles.

Vehicle called a triumph of domestic engineering.

STELS NAVIGATOR 460 MD 24 V021 2018

Russian manufacturer of bicycles “Velomotors” especially for teenagers has developed a model of mountain bike.

Features of the vehicle:

  • mechanical disc brakes;
  • 21-speed transmission;
  • shock-absorbing fork with a stroke of 40 mm;
  • wheels with a diameter of 24 inches;
  • double rims;
  • aluminum alloy frame;
  • weight 14,28 kg.

Elements of design and running gear meet quality standards, as well as full-fledged bicycles for adults.

The bottom line is .

Of the many types of children’s bikes choose a comfortable, reliable, lightweight model. The overall weight of the little bike is influenced by the material from which the frame is made, and the component parts. The bicycle should match the age and height of the child. Determine the choice of a suitable model will help the standard scheme of growing up kids.

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