Jamis bikes – pros and cons, selection tips

There are companies that initially set high goals and have big ambitions, but they do not succeed. And there are companies that don’t plan to achieve great things, they just do their job and their efforts are rewarded with worldwide fame. Jamis is in the second category. Let’s find out what country Jamis bikes are made by and what the advantages of these bikes are, below.

History of Jamis

Jamis logo

The company appeared in 1937. At first it was engaged in the distribution of bicycles from Europe. No one thought that after a while Jamis would start producing bicycles and become the leader on the world market. The country where Jamis bicycles originated was the United States. Products from Jamis are considered quality, durable and trustworthy.

And it all started with the release in 1979 of the model Jamis Earth Cruiser, designed for bicycle travel. All subsequent models of bicycles are recognized as the best not only by cycling enthusiasts, but also by professionals.

To date, the models are designed in Florida, but the production facilities are located in Asia. This does not mean that the products are of a worse quality. It is cheaper to produce the goods in Asia, so consumers get the products at an affordable price. Despite the fact that the producing country of the bicycles is not the United States, constant quality control and highly skilled workers keep the quality of the assembly at the highest level.

Jamis bicycles have won many awards at various contests and exhibitions, receiving the title of bicycle of the year. The manufacturers have set the bar high, the company is not going to slow down, and continues to delight its customers.

Types of bicycles Jamis

The Jamis bicycle lineup includes the following types:

  1. Mountain, or mountain bikes. Universal devices – it is convenient to ride them both on city streets and off-road. Many parts are characterized by increased strength, which increases the stability of the bike and riding comfort. They differ in appearance from the rest: frame, fork, attachments, handlebars, saddle and fit. The choice of these bikes is the widest.

Depending on the type of suspension available:

  • Two-pods. With cushioning in front and rear. Suitable for riding on forest paths with obstacles.
  • Hardtails. No cushioning in the rear. Can be rigid or shock-absorbing in the front fork. Bike for outdoor activities, for riding on city streets or country paths.

Depending on the disciplines produced:

  • Cross Country. Country bikes are always equipped with suspension, depending on the model options are different. Suspension stroke ranges from 80 to 120 mm. Will help conquer any sidewalks and trails parks, but not suitable for jumps.
  • Fatbikes. This is a modification of country bikes, but with thicker tires. Designed to travel on sand, snow, marshy terrain.
  • Trails. Suitable for more aggressive riding, unlike Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-chooses.
  • Enduro. Suspension stroke is increased up to 150 mm. Designed for obstacle riding.

The most popular series are Trail (X2 and X3), Durango, Dakota and Dakar. They are characterized by the following features: a medium-heavy frame (about 14 kg), shock-absorbing fork, 21-27 speeds, wheel diameter of 26 inches. Shimano shifters (front and rear) come in sport, starter or recreational.

  1. Highway. Aimed at speed lovers. These bikes are made of ultralight alloys. They have a free running, multi-speed transmission and low handlebar fit. Due to the lack of shock absorbers when riding, they are stiff, so don’t expect comfort. The choice in this segment is somewhat scarcer than in the mountain segment. Nevertheless, the variety of highway bikes is also able to surprise:
  • Classic road bikes. Relatively light and maneuverable bikes for racing on asphalt.
  • Cyclocrosses. Have thick rubber, high carriage assembly, aggressive fit, rigid frame. Designed for dirt or snow riding on circular tracks.
  • Track bikes, or fixers. Their main feature is a fixed gear – there are no speed shifters. Suitable for riding on the cycle track.
  • Highly specialized models for triathlon.

There are many models in this category, including Ventura, Xenith and Nova series. Rigid, but lightweight frame (product weight up to 11 kg), 16-20 speeds, Shimano derailleurs (front and rear), wheels – 28 inches.

  1. City bikes. These bikes are becoming increasingly popular. They take not speed or passability, but their functionality. Suitable for those who seek maximum comfort in riding a bike. To make the ride smooth, shock absorbers are installed directly near the brakes. Also, bicycles are equipped with ergonomic seats and comfortable handlebar. Some models are foldable. City bikes can be used not only to ride in the park, but also to get from point A to point B quickly. These bikes are very maneuverable, therefore safer for both the cyclist and those around him.

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The most popular series are Hudson and Citizen. The rigid but lightweight aluminum frame weighs 11-13 kg. Most often there is one speed, in rare cases – three. The diameter of the wheels is 26-28 inches.

  1. Teenagers and children. The bikes in this group are divided into categories by age: 2-3 years, 3-5 years, 4-8 years and 9-12 years. In each of these four categories there are about 5 models in different colors for boys and for girls.

