Lorak bicycles – brand features and the best models

The bicycle market today is astounding in its diversity. Consumers can see in stores models of well-known brands (e.g., Mangoose) and not quite familiar brands that are trying hard to please potential owners. The cycling brand Lorak is a relatively young company that is just beginning to gain the sympathy of cyclists. “Green” manufacturer is difficult to resist bicycle mastodons, but the developers and genius minds of the company closely follow the opinion of consumers and try to take into account every comment, trying to win the trust of potential buyers.

Today we will take a short tour of the products of the company Lorak, learn what kind of bicycles are produced under this concise name, as well as analyze the main characteristics that distinguish Lorak products from competitors.

Information about the Lorak brand

The logo of the Lorac bike brand

Refined French design and decent quality distinguish Lorak bicycles. A young company appeared on the domestic market in 2005 and quickly enough managed to win the sympathy of a wide audience. Consumers appreciate the products of Lorak for the perfect balance between reliability and affordability.

Bicycles of the brand under discussion can easily be distinguished from competing companies – they are distinguished by aesthetics, safety and comfort. A distinctive feature of products is a wide range of models and versatility of bikes – the range of the company has children’s and teenage models, women’s and men’s bikes, two-saddle bikes and powerful units for fans of extreme riding.

The original appearance of Lorak bikes – the merit of the French company. Designers are trying to take into account the preferences of the widest range of consumers, so the model range of the brand everyone can find the equipment to their taste and the thickness of the purse.


Lorak bicycles emphasize the style of each person. This concept could not be better reflects the main direction of the company. The products allow every beginner cyclist and professional to choose the most suitable model. Do you like to jump on curbs or demonstrate stunt riding skills on VMX? Prefer to storm off-road and forest trails? Or would you like to find a bike for walking around town? The Lorak range is capable of solving every consumer’s problem.

Distinctive features of products are the unique technology of frame, internal wiring, disc brakes and handlebar stem. Practically all models of bicycles are distinguished by the incredibly firm paint and varnish covering, steady to any weather conditions and mechanical damages, and also the polished welding seams which provide reliability of all design.

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The company’s lineup includes bicycles in different categories. The discerning consumer will be able to find in the brand’s catalog:

  • mountain bikes;
  • Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses;
  • bicycles for fans of extreme riding;
  • women’s and children’s models.

The manufacturer values its reputation, so every year it conducts a detailed analysis of the owners’ feedback and eliminates defects. Such tactics gives hope that in the near future Lorak bicycles will become even more popular and in demand in our market.

Variety of Lorak bicycles

Lorak Glory

Lorak Glory.

As we have already said, a wide range of bicycles is a distinctive feature of the brand. The range of the company offers a decent variety of models, among which every cyclist will be able to choose the most suitable unit. The lineup includes the following series of bicycles:

  1. MTB ECO Series. The line for beginner riders and those who prefer measured riding in town or on relatively flat terrain. All models of this category are equipped with footrests and fenders.
  2. MTB LX Series. Models feature lighter frame compared to the previous collection. Designed for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances and off-road riding, these bikes feature big 27.5-inch wheels.
  3. MTB Sport Series. Bikes in this line are designed for cross country riding. They are stylish units with carefully and spectacular frame geometry, perfectly polished welds and light weight.
  4. Dual-suspension bikes. Quite a wide product line of the French brand, represented by bikes for both beginners and more experienced riders who prefer to ride through fields, forest trails and bumpy terrain from time to time.
  5. Glory women’s bikes. The epitome of grace and elegance combined with reliability and comfort – perhaps the best description you can think of. The manufacturer Lorak took into account all the features of women’s bodies and developed a unique frame geometry, so that beautiful women bikers feel most confident and comfortable on two-wheeled equipment. Models feature lightweight construction and ergonomic saddle, taking into account women’s physiology. Bicycles are equipped with reliable brakes and reliable transmission.
  6. Children’s models. Series bikes for the younger generation of cyclists features soft saddles and comfortable fit taking into account the growing body. Lorak children’s bikes are equipped with derailleur handles, have a bright design and a wide range of models.
  7. Fatbikes. Fans of extreme riding have something to look at in the range of the French brand. Fatbikes are characterized by sturdy frames, durable rims and connecting rods. These are bikes with powerful wheels that are easy to use for riding on snow, dirt roads and other rough terrain.

Lorak mountain bikes are the quintessence of endurance, agility and reliability. The range of the company has a budget model with aluminum frame and top bikes with carbon frame, heavy and lightweight bikes, which makes riding on the road into a pleasant journey.

Top models

Despite its relatively young age, the company has already managed to win a certain niche in the market and consumer sympathy. After analyzing store data and user reviews, we have compiled a rating of the most popular Lorak bikes and offer you to pay attention to their characteristics.

Lorak 1.0

Lorak 1.0

The Lorak 1.0 is the first choice for aspiring cyclists. It has an aluminum frame, Shimano accessories and a 10cm stroke fork.

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The advantages of the model:

  • The presence of double rims;
  • The presence of Prowheel aluminum connecting rods;
  • Adjustable rigidity fork.

This model is produced by technology, which provides individual geometry of the frame, the presence of disc brakes and components from famous brands.

Lorak 2.0 is a relatively new model, which was first introduced to a wide audience in 2017. Maneuverable and unpretentious in maintenance model, equipped with a shock-absorbing fork with a stroke of 10 cm, which has locking and adjusting functions. It features Shimano tooling, a frame, seatpost, stem and handlebar made of aluminum, dual rims, solid brakes and a failsafe 21-gear transmission.

Lorak 3.0 is a model that stands out for its striking design. The factory equipment of the bike includes reliable cranks from Prowheel, aluminum fork with 10 cm of travel, reliable brakes and transmission with 21 gears.

Lorak Max – model, which is equipped with height-adjustable handlebars made of aluminum, frame made of the same material, mounted equipment from Shimano, double rims with tires 26 * 2.35.

Lorak LX 50 is a very common model with a reinforced handlebar cup, aluminum frame and the most reliable Suntour XCM fork with 10 cm of travel. It has Drako hydraulic brakes and a solid transmission with 24 gears.

Selection tips

With the incredible variety of bicycles from the company Lorak, making the right choice will not be easy. What to look for when buying? There are several criteria:

  • The specifics of riding (it makes no sense to buy a mountain model, if you ride once a week in a city park – it is better to look closely at the recreational collection);
  • the selection of the growth of the rider (this criterion is especially important when choosing a child and teenage bicycles – adult riders should be guided by the height and size of their feet);
  • the price segment (this parameter depends on the financial capabilities);
  • reliability of design (when buying should carefully inspect each bike node to exclude the possibility of acquiring a low-quality product).

As for the most suitable model, here everyone decides for himself, which bicycle most accurately meets all requirements. It is worth paying attention to the reviews of owners of Lorak bicycles – this will help to get a general idea about this or that model.


Given the features of products from the French company Lorak, we can assume that very soon bicycles with the laconic name will appear on the streets and outside the city more and more often. The young brand promptly responds to user feedback, constantly working to improve its products.

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