Rich Family Bicycles – types, best models

Rich Family bicycles from the Russian company of the same name are a rich assortment of bikes for children and adults of high quality, different functionality and purpose. According to reviews, the brand models attract customers not only by their original design and reasonable price, but also by their proven reliability.

History of the Rich Family bike brand

Rich Family logo

Rich Family” company manages the wholesale-retail chain of hypermarkets “Rich Family” (with an area from 3 to 5 thousand square meters), which are located in large Russian cities and Kazakhstan – a total of 35 hypermarkets. The company sells a variety of products for children as its own brands, as well as other brands.

“Rich Family” was founded in 2012 in Novosibirsk. The assortment of the company is extremely diverse: toys and children’s furniture, shoes and clothes, household chemicals and baby products, strollers and car seats, sports and Christmas goods, books and products for children’s creativity. A special place are bikes, accessories and parts for them – the range of models of bikes can amaze even the most sophisticated buyer.

Variety .

From toddlers to adult bikers, everyone can find a reliable iron friend at Reach Family.

  • For the little ones, any of the company’s supermarkets offers tricycles and pedal bikes.
  • For children from 5 to 12 years there are two-wheeled bicycles Rich Family – depending on the growth of the child individually chosen model with a suitable wheel diameter.
  • For teenagers the brand offers bike modifications in smaller sizes, repeating the adult models.
  • The range also includes city bikes, designed for everyday riding on city streets.
  • For fans of extreme riding there are mountain bikes and Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses, which perform well in extreme conditions, as well as gravel bikes.
  • There are also folding bikes that are easy to store in small apartments, transport and leave in the office.
  • For those who like eco-friendly and comfortable riding, electric bicycles are on sale.

The three-wheeled

Rich Family XG 12012M

Rich Family XG 12012M

Bicycles are a great way to diversify walks with children. The child is growing up and he is getting bored in the stroller. When a child reaches the age of 1-1.5 years, there comes a time when the three-wheeled bike (trike) becomes the best choice for parents. Unlike a bulky stroller, it is much easier to carry a bicycle. In addition, when a child begins to ride a bike, he learns to maneuver and balance, the baby muscles are strengthened, better cardiovascular system.

The main rule when choosing a tricycle – it is to focus on the weight and height of the child. These figures can not be ignored, because it depends on them comfort of the little rider while riding.

Rich Family brand offers different models of children’s tricycles:

  • There are models, complete with a hood from the weather and direct sunlight;
  • bicycles with a parental handlebar;
  • For moms who often go shopping with a child, there are handy bikes, complete with a basket – they can put not only toys but also products.
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Bicycle strollers Rich Family – a great alternative to the usual strollers. These copies are especially convenient for parents of those children who still do not know how to steer and pedal, or even not yet able to reach them. Wheelchairs have a footrest. In addition, they have a provision for changing the position of the back, which is especially important if the baby falls asleep while walking.

Each model of such a child tricycle is equipped with a safety belt. Therefore, parents can not fear that the child will unexpectedly fall off the bike.

For older children – 2-3 years, a good option would be three-wheeled bike Rich Family 8013A-T7GR. According to consumer reviews, the bike has a light weight and good stability – even a very active kid on it will not topple over. The model is equipped with a convenient parental handle, a sun and weather shield, removable edges, two baskets for toys and sundries, as well as a footrest.

If you want your child to learn to ride a bicycle on their own, you should opt for the Rich Family XG 12012M. This is a compact, stable and lightweight model in four colors. If the child has not yet learned to pedal, at first you can use the parent handle, which can then be removed. The handles on the handlebars are made of plastic – your baby’s hands won’t slip on them. The model is equipped with a roomy basket for toys and a bright attractive bell. The bike has no visor, so when taking your child for a walk, don’t forget to put a cap or hat on his head.


