Marin Bicycles – Features and Selection Recommendations

Marin bicycles are not often found in the range of bike stores, as, for example, the products of the company MTR. Nevertheless, this company deserves the attention of potential owners. The fact is that the Marin brand is considered one of the most advanced manufacturers of running bikes.

And today we will find out what is the secret to the success of the company, which produces quite high-quality bicycles for the city, hardy hardtails and other samples of two-wheeled transport.

History of the bike brand Marin

Marin logo

Let us take a trip to the United States – California, the 1970s. The history of many cycling brands began at this time, when mountain bikes have become very popular. The territory of Marin County (California) was the best suited for freeride – the terrain allowed organizing sports competitions in several disciplines at once. By the way, America is the producer country not only of Marin bicycles, but also of other popular models (e.g. Hammer).

In 1986, another company appeared, which has mastered the production of mountain bikes. At that time, it was called Marin Mountain Bikes. This name is not surprising, because the brand we are discussing began its history as a manufacturer exclusively of mountain models. Truth be told, the developers and engineers succeeded in this field more than their competitors.

Time passed, and a year after the opening the first Marin MTB came off the assembly line. The result surpassed all expectations – the bike was so good that it became in demand among riders from the first days. Moreover, many popular cycling magazines of the time recognized Marin products as the best in their segment. So the young brand, having taken the course of success, continued to walk confidently its way, at the same time winning numerous awards and prizes in the cycling world.

The designers of “Marin” bicycles worked intensively on improving their products – everyone was well aware that the competitors do not doze off and are constantly working to offer consumers something new and unique. Here is the company Marin after 7 years after opening makes a breakthrough in the bicycle industry, releasing maneuverable two-suspension bikes. Bikes with full suspension were a novelty for cyclists at the time. Some experts believe it was this innovation that kick-started the development of the technology that no two-suspension model today can do without.

In 2001, the company changed its name, becoming Marin Bikes. The catalog of the manufacturer was replenished with road and city bikes – respectively, the former name became irrelevant and somewhat frightening to potential consumers.

A year later, a unique two-suspension with a patented suspension Quard, which differed from competitive models not only in functionality, but also in appearance, appeared in stores. The suspension was designed with varied terrain in mind-the unique technology was meant to increase efficiency and level out the effects of rear cushioning on pedaling.

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In 2004, the company Marin introduced the first models of bicycles for extreme riding to a wider audience. The products did not become popular among fans of stunt and hard riding, but still found its admirers.

Marin company: today

great Marin

To this day, the American team does not cease to amaze cyclists with its innovative technology and ingenious engineering solutions. As proof – numerous awards from popular cycling magazines and communities. To date, the manufacturer is ready to offer the potential buyer almost a hundred models of bicycles, among which there are women’s, children’s and teenage, mountain and urban, road and hybrid models.

Products of the brand under discussion are successfully sold in 47 countries. From the American continent fly freight planes, which are neatly packed with running models of sports bicycles for a variety of disciplines. Each year Marin produces about 50,000 units of two-wheeled transport. By the way, that’s not the highest output for such a cycling company. But on the other hand, every Marin bike is about reliability, endurance and efficiency.


We’ve already mentioned one unique technology patented by Marin – it’s the Quard suspension, which increases the bike’s efficiency and optimizes rear cushioning. But that’s not all – there are other engineering solutions in the company’s arsenal that make Marin bikes stand out from the competition. These are:

  • The already-marked Quard suspension. At first, bikes with the patented suspension looked a little comical, but today the design has been noticeably transformed – the center of gravity and axle are now shifted so as to dampen any vibrations as much as possible. The Quard suspension performs another important function – it reduces the shock absorber’s working area and makes the dimensions of the equipment compact.
  • The triangular Tri Burner technology increases the rigidity of the frame and the entire structure. Engineers managed to achieve this by using special materials and melting technology.
  • Edge 3, a multi-layer molding technology, makes the bike stronger without sacrificing weight. The triple batting was not done without – this technology also reduces the weight of the model, but does not affect its strength.

In the brand’s catalog there are quite a few models assembled on carbon frames. It would seem that carbon does not surprise anyone today, but it is not so – Marin adds an innovative material CRX, which even better absorbs vibrations, reduces the weight of the already light model, as well as significantly increases the strength of the construction. By the way, the frames of Marin bicycles are made only of high-modulus carbon.

Varieties of bicycles

Since its inception, the company has noticeably expanded its range. If originally Marin was a manufacturer of mountain bikes, then today the catalog has been expanded with samples:

  • mountain and road bikes;
  • city models;
  • hybrid bikes;
  • children’s and teenagers’ copies.
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Mountain bikes are represented by hardtails and two-pods. Designs of both modifications are intensively developed in the company. Hardtails stand out for their minimalism and original frame geometry. The new models are available on 27.5-inch wheels. There are also nainers in the catalog.

