Hammer Bicycle – Varieties of mountain bikes and recommendations on the choice

“Jeep” among bicycles immediately catches the eye. Manly appearance, original design, bright design support the brand image. Guaranteed reliability has made the Hummer bike one of the most popular bikes, justifying its cost.

History of the Hammer bike brand

Hammer logo

The oldest automobile company “General AM” in the late 70’s received an order from the government to produce off-road vehicles for the U.S. Army. Thanks to the successful project the Hummer line, differing from the army cars with its technical characteristics, appeared. But due to financial complications, the firm went bankrupt, and the brand was bought by General Motors, which proceeded to the release of a new, more reliable model. Since 1991, a new history of the famous brand began. General Motors became the official manufacturer of Hummer bicycles (in translation from English – a hammer, a trigger).

On behalf of the military the company begins to develop folding two-wheelers for paratroopers. It was supposed that paratroopers could quickly cross enemy territory at high speeds after disembarking from airplanes. Army off-road vehicle designers integrate Montague’s technology and begin making folding bikes while maintaining structural integrity, geometry, and strength. “Tactical Mountain” (the original name) used a simple lever to fold in 30 seconds. Consumers liked the know-how, and the Hummer was put on the retail market.

Today, Motors produces modern models that are very popular with cycling enthusiasts. The authoritative logo consists of a single word written in extra-fat, stern script. Recognizable brand colors: black, red, yellow.

Varieties of

The lineup of Hummer bicycles is represented by the following types:

Hummer mountain bikes are the most common models of the brand. The design is assembled in factories in China, and the supplier countries are Japan and Taiwan. The original appearance of the bike is given by alloy rims (often multicolored) and other accessories.

General Motors produces folding models with 20-inch wheels designed for teenagers.

Best models

Formula Hummer 26

Formula Hummer 26″

The main features of all Hammer bicycles: high reliability, exclusive performance, convenient transportation. Examples of the best models are presented in the table.

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Name Type of bike Features
Formula Hummer 26″ Mountain 21-speed transmission
Wheels – 26 inches
Disc brakes
Folding mechanism
Sporty design
Hammer Extreme S800 Fatbike Wide tires
Excellent all-terrain mobility
On snow, dirt, and sandy roads
Rims from 65 to 100 mm
24 inch wheels
7 speeds
Weight – 19 kg
Eco Bike Folding bike with a motor Top speed – 50km/h
Can travel 55km without recharging
3 speed
Aluminum alloy frame
Rigid fork
Dual suspension front shock absorber
Weight – 22 kg
Hammer 5200 Sporty mountain hydroformed frame
Wheels – 26 inch
Disc brakes
Industrial type bearings
Chrome spokes
Shimano gears
Weight – 16.9 kg (without box)
Hammer S500 14″ Children’s bike Lowered metal frame, made by batting technology
Chain guard
Padded adjustable eccentric saddle
Plastic fenders
Rear foot brake and front hand brake
Reinforced rims
Wide tires
Colorful design

The Hummer line presented is a compact, high-speed model with high Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances capability.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hammer bikes

Bikes produced under the car brand are not new on the market. Many companies produce bikes: Peugeot, Morgan, Rover and others. For example, the striking design of Land Rover, combined with chrome parts and high-quality leather saddle is admired by consumers. So does the frame, which is made according to the special developments of Formula 1 engineers.

The Hammer brand models stand out from the competition with the following positive features:

  • the whole structure folds in 30 seconds (including handlebar and pedals);
  • when folded, the size is equal to 1 square meter;
  • handlebar and saddle are easily adjustable in any direction;
  • alloy rims in titanium;
  • a variety of options allows you to choose the size of the frame for the height of the biker;
  • reliable Hummer is stable when assembled thanks to the stand located under the carriage;
  • locking is carried out by a special lever and does not require tools;
  • the products have a stylish design: a clear geometry of the frame, impressiveness, minimalism.

The disadvantages include high cost, poor quality of some Chinese-made parts and assembly. Hammer brand products are designed for a narrow consumer who prefers the appearance of the bike rather than its functionality.

Selection tips

Hammer bikes

Traditional rules can help you choose the right Hummer two-wheeler.

  1. The main factor influencing the choice of bike – the place and purpose of riding.
  2. Depending on the functional purpose, determine the right model.
  3. Before buying, check the quality of steel and components of the bike.
  4. Pay attention to the fasteners of mechanisms and reliability of bolts.
  5. Each part of the original Hummer should have the manufacturer’s markings.
  6. Use the table to calculate the size of the frame according to a person’s height.
  7. Do not hesitate to ask the dealer for advice.

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Bicycle Hammer – an excellent choice for riders who lead an active lifestyle, appreciate the comfortable ride, like top models with a bright design.

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