Popular Models


The Jamis Divide mountain bike is one of the latest mountain bike models. There are two versions of the device – for men and for women, but they have the same equipment. The frame is aluminum. Wheel diameter is 29 inches. Shock absorption provides a light and soft ride. Multispeed transmission has 21 speeds and helps on climbs. Users also note the reliable, mechanically actuated disc brakes. The Jamis Divide mountain bike is suitable for commuting, walking around town or in the park.



Walking bike for women. The product has a lightweight aluminum frame and 27.5 inch wheels. The weight of the device is 14 kg. The soft saddle is comfortable to ride in different clothes. The rigid design of the shock-absorbing fork is characterized by reliability. The stroke of 100 mm is enough for off-road riding. The gearshift is not designed for extreme riding. Mechanical brakes are unpretentious in operation.

Trail X

Trail X2. The basic and most sought-after model among Jamis mountain bikes. This hardtail has a lightweight and durable frame. The device is equipped with reliable components of advanced brands. The Shimano transmission has 21 gears and will help ride over any terrain. Reliable disc brakes do their job perfectly, despite the weather. The wheels are 27.5 inches in diameter, which provides maneuverability and dynamics. Tires with aggressive treads guarantee the bike reliable traction. Shock-absorbing fork with 100 mm of travel contributes to a smooth and comfortable ride. Classic mountain geometry provides excellent handling. The bike accelerates up to 17 km / h on rough terrain. The bike is easy to adjust to your preferences, changing almost all parts from the seat to the handlebars.

Trial X Sport. This bike will overcome the route of any complexity. The frame is made of aluminum. Rear and front derailleurs from Shimano. Reliable transmission is quite enough for daily off-road rides. In addition, users note the spring fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Wheel diameter of the bike is 27.5 inches. Although the cost of this inexpensive bike, but looks and handles like more expensive models of bicycles.


There are such packages: Team, Pro, Race, Comp. Product of the cross country class. Wheels 29 inches from WTB with tires Vittoria. Air fork from Rock Shox (better to pump up the fork after buying a bike, since it comes with little pressure and there is a chance to punch it). The weight of the bike – 13 kg. Users note the excellent derailleurs and accessories. And also hydraulic brakes from Shimano: do not have to squeeze the handle hard, braking is clear and smooth. Shifting gears from Sram: great reputation, once set up and a few months ride without problems. Comfortable saddle. The bike is very beautiful and attracts the attention of others.

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There are different options in this line. The difference is not only in the attachments, but also in the geometry.

Dakar A1. A bike for active Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding. Equipped with mp2 suspension with 120 mm stroke, which has no fear of stony paths. The size of aluminum frame 17 inches. SR Suntour Raidon LOR fork. comfortable handlebar from Race Face Ride. Shimano brake system.

Dakar A2. It is a bright representative of trail class. You do not need to overpay to buy a quality two-pedal. This model has an aluminum frame. X-Fusion O2 Pro RL rear shock absorber. Air fork with 120 mm travel also from X-Fusion. Suspension system is mp2. Shock absorber and fork are easy to adjust. Wheel diameter is 27.5 inches. Shimano disc brakes – a guarantee of powerful braking. Transmission for 11 gears. Weight of the product is 13-14 kg. The bike easily copes with any descents in the mountains.

Dakar XCR 29 Comp. Aluminum frame gives reliability and speed. Reliable and repairable fork from Rock Shox. Rock Shox shock absorber is completely air loaded. With proper tuning, both fork and shock absorber work smoothly and don’t cause any problems. Transmission from Sram 2×10 fully meets expectations, the carriage is on external bearings and threaded. Brakes are hydraulic, the wheels lock in a moment. The ride is very good. Weight of the bike is 13-14 kg.


This is a representative of the classic models of mountain bikes with large wheels. The model is made in four sizes: 15, 17, 19 и 21. Durango A1 and A2 will allow you to appreciate the roll without overpaying for expensive equipment. Also worth noting is the carbon frame and 20-inch, 26-inch and 29-inch wheels. This bike has great speed and is easy to handle. Attachments from RST contribute to increased reliability. The device is equipped with a special fork – SR Suntour XCE elastomer spring fork with 100mm shock-absorbing travel. Transmission of the walking segment from Shimano has 21 speeds. Shimano derailleurs (front and rear) are responsible for gear shifting. This model has mechanical disc brakes, which do an excellent job. The weight of the product is 25 kg.


Dragon 29 PRO. The famous hardtails from Jamis. The bike is made of chromium-molybdenum alloy. The shock-absorbing abilities of steel combined with the rollability and passability of 29-inch wheels make this model the perfect hardtail. The steel frame, the Fox Float CTD fork with 120 mm travel and the Shimano brake system are not all the advantages of this model.

