Pulse bikes – varieties and popular models

Pulse bicycles are fairly new products on the market. The brand first announced itself in 2015. Today the assortment of the company offers a fairly solid variety of models in various categories. Children’s and teenagers, mountain and urban, women’s and men’s samples – the products are equipped with attachments from Shimano, which indicates the reliability of two-wheeled transport.

Today we will study the assortment of the manufacturer Pulse, learn what kind of bicycles are produced under this brand, what their features are, and designate the most popular models, the characteristics of which have already been evaluated by some users.

Information about the Pulse bicycle brand

pulse logo

The company “Pulse” was registered in Italy in 2015. It is there, in the country-legislator of fashion, the manufacturer masterfully combines the work of designers and engineers to create unique not only in appearance, but also in characteristics of bicycles. Given that almost all models of Pulse bikes are equipped with Shimano equipment, we can conclude that the market gets quite decent examples of two-wheeled transport.

The producing country of Pulse bikes is Italy, but the main production facilities are in Taiwan. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of production and make it more accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Pulse bikes are assembled on steel and aluminum frames. In the first case, it is possible to get budget models, in the second – more lightweight instances. Thanks to this, the manufacturer tries to cover the widest possible range of cyclists.


Designers of the company “Pulse” tried hard to create a truly original and unusual design of bikes, attracting the attention of others. It should be noted that the developers do not stop there and continue to improve their products both technically and aesthetically.

High-quality equipment of bikes – one of the key features of the company’s products “Pulse”. It is impossible not to note the high quality of absolutely all bikes assembly. Users note that the bikes show excellent indicators of endurance and reliability.

Varieties of bicycles


The range of Pulse products is equipment for any age and purse. Beginning with a brisk treadmill and ending with a dynamic mountain model – in the brand’s catalog every cyclist can find something suitable for themselves.

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For the youngest cyclists, the company Pulse produces bright treadmills on 12-inch wheels. Colorful samples will certainly appeal to the baby and allow you to learn the skills of riding on two-wheeled transport. Potential buyers have a choice of treadmills on steel and aluminum frames.

Children’s two-wheeled bikes are equipped with additional wheels for better stability. The size of transport for young riders varies depending on the age of the baby, which allows you to choose the right children’s bike. The range of the company has adorable models for girls and boys.

Those who are tired of a quiet ride in city parks and familiar routes, you should pay attention to the range of Pulse bicycles for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances. Presented models are suitable for riding on rough terrain, as well as for exciting races with friends.

The mountain copies harmoniously combine lightness, durability and dynamism. Pulse mountain bikes feature an optimal 170 mm fork travel, 1*1 transmission and 65 degree incline.

The best models of Pulse bikes

Pulse MD 400

Despite the fact that few people know about the brand, the company has already managed to acquire its admirers and the most striking representatives of the model range, which enjoy deserved popularity. Let us note the top models of Pulse bicycles:

  • Pulse MD 200. The model was introduced to consumers in 2019. This is a mountain hardtail, which has quite decent characteristics. The design of the model is designed for teenagers 10-15 years old. The bike behaves confidently on light off-road, will be an excellent option for riding in the city or a small town. The design is built on a steel frame, shock-absorbing fork with 10mm travel is also made of steel. Semi-integrated steering column provides good handling. 24″ wheels with Pulse Tyre MTB 24*2.125 tires on aluminum dual rims provide good rolling performance. It has a 21-gear transmission, Shimano derailleurs, mechanical disc brakes and hub pads with bulk bearings.
  • Pulse MD 400. This model already has its own circle of admirers. The distinctive feature that immediately catches the eye is the 26-inch wheels on alloy wheels. There are modifications on the usual spoke wheels. The model is equipped with a steel shock-absorbing fork, mechanical disc brakes and Shiman shifters. Not a bad option for off-road riding and for riding with friends somewhere outside the concrete jungle.
  • Pulse MD 500. Another mountain model that has its own fan base. The bike comes in several size variations, corresponding to the height of the rider (from 145 to 195 cm). The bike is assembled on an aluminum frame that can withstand loads up to 100 kg. Shock absorbing fork is made of steel. The model is equipped with a 21-speed transmission, mechanical disk brakes and Shiman shifters. The 26-inch wheels with double rims provide good traction.
  • Pulse MD 100. This is a children’s bike with 20-inch wheels. The model is designed for young riders from 6 to 10 years old. The bike is assembled on a steel frame, equipped with a front shock-absorbing fork, aluminum bushings and a transmission with 7 gears. Wings and pedals are made of high quality plastic.

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Another model that draws the attention of potential owners is the Pulse MD 460 bike. The bike is equipped with reliable mechanical disc brakes, assembled on a steel frame. Not a bad option for active people who often go out of town and ride on light off-road.

Selection tips

The range of the Italian manufacturer is quite consistent with the requirements of modern cyclists. Almost all models have a spectacular design, a good complete set and good build quality. Nevertheless, even experienced riders may have some difficulties with the choice, so we will give some tips to help make a profitable purchase:

  • Contact only specialized stores or official representatives of the company Pulse. Buying a bike in supermarkets or markets is not a good idea because if it breaks or is defective no one will refund your money and repair the bike at their own expense.
  • Be clear about the type of bike you have. In some cases, it is better to buy a good bike for the city rather than the mountain model, which is sympathetic in its appearance. Yes, hardtails and two-pods often look much more attractive than city bikes. But that’s only at first glance. If you need a bike for travel around town, in specialized stores you can find quite original models that in their appearance and characteristics will handicap expensive mountain bikes.
  • Steel or aluminum. Frame material can be a deciding factor in some cases (especially for those looking for the lightest bike). In particular, if a fragile girl is buying a bike, preference should be given to the lighter aluminum construction. Steel frames are much cheaper, but it is a plus of several kg to the total weight of the bike.

Before making a choice in favor of a particular model, you should search the Internet reviews of those who have already experienced the bike in practice and can tell in detail what the bug of a particular instance. By the way, many people note the specificity of the paint coating of Pulse bicycles – this is not a defect, but a factory feature.


The products of the Italian company “Pulse” not so long ago appeared on the market. But even now we can say that the bicycles of this brand are popular in a certain circle of consumers. Impressive design, affordable price and decent equipment – what else do you need from a bicycle? Therefore, we can say that in the near future, the Pulse brand will become more and more recognizable and in demand.

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