Norco Bicycles – Varieties and Best Models

What do you associate Canada with? For people who are not into bicycles, this country is associated with maple trees, hockey and beautiful scenery. But cycling enthusiasts will remember the giant of the bicycle industry, Norco. What is so good bicycle Norco and what the most popular models from this manufacturer, we tell below.

History of brand Norco

Norco logo

Country producing Norco bicycles is Canada. Norco brand is a worthy follower of Canadian traditions, a guarantee of quality, comfort and reliability. The company was born in 1964. Its founder, Burt Lewis, always wanted to bring products as close as possible to customers. Many times the brand sponsored various athletes and sporting events. In the manufacture of its products, the company initially used only high-quality materials and technical innovations. The brand produces bicycles in different price categories and with different technical characteristics. The range of the company is huge.

Types of bicycles Norco

The manufacturer produces the following varieties of bicycles:

  1. Mountain. Or they are also called MTB – Mountain Bike. This category includes several types of bikes.
  • Two-pods. Two-pods have a four-lever suspension, which makes the ride smooth and contributes to stability in motion.
  • Hardtails. Hardtails have no rear suspension. There are options for all tastes: both serious bikes for racing, and iron friends for walking around town.
  • Cross Country. A powerful line of Norco bikes. Famous for its speed characteristics.
  • Niners. The wheels of these bikes have a diameter of 29 inches. Thanks to the thick tires, the niner easily overcomes any bumps in the road.
  • Trail. This is something in between a country bike and an enduric. In fact, it is a universal bike, suitable for all situations.
  1. Urban (recreational).
  2. Children’s and teenage bikes.

Popular models

Bike stores carry the following options:

Norco Charger 9.3.

Norco Charger 9.3

A very popular mountain bike model from Norco. This niner has won fans with its versatility. It is comfortable to ride both off-road and urban avenues. Advantages: 29-inch durable tires, reinforced metal frame, adjustable spring and oil fork, dual rim type, front and rear brakes of different designs, 30 speeds. The only drawback is the narrow pedals. Despite the high quality, the bike is relatively inexpensive. The bike will appeal to amateur cyclists or novice athletes.

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Bike for downhill skiing. Practical and durable model, which provides an opportunity to unlock the potential of both novice cyclists and professionals. Aurum is a beautiful carbon bike, with a choice of 27.5 or 29-inch wheels. Depending on the modification, there are 7-10 speeds. The fork is dual crown. The fork bumpers are built into the frame. Shock absorption on both wheels. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Attention to detail will pleasantly surprise fans of stylish solutions.


The bike for those who like aggressive riding and especially riding downhill. This line will please fans of racing in the enduro discipline. On descents, the Range bike is stable and easy to control. On Uphill—how-to-learn–tipss, it saves power and behaves decently for the 160mm of suspension travel and geometry. The bike’s lightweight and rigid frame is made of carbon. Thanks to the larger cistern shock absorber, it’s possible to take big jumps.


Norco Storm bike belongs to the budget category. There are several packages to choose from, including for women. The frame is made of a metal base with aluminum. Brakes have a mechanical design. Rigid fork creates the conditions for a good level of depreciation when riding.


Norco Fluid

The mountain bike is available in four lengths and three colors. This is a line with rolling tires and 650b wheels for maximum performance on trails. Front and rear shocks from Rock Shox provide 120mm of travel. Equipped with reliable and safe Shimano brakes. Despite not the widest handlebar, it does not interfere with the control at all. Stiffness of the fork is self-adjusting. The bike has 27 gears.


Norco Sight bike is equally good for hard enduro and trail riding. The Gravity Tune frame resizing system is used. The model is equipped with Shimano brakes with 180 mm rotors in front and rear. This bike is considered the best for impeccable responsiveness to commands and other versatile qualities.

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City Bike

These models of bicycles from Norco are suitable for commuting around town. The geometry with a vertical relaxed riding position promotes leisurely walks and enjoyment of the process. The units are simple and reliable without costing a lot of money. This line has a series for both women and children.

The most popular models of the Norco brand are Aurum HSP 9.1, Aurum HSP 9.2, Sight C9.2, Sight A9.1, Range C7.2, Range C7.3, Range C9.2, Range C9.3, Fluid HT 7.1 VLT, Fluid HT 7.2 VLT.

How to Buy

selection of Norko bicycles

Choosing a bike is a big decision. First, it is important to understand what you need it for. Decide in what conditions and on what terrain you will use it. It is also worth considering the gender orientation of the bike. Once you decide on the model of bike, choose the size of the product (or stature). Choosing the right size ensures not only a comfortable ride, but also prevents pain in the back or knees. Thin people should take a bike with a slightly larger frame size, and overweight people should take a bike with a slightly smaller frame size.


All series under the name Norco are performed in excellent quality, thanks to which the manufacturer has enjoyed well-deserved popularity around the world for decades. Buying a bike brand Norco, you get a faithful iron horse for many years.

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