Dragon 650 PRO. This bike is equipped with the best modern components. A striking representative of the line of steel hardtails. Perhaps from the outside it looks a bit old-fashioned, but in practice it will surprise fans of aggressive riding both up and down. Fox Float Performance fork with 120mm travel. Front and rear derailleurs from Shimano. Wheel size – 27,5 inches. Weight of the product – 12 kg.

Explorer Sport

Sports bike with a large padded seat, high handlebars, comfortable pedals, slim frame and a wide range of gears. The frame is made of aluminum alloy. The suspension type is a hardtail. Spring-elastomer fork with a stroke of 80 mm. The bike has 21 gears. Shifters from Shimano. The device is available in four sizes – 13, 15, 18 and 21 inches. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches. Users praise this bike for comfort and lightness, it is convenient to ride both in the city and on rough terrain. Great rolling, the bike floats like a cloud. Weight – 14 kg.

Laser 16

A series of bicycles for children. Comfortable and beautiful models will be a great gift for a child. There is nothing superfluous in them. This hardtail has a lightweight understated aluminum alloy frame, comfortable handlebars, soft saddle and wide pedals, so that riding brought only positive emotions. Frame size – 8 inches. The weight of the device does not exceed 12.5 kg. The diameter of the wheels is 16 inches. The disadvantages include only the heavy weight and the lack of fenders. Despite this, the bike is of excellent quality and will definitely serve for a long time.

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This is a line of road bikes for those who love speed but are not ready to overpay. The models have a basic level of equipment. The fit is more relaxed and the handling is simpler and easier to understand. The frame is made of aluminum. Wheel size is 28 inches. Shimano gears. Practical rigid fork is easy to maintain. The advantages include a successful combination of running qualities and professional attachments.


Renegade S1. This model is for lovers of classic Jamis lines. Durable steel frame and fork will withstand any loads, up to circumnavigating any roads. Wheel diameter is 28 inches. Shimano brake system.

Renegade RACE and PRO. Highway bike with a carbon frame and fork to perfectly dampen vibrations while riding on the track. Shimano transmission guarantees fast and clear gear shifting. Reliable disc brakes from Shimano will allow you to brake without problems on any part of the track. Wheel diameter is 28 inches.

Pros and cons

Jamis bicycles have their disadvantages and advantages. Since the company has a very wide range of models, it is difficult to take into account the entire lineup. The most common positions are analyzed, and the following results are obtained:


  1. Price. The bikes have a very pleasant price. The brand has virtually no competitors that offer bikes of this quality and at this price.
  2. Quality. Buyers note the high quality of products.
  3. Reliable and safe frame. The frame is given a lifetime warranty.
  4. Excellent components. They are designed for an impressive range of motion.
  5. Good rollability and exemplary tires.
  6. Great handling and impressive speed.

Cons (in some bike models).

  1. Brake shifting with feedback.
  2. Tight fork in cold weather.
  3. Brakes start to squeak after a year of use.
  4. Heavy weight.
  5. No rear fender or both fenders.
  6. No assembly instructions included.
  7. Crunchy front wheel bearing.
  8. Stiff saddle.

All of these disadvantages are, for the most part, subjective.

Suggestions for Choices

choosing a Jamis bike

To make sure you don’t make the wrong choice, answer these questions:

  1. Who is it for?

Consider gender, age, height, and weight. A bicycle, like clothing, needs to be personalized.

  • You choose the size of the frame according to your height. Sizes come in XS to XXL.
  • If the weight exceeds 90 kg, it is recommended to choose a model with a front shock absorber, with double rims, a cassette hub and a steel or aluminum frame.
  • Gender identity. Women’s bicycles differ not only in color and lowered frame. Now manufacturers take into account the peculiarities of the female physique in the design of women’s models of bikes.
  1. What is the bike for, where will it ride?
  • Mountain models are suitable for riding on any road. They can easily be upgraded to suit any person.
  • Road bikes. Lightweight, no cushioning, suitable for riding on asphalt. They are impractical and not cheap.
  • Cross bikes. Characterized by a good roll on asphalt and well cope with off-road. Somewhat more expensive than mountain options.
  • Extreme bikes. In everyday life, they are impractical.
  • City bikes. Suitable for moving around the city.

As the first bike because of its versatility well suit the mountain or cross models (hardtails).


It is difficult to call Jamis bicycles popular in our country, but the fact that it is a respected manufacturer, which has been on the world bike market for many years, is unambiguous. In the U.S., Jamis is the unchanged leader among bicycle manufacturers. The company produces a huge variety of lines, so it is not a problem to choose a bike for a beginner, and for the competition to a professional athlete. Jamis bicycles are reliability and professionalism in every product.

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