Larsen Bicycle – Varieties and Recommendations for Choice

Leading a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. And it’s a very good trend. If you do not know where to start, then think about buying a bicycle. Riding a bike is the right choice to make your body healthier, improve your figure and enjoy the process. Those who are just beginning their acquaintance with bicycles do not need to buy an expensive bicycle model right away. The manufacturer Larsen offers a wide range of products aimed at amateur cyclists and beginners. In this article we will analyze what is good about Larsen bicycle, we will consider the best models of this manufacturer and we will analyze the characteristics of Larsen bicycle.

Information about the bike brand Larsen

Larsen logo

This is a Finnish brand that produces sports equipment and bicycles. The company has been working for more than a decade and during this time has managed to win fans in more than twenty countries around the world. Despite the fact that the brand is European, the bikes are assembled in China and Russia. The development of new models is done in Russia. Since most of the production facilities are located in China because of the low cost of labor and low production costs, the cost of sports equipment comes out cheap, and therefore sold at low prices. In spite of the inexpensive price of products, bicycles by the manufacturer Larsen are characterized by durability, serviceability and long service life. This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an inexpensive but reliable bike.

Varieties of Larsen bikes

The manufacturer has a large selection of bikes. In the model range there are such bikes:

The brand tries to reach as many categories of citizens as possible and make them its regular customers. It is easy to find suitable bicycle options for the whole family.

On sale there are more than 40 types of mountain bikes Larsen, different configuration and cost. Someone chooses a mountain bike with shock absorption on both wheels – double suspension, and someone chooses a bike with a frame type hardtail. Some people like steel frames, and some like aluminum frames. Steel is stronger but heavier, and aluminum is lighter and more expensive. In general, everyone will find an iron friend to his taste.

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Urban or recreational bikes are suitable for riding around town. Often these models of bicycles have one speed, less common are variants with a gearbox. In this category, there are suitable options for teenagers – with a smaller wheel diameter, and many different models of bicycles for adults.

In the range of children’s products are about 12 variants of bikes similar in configuration and different colors.

Choose a suitable model for the growth of the child is possible thanks to the inch wheels ranging in size from 12 to 16.

But Larsen’s bike for extreme sports is only one – BMX Larsen Frenzy.

The disadvantages of the devices include too quiet a bell, which is not heard in noisy city streets. Although some are unhappy with the fact that the products are made in China. But this is only reflected in the low cost, but not in the quality of the goods. Also, the disadvantages include the availability of only models for amateurs and lack of bikes for athletes-professionals.

The best models

Consider the pros, cons and main characteristics of this brand on the example of several models.

larsen Rapido


  • Rapido .

This is the most common model. An excellent choice for both beginner and experienced cyclists. The bike is made of steel, so it is not light, but thanks to the big wheels it is equally easy to ride in the city as well as on the road. The bike has 18 speeds. The body is made in black or blue with white inserts. Users list as disadvantages the fork, which sometimes creaks or jams, weak rims and the fact that there is no possibility to install a luggage rack. Although it’s a budget option, it’s not a bad mountain bike, especially for beginners. The price is 10 thsd.

  • Superteam .

The model is sold in four colors (blue, black, orange, red). Suitable for off-road riding. The bike has 6 speeds, allowing you to choose the desired pace of riding. The frame is made of steel and has a 12-year warranty. The price is 9 thousand rubles.

  • Villa
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Walking model for women. The product is made in black with red or white inserts. The frame is made of steel, it is good that it is convenient to sit down. Wheel diameter is 28 inches. There is a strong trunk with sides. The price is 10 thousand rubles.

  • Track .

City model of Larsen bicycle is designed for walking. The product is made in blue color. It has shock-absorbing fork that eliminates vibrations while riding. The frame is made of steel. There are universal semi-slick tires that are suitable for riding on both asphalt and dirt. There is a threaded fork, so the handlebar height can be easily adjusted. The bike has 18 speed modes, which allows you to move at any pace. There are no fenders and luggage rack, but quality brakes are responsible for safety. The price is 9 thousand rubles.

  • Buggy .

This bike from Larsen is presented in red color. Technical specifications are a great demonstration that the brand knows how to make good bikes. Although the frame is made of steel, it is relatively lightweight. Thanks to good shock absorption and reliable brakes you can safely ride on rough terrain. It is ideal for teenagers. Its price is 8 thousand rubles.

  • BMX Frenzy.

For fans of extreme sports this model made of durable steel will do. Special equipment will help beginners to learn how to do various feints. Comfortable steering wheel and reliable brakes contribute to a safe ride. Price – 10 thousand rubles.

  • Fighter .

Model of mountain bike. The product is made in black and in light green color. The pluses of this model include 18 speeds, ease of operation, comfortable saddle, quality handlebar, soft shock absorbers. Thick tires make the bike stable. Practical option is suitable for a beginner and for an experienced cyclist.

  • Larsen 5173A.

The bicycle is designed for a child. This three-wheeled model will be a great gift for a 2-3 year old kid. If a child has no desire to pedal, the feet are placed on a special stand. On the soft seat with a backrest is comfortable even for long walks. A reliable bumper snaps in front to ensure safety during the ride. Funny bell will attract the child’s attention, and the canopy over the head will protect from sunlight or rain. It’s convenient that the product has a parental handle. The cost is 4 thousand rubles.

  • Kids
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This children’s bike comes in six different colors. Wheels from 12 to 16 inches are suitable for boys and girls ages 4 to 8. The saddle and handlebars are easily adjustable to the child’s height. Feet are well fixed on the embossed pedals, and hands do not slip on the rubberized handles. There are two brakes: hand and foot. The bike has a good trunk to ride buddies or carry toys. The price is 4-5 thousand rbl.

Larsen Way

Larsen Way

  • The Way

This is a folding bike, which is designed primarily for teenagers. The model is available in 4 colors (blue, red, gray and black). The frame is made of steel. The product has one speed and no front brake. The trunk at the back will hold small items. The cost is 6 thousand rubles.

Recommendations for selection

Choosing a bicycle, you should first decide on the type of device. Answer the questions: where, how and how much extreme riding you plan to do. For a beginner, it is better to buy an inexpensive model to ride and understand what you prefer: to rush on a smooth track or conquer off-road, to make jumps or leisurely ride on the city streets. After that, you should consider buying a more expensive bike.

Choosing a bike, pay attention to the frame, usually bicycle models are available in several frame sizes. Ride too small or large bike is not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe.


Bicycles with the Larsen logo are the right choice for beginners and amateurs. A wide range of model range allows you to choose a suitable option for people of different gender and age at an affordable cost.

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