When choosing a two-wheeled bike for a child, consider its functional features. For a child who is beginning to learn how to ride a two-wheeler to be comfortable, the model should have safety side wheels for support, a foot brake, not a handbrake. Safety will also ensure the absence of the speed changer. The handlebar and saddle should be adjustable in height. In addition, you should pay attention to the size of the wheels – as you grow up, the wheel diameter also increases:

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Height Wheel diameter
80-110 cm 12-14 inch
100-120 cm 16 inches
110-130 cm 18 inches
120-140 cm 20 inches

The most popular two-wheeled model of the Rich Family brand is the Orion Rush Hour. The bike can hold up to 50 kg. The steel frame is undersized, which provides a comfortable fit for a child. Handlebar and seat height can be adjusted. The model is equipped with steel fenders to protect against splashes and dirt, a luggage rack for toys and other small items, as well as removable training wheels.

Teen Bikes

Rich Family brand teenage bikes are intermediate between children’s models and bikes for adults. In this category are models with wheels 24-26 inches in diameter and frame size 13-16 inches.

To ride a teenage bike, there are certain conditions: a teenager should preferably already be able to ride a two-wheeled bike with one speed and have a height of 125 cm.

4000 V-brake ST 18sk RUSH HOUR

4000 V-brake ST 18cc RUSH HOUR

The optimal bike for this category of riders – 4000 V-brake ST 18cc RUSH HOUR. The bike has these characteristics:

  • wheel diameter of 24″;
  • frame size 13″;
  • The bike is designed for a height of 130-145 cm;
  • aluminum rim can withstand loads up to 100 kg;
  • 18-speed transmission with Shimano rear derailleur;
  • seat and handlebars are height-adjustable;
  • bike has a mount for a bottle or a bike pump.


The Rich Family range of bikes also includes bike models for adult riders. There are cargo bikes, city bikes, and mountain bikes.

Cargo RUSH HOUR is a city tricycle, designed for riders 150-180 cm tall, can hold up to 140 kg. Basket, located in the back, is capable of carrying loads weighing no more than 20 kg. Low frame bike makes sitting the rider very comfortable. The bike has a good stability, which distinguishes it from two-wheeled counterparts.

Rich Family city bikes are designed for a quiet ride on paved city streets. Because of the upright riding position, the cyclist does not get tired during a long ride. Due to the high wheels and comfortable saddle smoothes out any bumps that may be encountered on the road. The kit includes fenders, trunk and footrest. Thanks to the wide pedals, you can wear any shoes without fear of getting dirty or getting caught in the chain.

Rich Family mountain bikes come in a wide variety of models with different options and wheel diameters. Mountain bikes can be ridden in the city as well as in more extreme off-road riding conditions.

RX705 DISC ST 21cc RUSH HOUR is very popular with disc brakes, steel frame, 21 speed transmission and Shimano equipment. The wheel diameter of this model is 27.5″ and the frame size is 18″. Spring-elastomeric steel fork provides a comfortable ride, perfectly relieves the load from the shoulders and hands of the rider, which is especially important during a long trip. The recommended height for the rider for this model is 160-175 cm. For taller riders should consider the option RX905, designed to grow to 210 cm. The frame of this model has a size of 23 inches, the size of the wheels – 20 inches.

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Suggestions for choosing

Approach to the choice of bicycle responsibly, you need to take into account many parameters, so that later it will be convenient to ride.

  1. Determine where and under what conditions you will use your vehicle.
  2. Choose the right size according to your height and weight (pay attention to the diameter of the wheels and the size of the frame). If you are buying a children’s bike, do not take the transport “growing up” – the child will be difficult to manage it.
  3. Think about what additional options you will need (for riding in the dark – lights, bottle holder, protective fenders, velocomputer, bike bag or backpack, etc.).
  4. Take care of a bicycle helmet, especially for children – bicycle helmet will protect the head of the little rider from injury while riding.
  5. It is better to buy a bike in a real store – it will give you the opportunity to “feel” the model you like, assess its comfort and reliability.


Rich Family bicycles made in Russia are a worthy alternative to imported bikes. Their design and components are close to the world level and are the most affordable in terms of price/quality ratio. No wonder that more and more fans of bicycle rides pay attention to the products of Rich Family.

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