Panther Bicycles – Varieties, Pros and Cons

Spectacular, reliable, hardy, practical in use, and also durable Panther bicycles are in demand all over the world. The quality of German products has been tested for years, so today the bicycles of the Bavarian manufacturer successfully compete with brands such as Corto, Atom and others.

Today we will talk about bicycles “Panther”, learn what are the features of the production of comfortable and durable bikes, as well as give you a rating of the most popular models with their characteristics.

History of Panther brand

Panther logo

To date, the company “Panther Fahrradwerk” is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles. The company was founded in Germany back in 1896 – then Ernst Kuhlmann founded a small company in the city of Magdeburg. Even then, the founder of the company set a clear goal for his subordinates – to produce modern and practical bicycles, available to a wide range of consumers. Initially, production was focused exclusively on consumers from Germany. But by 1908, all countries of Europe and even some Americans knew about the Panther bicycles.

In 1925, the Bavarian company set up production of baby carriages and bicycles for young riders. And eight years later, the company, founded by Ernst Kuhlmann, released the first mopeds and motorcycles. The Second World War forced absolutely all plants and factories of Germany to retrain under the military production. So the company Panther began to produce products for the needs of the army. Fortunately, during the entire war period, production facilities have not suffered much due to the fact that they were not engaged in the production of tanks or shells – otherwise, the British air force would have destroyed the entire plant Panther.

In the post-war years, the company once again began to produce bicycles. At that time not every family could afford a car, and the economical and practical bicycle solved the problem of getting from one point to another. The products of the German factory were in vogue – the bicycles Panther swept off the shelves of stores like hotcakes. Star hour of the enterprise Panther came in the 40-50-ies of the twentieth century – at that time the products of the plant have found their admirers among professional athletes. Moreover, Panther bicycles often appeared in the international competitions of that time.

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In the 60’s of XX century there was an automotive boom. Cars became more affordable means of transportation, and many bicycle factories were forced to close or retrain to other production. The hero of our article was also touched by the crisis – the company Panther had to merge with another company Schminke Fahrradwerke to stay afloat. This helped one of the oldest bicycle brands to maintain its position on the market.

Nowadays, Panther is the largest bicycle brand of German origin. The company is headquartered in Lohne. There are 4 other factories, the largest of them Baltik Vairas is in Lithuania (by the way, the legendary bicycle “Orlenok” was produced there in Soviet times). Each year the company produces about 450 thousand units of two-wheeled transport.


For all the years of its existence, the Panther company has not developed any original technologies. Instead, the engineers and designers skillfully combined proven practices and solutions to use them to produce high-quality bikes. The following technologies are used at Panther facilities:

  • TIG: the use of electric arc welding for the frame and other components.
  • Use of 3D-CAD/CAM modelling.
  • Holland Mechanicautomatic wheel assembly.
  • Wurster-Lactec – a modern paint line.

And that’s not all. The stereotype of unsurpassed quality of German products is confirmed at Panther plants. Absolutely all products undergo several stages of quality control and new models undergo numerous tests. All of this ultimately makes it possible to supply the market with only quality products at an affordable price.

Varieties of Panther bikes

Panther mountain bikes

In addition to unsurpassed quality and spectacular design, the products of the German factory Panther is also characterized by a good variety. In the brand’s catalog you can find bikes of the following categories:

  • mountain bikes Panther;
  • road models;
  • children’s bikes;
  • touring bikes;
  • folding samples and others.

The products of the German concern cover a fairly wide range of consumers. In the catalog there are budget models, bikes of the average price segment, as well as professional devices for athletes and true connoisseurs of quality bikes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Talk about the quality of German products can be endlessly long. But we decided to highlight a few obvious advantages of the Bavarian “Panthers”, which distinguish them from similar manufacturers:

  • impeccable quality of assembly;
  • a wide range of products, allowing you to pick up a bike for every buyer;
  • development of new models that meet the wishes of consumers;
  • competent selection of components and parts from reputable suppliers;
  • good Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability and controllability of bicycles;
  • responsive brakes that are responsive to the slightest movement of the rider.
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At the same time, some users note a number of disadvantages that are characteristic of Panther bicycles. Having analyzed the reviews, we have compiled a list of the most common defects:

  • flimsy pedals, which do not withstand intensive loads;
  • In some models, the bindings do not withstand the dynamic use of the bike;
  • overpriced on some samples.

In addition, many cyclists note that the products of the German company Panther are not quite suitable for beginner riders.

The best models

Speaking of such a giant of the bicycle industry, it is impossible not to highlight several models Panther, which have repeatedly appeared in the ratings of the best bikes of this or that year:

Panther MX-4 P369

Panther MX-4 P369.

  • PRO-CX200. A hybrid model on 28-inch wheels that will get the most out of the bike on both smooth asphalt and off-road terrain. Model is equipped with attachments from the famous Japanese manufacturer (Shimano) of the initial level, the recreational brakes rim type, the transmission on 21 gears and wide enough tires, providing a good roll.
  • MX-4 P369. Mountain model, the characteristics of which are sure to appreciate the true admirers of off-road. The bike is equipped with SR Suntour shock-absorption fork with 100 mm stroke, transmission with 27 gears Deore level, hydraulic brakes Tektro and mounted equipment from “Shimano“. The bike perfectly copes with the set tasks: it is suitable for systematic Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding, and for performances at amateurcompetitions, and for dynamic riding on serious off-road.
  • AMI 26. excellent model for systematic riding in the stone jungle. The lowered upper tube of the frame is an effective solution for charming female cyclists. The model is equipped with 21-speed transmission from Shimano. The rider’s seat is designed with anatomical features in mind, which allows a long bike ride without feeling tired.

A distinctive feature of almost all Panther models are reinforced rims. Increased strength and rigidity ensures the absence of “eights” and other defects for many years.

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Tips for choosing

If you decide to become the owner of a German bicycle Panther, it is recommended to make a purchase in a trusted store or at authorized dealers. This will help avoid accidental purchase of counterfeit products. If you don’t have a good idea of what your bike should be, here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

  • Choose a model by size. Neither color, design nor price should be the deciding factor in your choice – just the size of the bicycle frame. This parameter depends on the growth and age of the cyclist.
  • The purpose of the bike. It makes no sense to buy a true mountain bike for riding around town. Similarly, it is not necessary to go out on a typical urban model in the woods and furrow the local fields.
  • Product quality. No matter how praiseworthy the reviews about this or that manufacturer, the buyer should double-check the quality of assembly and operation of all mechanisms.

We also draw your attention to the official part of the purchase. It is not unreasonable to ask the seller where you can go in case the branded bike breaks down. The manufacturer, which cares about its customers, necessarily reserves the right to engage in maintenance and repair of manufactured bicycles.


Panther bicycles are quality products from Germany, which is popular around the world. Bikes of Bavarian origin are well equipped, high quality of assembly and a decent range of models.

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