Marin Nicasio

What Marin does not have in its catalog are real highway models. But a potential client can pay attention to the models of the Beyond Road series – these are bikes with a rigid fork, hydraulic disc brakes and tires with off-road tread, which confidently traverse the terrain. A distinctive feature is the road frame geometry. In fact, this is a universal apparatus, which on the asphalt, and loose soil, and on forest trails demonstrate excellent Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability and maneuverability.

The category of city bikes is represented by samples for fast riding and walking-type models. There are hardtails for fitness, which will suit the supporters of an active lifestyle – on such bikes can be ridden daily in the parks and special bike paths. Walking models are distinguished by the appropriate frame geometry and a classic configuration.

There are only a few models of hybrids in the “Marin” catalog. They have a lot in common with bikes from the Beyond Road series: the same geometry and similar design. They differ only in a few design features that bring the nature of bicycles to hybrid models.

As for transport for young cyclists, the developers of Marin from an early age seek to prepare kids to conquer off-road. It is impossible not to find budget models in the catalog. All children’s models are equipped with shock-absorbing forks and multi-speed transmissions.

Best models

The manufacturer focuses on the production of high-performance bicycles, designed for athletes and professional riders. However, there are several budget bikes in the range, which are in demand among domestic consumers. Pay attention to the characteristics of some models:

Marin Stinson

Marin Stinson.

  • Marin Bolinas Ridge. A decent option for beginner cyclists with great potential. The model is equipped with Shiman entry-level equipment. The frame is made of durable aluminum alloy 6061, shock-absorbing fork – from SR Suntour. Brakes are mechanical discs. Fans of active recreation and dynamic riding will certainly appreciate this model.
  • Marin Bobcat Trail 4. This bike is for more advanced users who can not be satisfied with a simple fork and mechanical brakes. Bike on 27.5-inch wheels with an aggressive tread pattern (tires from Schwalbe) and aluminum frame is equipped with powerful brakes and responsive transmission from Shimano. This model will be appreciated by those who occasionally go for walks in the woods or actively engaged in sports.
  • Marin Stinson. Another budget model from the American manufacturer. This is a women’s bike, the design of which is designed with anatomical features in mind. The geometry of the frame is characterized by a slightly lowered top tube. Threaded fork with a stroke of 63 mm is not of the highest quality, but its characteristics are enough to dampen the vibrations on many obstacles. This model is equipped with V-brakes.
  • Marin Four Corners. Many users have marked this model as the best option for road bikes. Excellent Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances bike – the merit of the frame and fork, designed by a unique patented technology, 27.5-inch wheels with aggressive tires and lightweight frame. This is not a bad option for hikers and supporters of active lifestyle.
  • Marin Presidio. Hybrid model, which is suitable for everyday riding in the city and on rough terrain. The bike is assembled on aluminum frame with a rigid fork made of chromium-molybdenum steel. Hydraulic disc brakes provide confident driving. We should pay special attention to the wheels – diameter of puncture-resistant tires is 28 inches. The bike is equipped with platform pedals, there is a partial protection circuit from the ingress of dirt.
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If you need a reliable and lightweight children’s bike, you should consider the Marin Hidden Canyon 20 model. Lightweight children’s bike with 7-speed transmission assembled on an aluminum frame. Attractive design is sure to be appreciated by young cyclists who sit confidently in the saddle.

Choosing Tips

Despite the fact that the products of the American company can not be called a budget, the demand for Marin bikes is constantly growing. In this regard, it became necessary to outline some criteria that will help buyers to make the right choice and never regret the purchase:

  • Choose a proven seller. Market counterfeit is developing intensively, so an inexperienced buyer always has a chance to run into a fake (even if very high quality). Try to buy a bicycle where the seller can provide accompanying documentation and a quality guarantee.
  • Decide what type of bike you want to buy. It makes no sense to buy a mountain bike with excellent Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances ability for riding in the city – it’s better to look for a good hybrid model.
  • Try to collect as much information as possible about the model you like. Characteristics of the bike, reviews of real owners, video reviews, etc. – This will help to prepare for possible problems, which almost every bike has.

By the way, judging by the reviews of Marin bike owners, there are no specific nuances in principle. That is, we are talking about almost perfect bikes, which will be appreciated by both ordinary users and professional athletes.


Marin bikes today by right occupy the leading position in the segment of mountain bikes. The manufacturer does not stop there, offering potential consumers more and more perfect models, which are distinguished by high Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances capability and endurance.

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