Nordway Bicycle – Features and Best Models

Some believe that Nordway is a foreign manufacturer of bicycles and outdoor goods. Others agree that the well-known brand is of Russian origin. In favor of the former, the company logo, the slogan in English and the information on suppliers in Russia listed on the official brand website speak in favor of the former. The arguments of the latter revolve around the direct connection between the Nordway brand and the Sport-Master chain of stores.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer itself tries to hide information about itself as much as possible, without giving a single clue in advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, Nordway is still a Russian manufacturer of bicycles and tourist equipment. The company’s products are most often found in Sport-Master stores. There is even an opinion that the Nordway brand manufactures its products to the order of the retailer.

History of the Nordway bike brand

Nordway logo

Until recently, the company had an official website; now it is either being reorganized or closed. But even at that time, when a potential consumer wanted to get some information about the products, the site referred to the catalog of the Sport-Master chain of stores to get acquainted with the model range and characteristics of two-wheelers. By the way, Nordway produces not only two-wheelers – the recognizable logo is emblazoned on travel gear and a wide range of recreational products.

The manufacturing company produces bicycles of the entry and middle level. Bikes are equipped with Shimano attachments, budget frames and inexpensive transmissions. Roughly speaking, under the name Nordway bikes are of medium quality, which do not claim to be hardy and unbreakable units and are made without the use of any innovative technology.

All Nordway products are designed for the average amateur cyclist – someone who prefers systematic walks in the city parks, and who does not test the equipment for durability, going off the beaten path into the woods. If you need the most ordinary and simple bike for riding in the city or relatively rough terrain, Nordway bicycles are what every member of the family needs.

As for prices, many consumers believe that the average cost of products of the popular brand is slightly overpriced.

Bicycle styles

To say that the lineup of bicycles is small, it is impossible. This is quite a decent range, representatives of which satisfy the requirements of the average cyclist. This is the so-called “solid average” – bikes are not distinguished by the highest quality and flawless operation of mechanical units.

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The Nordway bicycle lineup is represented by the following categories:

  • Women’s bikes recreational type;
  • Children and teenage models;
  • hardtails;
  • two-pods;
  • City bikes and several mountain models.

Each model can be given a concise characteristic – just a bike, nothing more. You will not find units for downhill or BMX, as well as for other types of extreme riding, in the brand’s catalog.

The best models of Nordway bicycles

As we have already said, any high-tech solutions the company does not use in its production – only proven methods, allowing to get at the output quite good bikes, which will be suitable for daily use in a sparing mode. Nevertheless, the Nordway brand has several outstanding representatives, which are worth paying attention to a potential owner:

Nordway Active 300

Nordway Active 300

  • Nordway Active 300. A relatively good model of mountain bike, which is useful for beginner riders. The bike is equipped with shock-absorbing fork RST with a stroke of 63 mm, mechanical disc brakes, Shimano derailleurs entry level. Despite the basic configuration, the bike can be fitted with rim brakes. Transmission for 21 gears is enough for fans of riding on light off-road.
  • Nordway Cross 300. Two-pod on an aluminum frame, complete with a good Rock Shox fork with 100 mm stroke with decent quality attachments. The model is equipped with Shimano Deore pennies and derailleurs, a transmission with 27 gears and disc brakes. This is a very fair ratio in terms of price and quality – the bike is suitable for riding on frank off-road and performing some tricks.
  • Nordway Cascade Ladies. Stylish entry-level women’s model on a steel frame with a threaded fork (stroke – 40 mm). Quite a good and, most importantly, a budget option for charming cyclists who, no matter what, remain a lady in all situations. A lady, as you know, will not jump on curbs and chase the bike into the woods. That is the model is designed for leisurely and floppy riding on the smooth city streets.
  • Nordway Discovery. Another mountain bike model that should not be written off. The bike is equipped with a steel frame and a reliable shock-absorbing fork. The bike accelerates easily and feels confident on any type of ground.
  • Nordway FjordDisc. Not a bad model with disc brakes for fans of active riding. The bike is equipped with Suntour XCT 75 mm front shock absorber with adjustable spring rate, Tectro mechanical disc brakes, Shimano shifters and derailleurs, durable double rims and reliable Formula hubs. In fact, it is quite a good model for beginner extreme riders. With proper care and timely maintenance bike will roll a few seasons.
  • Nordway X-Trail. Mountain bike, which basic configuration is represented by a steel frame, front shock absorber, derailleurs from Shimano, double rims and ergonomic handles. The bike is suitable for moderately active use and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding.

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Nordway bicycles are an opportunity to buy a quite reliable unit for every member of the family. The brand’s price policy is quite acceptable for the average Russian resident – the average price tag ranges from 10 to 15 thousand rubles.

Selection tips

Sport Master

The Sport-Master chain of stores is the place where the Nordway lineup is presented in all its variety. The buyer, of course, will receive comprehensive information and eulogies from the consultant, but this person has a different goal – at all costs to sell the product. Therefore, before going to the store, you should take into account a few recommendations that will help make the right choice:

  • Trust, but verify. An unbelievable discount can turn out to be worthless, because what looks like a good bike may turn out to be part of a defective batch that the retailer wants to get rid of.
  • And check again. Before buying a good bike inspection, paying attention to welding nodes, the smooth running of mechanisms and the integrity of the paint coating.
  • Listen to the advice of experts. On numerous cycling forums you can find reviews of real owners of Nordway bikes, who make detailed reviews of their technique and advise which parts are better to replace immediately after purchase.

Buying a bike for yourself or a child, you should ask the seller about the availability of warranty and repair shops, where they can help with repairs if necessary.


Domestic manufacturers produce quite usable bikes. Under the Nordway brand you can find decent models, which will be appreciated by fans of moderately active recreation and riding. It cannot be said that athletes or extreme riders will be able to find something for themselves in the range of the company, but those who like to ride systematically in the city or light off-road, will be able to appreciate the technical characteristics of Nordway mountain bikes and city bikes.

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