Phoenix bike – advantages and disadvantages, tips for choosing

The current variety of bicycles on the market is impressive – today consumers are offered an incredible range, in the abundance of which even an experienced fan of two-wheeled equipment can get confused. There are good old well-known brands (for example, Mangoose bicycles), which deserved their popularity for decades. Along with them, new names are emerging that are generating some interest among cycling enthusiasts. One of these is the bicycle brand Phoenix, an American brand whose products stand out from the competition.

Today we will talk about Phoenix bikes, their distinctive features, and also tell you how the products of the American brand differ from other bikes of the same segment.

Phoenix brand history

Phoenix bicycle

The company’s activity began in 1897. Almost a century later, it has become a joint stock company, with strategically important workshops located in China. A team of developers, designers and engineers has worked and continues to work constantly on improving its products.

An innovative approach allows you to get the output of the model, which almost fully meets the requirements of today’s consumer. Attractive exterior, reliable mechanisms, ergonomic design – Phoenix bicycles are the best choice for active people.


The name of the company – “Phoenix” – eloquently reflects the main concept of the brand: like a beautiful phoenix bird, rising from the ashes, the company’s products are improving every year. It should be noted that the developers really respond quickly to the feedback of the Phoenix bikes owners and improve their child.

Despite the great variety of models in the company’s lineup, the bicycles have some similar characteristics that make the products stand out from the competition:

  • A worthy choice. The product line of the American company Phoenix is able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding cyclists. The range includes mountain and recreational bikes, women’s and men’s models, children’s and teenage bikes, recreational bikes, folding and electric models. In addition, the range can be divided by price criterion – there are budget units that are quite suitable as a first bike.
  • Democratic price. Phoenix bicycles differ quite acceptable cost for the average Russian. The range of the company can be found quite decent models from 10 to 15 thousand rubles.
  • Relatively good quality. The Chinese origin of Phoenix bicycles has left a mark on the reputation of the products. However, hasty conclusions are just a stereotype. With proper care and replacement of some components you can get a very decent unit, which will ride more than one season.
  • Lightweight construction. Perhaps this is one of the most notable features of Phoenix bikes. Almost all users note the lightness and maneuverability of design, which determines the popularity of the brand in the city.

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The Phoenix product line is an excellent choice and reasonable cost. Almost all bikes are equipped with entry-level attachments – if you want, you can install the missing components to get the result quite suitable option for riding in the city.

Pros and cons

American bikes of Chinese origin are in demand among certain categories of consumers. First of all, this is not a bad option for the novice cyclist and the younger generation. Also Phoenix bikes will appreciate those who like to go into town 1-2 times a week and ride in the shade of parks. Of course, you should not expect high stamina and reliability, but no one claimed to be the best bike.

Main advantages:

  • availability;
  • attractive appearance;
  • ergonomic design;
  • lightweight bike;
  • the availability of additional equipment;
  • a wide range of models.

Phoenix bike drivetrain

If you analyze the reviews of owners of Phoenix bikes, you can highlight a few disadvantages, which to some extent lubricate the overall impression of the brand:

  • poor performance of the transmission;
  • uncomfortable handlebar geometry (does not apply to all models, but this flaw is noted by almost all cyclists with large growth);
  • low quality of shock absorbers;
  • the rapid wear of the factory tires.

Some users complain about the low-quality paintwork. Given the aesthetic appearance of the bike, the colored elements are quickly covered with traces of rust. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the bike with a protective compound immediately after purchase, in order to prolong the life of the decorative coating.

The best models

One of the most common places where you can buy a Phoenix bicycle is the chain store “Lenta”. Many models can also be found in the catalogs of online stores. Considering the statistics, we can present a list of models that are most popular among consumers:

Phoenix Citytrack

Phoenix Citytrack

  1. “Phoenix Mars 29. One of the most walkable models is represented by a niner on a 19-inch aluminum frame. The front triangle is made of profiled tube. The handlebars, rods, seat tube, hubs and wheel rims are also made of aluminum. The model features decent maneuverability and endurance – the bike easily copes with almost any obstacles. For this bike is characterized by a good roll and a comfortable riding position. The 29-inch wheels run smoothly and gently on level roads. The factory tires show good grip on the road surface. “Phoenix Mars 29” is equipped with disc brakes (mechanical) and transmission for 21 gears. The kit also comes with a footrest for stable standing of the bike. The model weighs 14 kg.
  2. Phoenix 26 06. Another model that is in high demand among beginner cyclists. It is a mountain hardtail on an aluminum frame with a front shock-absorbing fork. The steering column is semi-integrated, the handlebar is straight, the grips are two-component. The model is equipped with 26-inch wheels with double rims and mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. It is also equipped with Shimano mounting hardware, but the connecting rods are from Phoenix, the company’s native. The kit includes a footrest for secure parking.
  3. Phoenix Detonator. Not a bad model for tall cyclists who are taller than 180 cm. Bicycle is available in two versions: with aluminum frame 21 and 22 inches. The model is equipped with 29-inch wheels with tires “Kenda” and double rims. The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, as well as transmission for 24 gears and attachments from Shimano.
  4. Phoenix Citytrack. Cyclocross comes with a cast aluminum frame and steel fork. It has a 14-speed transmission and derailleurs from Shimano. Quite a good model for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding.

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The range of companies quite a lot of children’s and teenage bikes, reviews of which, for the most part, are positive in many ways due to the fact that the bikes for young riders simply do not have time to use up their resources.

Recommendations for choosing bicycles Phoenix

If you decide to buy a unit of a popular American brand, then you should pay attention to some of the nuances that will get the most out of the acquisition:

  • Don’t be seduced by the low cost. Phoenix bikes don’t cost much as it is. If the seller offers a tempting discount, it is likely that the product is defective.
  • Pay attention to the integrity of the paint coating. A small “spider” of corrosion will quickly become a serious problem.
  • Check the quality of assembly and serviceability of mechanisms, smooth running and absence of unusual sounds.
  • Study the reviews of the owners. Often it helps to choose a truly worthy model, which will work its due time.

In general, Phoenix bikes deserve the attention of novice riders. Chinese products of the American brand with proper care and timely maintenance can serve far more than one season.


It cannot be said that Phoenix bikes are notable for endurance and reliability. For extreme riding and riding on frankly rugged terrain is worth looking for more robust mechanisms. But as a first bike products of the company “Phoenix” is quite suitable. In addition, it is an excellent choice for those who do not often ride a bike, but occasionally take bike rides in the city.

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    Where can I find the manual for the Phoenix TF900 29

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    Had a problem with the steering wheel (hands hurt after a trip) rode about 1 hour. But the model was for 7500 from the store (not used) on 26 wheels with v-brace and no suspension (it turns out that this roadster, but rigid)

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