Mongoose bicycles – advantages and disadvantages

Not long ago nobody knew about them, but today Mongoose bicycles, mostly thanks to the Trial Sport chain of stores, have started to appear on domestic roads more and more often. The time has come for you to get acquainted with this brand and to find out what interesting features the Mongoose bikes have.

History of the Mongoose manufacturer


The Mongoose bikes are manufactured in the USA. The history of the company began in 1974, when its founder, having noticed guys performing tricks on bikes, paid attention to the wheels – they were totally unsuitable for such kind of loads. That’s when Skip Hess thought, “Why not improve the design of the bike by equipping it with stronger wheels?”

He and a team of enthusiasts spent two years perfecting the wheelbase. The next step was the development of sturdy frames. And in 1977, the company called itself Mongoose and began to conquer the market. By 1980, the company was a household name for many cyclists, and competitors were getting nervous – at that time, the only rival to the company was the famous Specialized bicycle brand.

In 1987, MTBs flooded into the U.S.. Mountain bikes were everywhere: in the cities, on forest trails, in mountainous terrain and vast steppes – and no wonder, because the terrain of the United States knows how to surprise. During this period, the Mongoose management did not hesitate: inviting new specialists to their team, they managed to quickly get on the wave and develop their own series of mountain bikes, which played into the hands of the already great popularity of the brand.

Today Mongoose is one of the most popular bike brands in the States. The main production is located in China, which allows the company to produce affordable products for a wide range of consumers. The development and design is done by American designers and engineers. In recent years, demand for Mongoose bikes has also begun to grow in the CIS countries. Now the company produces not only more than 40 models of bicycles, but also various accessories and spare parts, as well as scooters, skateboards, scooters, etc.

Varieties of Mongoose bikes

Despite the fact that the company began its activities with the release of MTB and MVH, today the model range can meet the demands of almost every cyclist. In the catalogs of the brand you can find:

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VMXs are divided into racing models and freestyle bikes. The uninitiated person will find it difficult to notice the obvious difference at first glance. But it is still there – Mongoose freestyle bikes are much stronger and more enduring. Moreover, their wheels have larger dimensions. In total, the company has about 10 models designed for racing, jumping and performing various tricks.

The line of hardtails is presented by equipment for durt (two models) and cross country. There are also Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses. The most numerous category is hardtails for cross country. The price of bikes ranges from 20 to 130 thousand rubles. The variety of Mongoose Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses is poor – the range is represented by only one model, but in two different configurations. By the way, there are Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses for teenagers as well.

The company offers a good selection of two-pods – the range includes models for downhill, trail, as well as AM-bikes. Today the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to DH-disciplines, so there is only one combat two-saddle for exciting downhill. As for trail and All Mountain bikes, the company offers trail riders a choice of 15 two-saddle models.

Highway models in the Mongoose catalog are few – only 3 pieces. But hybrids and fitness models are a bit more – 4-5 pieces each.

American manufacturer cares about the younger generation. The Mongoose range includes several children’s bikes: 2 Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-choose models, several pedal bikes, and 7 speed bikes.

Top models


Mongoose Argus

After running through the Mongoose range, it’s worth paying a little attention to the highlights of the bicycle spectrum:

  • Tyax Sport. One of the most popular models of the American manufacturer – at least in Russia. Here we must pay tribute to the network of stores “Trial Sport”, which contributed to the growth in demand for this model. This is one of the brand’s youngest bikes. The optimal choice for the novice cross country rider, which he is sure not to regret. Technical parameters: frame made of aluminum alloy grade 6061, body from , disc brakes (hydraulic) and suspension fork with 100 mm stroke.
  • Argus. Budget model Fatbike, which will cost its owner about 30 thousand rubles. For this money a cyclist gets a basic set of aluminum frame brand 6061, rigid fork, 26-inch wheels, the initial level of dodging and transmission for as many as 27 speeds.
  • Montana LE. If you want to ride on the Mongoose products, this is the best option. The price of the model is quite affordable for the average Russian citizen – about 15 thousand rubles. In the basic assembly, the bike is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels, Shimano Tourney derailleurs and transmission for 21 speeds.

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One important advantage of Mongoose’s products is the affordability of the bikes – the average price ranges from $200 to $500, which is quite bearable for beginners and more experienced riders.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mangus bicycle

The Mongoose bicycle brand’s growing popularity is due to very real facts and observations. Indeed, the products of the American company are worthy of respect. And as a proof, here are a few indisputable advantages of these units:

  • Reliability of design, proven over the years (with the observance of the manufacturer’s recommendations, the bike will serve faithfully more than one season).
  • Sturdy and durable frame.
  • Decent canopy and quality equipment.
  • The frame is difficult to bend. It is also difficult to tear off the paint coating from the bike.
  • The Mongoose company has a lot of experience in creating bikes for extreme riding, which means that the technical qualities of the bike 100% correspond to the manufacturer’s stated characteristics.

The most important plus is the price. Mongoose bikes are not just tolerable quality. These are really good bikes, which are appreciated all over the world. Along with that, the price of $200-300 does not seem too much.

The disadvantages, of course, are there. They are not that significant, but the potential owner should have known about them in advance:

  • Solid frame weight in some models.
  • Minor errors in the brakes (there may be specific sounds).

Also, many Mongoose bike owners have questions about the grips – they often exude an unpleasant odor and slip off. But this point can be easily eliminated by buying quality grips.

The principal difference from other brands

We are talking about the price-quality ratio. For quite a sum of money you can buy a brand new and, most importantly, high-quality two-pods, which will last for several seasons. It is noteworthy, but there are no Mongoose analogues in this regard: either bikes do not correspond to consumers’ needs, or they are too expensive.

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Therefore, it is safe to say that there will be more and more Mongoose bikes in Russia every day.


Mongoose bikes are quite decent units, a decent assortment and a reasonable price. Throughout the history of its existence, the company was able to solve a difficult rebus – the manufacturer guessed the size of the frame and wheels, hitting the bicycle boom of the 90s. Today, the brand is intensively developing in the same direction, constantly working to improve its products.

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