Rover Bicycles – Varieties and Popular Models

Despite the abundance of European and Chinese products on the market, domestic bicycles easily find their buyers and are in noticeable demand. Moreover, a certain category of consumers purposefully seek out discontinued models. A case in point is Rover bicycles. And no, this is not a fancy and expensive Land Rover bike, but our domestic bike, which was once produced by the company of the same name.

History of the Rover brand

Rover logo

Rover was once a household name for most cyclists. The products were in demand among both novice riders and more experienced riders. The manufacturer’s range included Rover mountain bikes, city bikes and even a few models for extreme riding.

In 2010, the last batch of bikes came off the company’s assembly line, but to this day there are enthusiasts who are diligently searching for and, most importantly, finding the very models that used to be in great demand. The Rover company at one time even had a small group of racers who competed on branded bikes. True, they could not achieve outstanding results.

Rover was owned by the company “Simbat”, which to this day is engaged in supplying products for children and teenage bicycles.

Varieties of Rover bicycles.

At the time when the brand was at the peak of its popularity, you could see a few maneuverable bikes for the city, a couple of mountain two-pods, a few women’s and children’s bikes in stores. A distinctive feature of Rover products is an affordable price and a relatively good quality of assembly. Almost all released models were equipped with Japanese equipment of the initial and medium level.

At the present time, you can find the company’s products at bike dismantlers or scour the flea markets on the Internet. Perhaps someone is fond of collecting copies of discontinued production. For example, the bike Rover Gladiator is quite decent quality and a good complete set, so this specimen is still quite fit for purpose.

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Best models

Despite the fact that the model range of the domestic manufacturer could not boast of great variety, the brand’s range has a couple of models that deserve the attention of the potential owner:

  • Rover Allride. One of the most famous and best-selling models, assembled on an aluminum frame. There are no outstanding features here – the most primitive design, assembled from quality components. The bike was equipped with an entry-level transmission, which is designed for quiet riding in town or on dirt roads, and derailleurs from Shimano. Often, this copy became the No. 1 transport for summer campers and the younger generation.
  • Rover Mars. This is the model that ended the company’s production. This is a budget bike that does not claim to be the lightest, most enduring and most flawless. It is quite a working machine, which perfectly coped with its task – to get the cyclist from one point to another. The bike was equipped with attachments from the Japanese manufacturer, rim brakes, transmission with 21 gears.
  • Rover Surface. This bike was aimed at male customers. The bike featured a heavier frame, was equipped with 26-inch wheels, but with a profile of 2.35 inches (on previous models the profile was much smaller), and disc brakes. Despite quite solid equipment, it is still undesirable to use such instrument for dynamic driving.
  • Rover Apocalypse Red Edition. And this is the only representative of the category of bicycles for extreme riding. The bike, assembled on a frame of reinforced aluminum alloy, is designed for street and dert, as well as Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances and other sports disciplines. A distinctive feature – the specific geometry of the frame, which provides more convenient execution of tricks. The bike has a budget fork with 70 mm travel and transmission to 21 gears, which is not very clear in the context of the purpose of the bike (it would be enough to one speed and chain stabilizer).
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Looking at the equipment of some models, you can understand why the company ceased to exist. Most likely, the manufacturer did not pay much attention to its developments, as a result of which produced the most ordinary bikes, equipping them with more or less tolerable equipment.

Recommendations for selection

Choosing a Rover bicycle

Before you buy a bike, we advise to pay attention to the recommendations that will help you make the right choice:

  • Decide on the type. It makes no sense to buy a powerful mountain bike for a short ride in city parks.
  • Be guided by your height. Choose a bike should not only the design and equipment, but the height of the rider. It is fundamentally important factor that ensures a comfortable ride.
  • Pay attention to the quality of assembly and paint finish.
  • Examine the feedback of cyclists who tried a particular model – it’s possible that over the season a couple of defects are discovered, of which you should know in advance.

As for the seller or store – try to buy a bike in places where you can offer warranty service, informative advice and, if necessary, provide quality certificates. If time is patient, it is worth waiting for the off-season – then there is an opportunity to buy a bike at a discount.


Rover bicycles now in free sale can not be found. And as such, there is no need – yet the production of this particular domestic brand leaves much to be desired. At the same time, the current variety of two-wheeled transport can meet the requirements of even the most discerning and demanding cyclist. The market is full of low-cost models of both Russian and foreign manufacturers. If, on top of everything else, the budget is unlimited – you can easily find a reliable, durable and sturdy bike, which will serve far more than one season.

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