Headliner Bicycle – Varieties and Best Models

Headliner bikes are budget bikes that have begun to appear more and more often on roads and in parks. A distinctive feature of the two-wheeled units is a cute design and low price. Is the popularity of headliner bikes justified? Today let’s talk about a fairly popular brand, let’s highlight a few of the most popular models and outline their main characteristics.

History of the Headliner bike brand

headliner bike

Relatively new name Headliner appeared in the environment of cyclists recently. Consumers were immediately attracted by the original design of bicycles and very reasonable price. Of course, behind an attractive price can not hide innovative technology, the use of high-strength materials and other ingenious solutions – these are just cheap bicycles, which are quite suitable for the occasional walk in the city parks.

Bicycles Headliner – this is the best option for the first bike for a child or teenager, it’s quite a good technique for occasional rides on city streets, it’s just a budget model that can not boast of endurance and, unfortunately, reliability. But it’s not all as bad as it might seem at first glance. There are in the line of the bicycle brand and quite decent models that cope with the tasks.


Under the sonorous name of Headliner, various modifications of two-wheeled equipment are produced. There are women’s and men’s models, children’s and teenage bikes, recreational and mountain bikes – the collection is impressive in its diversity. In addition, each category of Headliner bikes is represented by a decent variety of design solutions. Therefore, those who value, in the first place, the spectacular appearance of the bike, should pay attention to the products of the cycling brand.

It is worth saying a few words about the key features of almost all models:

  • Attractive exterior of bikes (there are many models in the range, the design of which can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty).
  • Democratic price (average price tag – 10,000 rubles, which is quite suitable for the average Russian resident).
  • Steel frame. Almost every model is equipped with this component, which determines the affordable cost of bicycles. Frame made of steel is not strong and lightweight, but this factor allows you to save money on creating bikes. The frame can be double (duplex), open or closed type, or in a rod design.
  • Ergonomics and dynamics. Headliner bikes are not bad in terms of these indicators. We cannot say that the design is well thought out, but the ergonomics of Headliner bicycles are at quite a decent level.

The bikes we discuss belong to the budget category and are suitable for beginners who are just beginning to comprehend all the charms of riding two-wheeled machinery. As for the main drawbacks, users note the unreliability of paint and varnish coating and a high susceptibility to the appearance of corrosive phenomena. To maintain the attractive appearance of the bike, you should immediately after the purchase cover the painted parts with a special paint composition.

Top models

Having analyzed the reviews of owners of Headliner bikes, we can conclude that for some, these bikes have become a good start in the world of two-wheeled equipment, and for others – a waste of money. On the one hand, the negative impressions are reasonable, because the bikes are not distinguished by endurance and reliability. And on the other hand, what dough – such slippers. You have to understand that you can’t expect anything supernatural from a bicycle for 12,000 rubles. The main disadvantages:

  • The handlebars are not equipped with levers to shift gears.
  • Rapidly wearing tires.
  • Poor assembly of carriages and bushings.
  • Brake mechanism fails quickly.
  • Poor quality paint finish.
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Based on this, we can conclude: immediately after buying a bicycle Headliner should be as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of these problems, that is, to replace the mechanisms or install new ones, to protect the metal elements from corrosion.

Headliner Spark

Headliner Spark

And now let us outline the main models, which are most popular with our brother:

  1. Spark. This is one of the most iconic models of the company, the appearance of which can not fail to draw attention. Brand logo is applied not only on the sides of the frame – it is painted even on top. The bike features a relatively good quality of welds. The model is equipped with entry-level attachments, an aluminum frame and a 21-speed transmission. With proper care and timely replacement of consumables, you can safely ride the Headliner Spark for 300 km per month.
  2. The double suspension Headliner. The degree of praise is lowered here – the bike is equipped with rear shock absorber, which, judging by the reviews of the owners, is only for beauty. The bike has rim brakes and a transmission with 18 gears. The bike comes with plastic fenders, which is a definite plus.
  3. Headliner on alloy wheels. In terms of equipment this bike is little different from the previous modification. Frame without rear shock absorber, which is a good indicator. The bike is equipped with cast disks, which will certainly attract the attention of others, but they do not have any significant advantages over spokes.
  4. Headliner XS Junior. Teenage bike model designed for teenagers under 14 years of age. The bike is equipped with rear and front shock absorbers – despite their low quality, they slightly soften the impact when overcoming bumps and curbs. The model comes with 20-inch wheels, which is enough for the younger generation. Transmission for 6 speeds, a steel frame and relatively good brakes – perhaps, this is quite a suitable model for the novice cyclist.

Practically the only place where you can buy a bicycle Headliner is a network of stores “Monetka”. If there are doubts about the quality and you do not want to throw your money away, you can buy a used model just to understand what a bicycle Headliner is.


To summarize, it can be said that the bikes Headliner are not distinguished by high indicators of quality and reliability. This is a budget brand, so you should definitely not count on high quality. For the first experience this is what you need, but it is definitely not worth lingering on a bike from Headliner.

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