Gary Fisher bicycles – technologies, popular models

Gary Fisher is an American bicycle brand, whose founder, Gary Fisher, is considered the “father” of sport mountain biking. It was with this company began producing mountain bikes, and after more than forty years the brand has not lost its position among other bicycle manufacturers. What is the secret of the popularity of Gary Fisher bicycles, what is their zest – let’s talk in this article.

History of the brand Gary Fisher

cyclist Harry Fisher

Gary Fisher.

When in 1968 the then unremarkable cyclist Gary Fisher was suspended from cycling for inappropriately long curls for a man, few people paid attention to it. Gary went free – began to ride with his friends from the slopes on bikes for derby, assembled from a variety of spare parts that they found in junkyards. After a short time, Gary became unhappy that after a dashing descent he had to drag his bike up the mountain. So he set out to solve the problem.

After some time in his garage he began to assemble the first mountain bikes, equipping them with more reliable and durable frames that can withstand the special, difficult conditions of mountain riding. The first people to test these bikes were, of course, Gary’s friends.

In 1976 G. Fischer founded a company under the uncomplicated name “Mountain Bikes” – mountain bikes. The bikes it produced were adapted to heavy loads and were not afraid of collisions with rocks and tree roots. The owner of the company himself was an ardent fan of his bikes and off-road riding, so he often organized numerous competitions on downhill and other extreme disciplines.

Later, he created the Association of Off-Road Riders, which immediately became incredibly popular, – it currently has about 30,000 members.

Gary’s next goal was to create bikes affordable to as many people as possible, so he tried to make their products as cheap as possible. But unfortunately it wasn’t always possible, it became even more difficult to do when two-piste bikes came on the market.

Fifteen years after the company was founded, Fischer signed a contract with Anlen, a manufacturer from Taiwan. Due to this it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of bicycles, however, after some time due to constant disagreements in the management of the company, the contract was terminated.

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Around the same period, the successful American company Trek Bicycle Corporation offered Gary Fisher a partnership. They were interested in the popular bicycle brand Gary Fisher, as well as the design experience and creativity of its founder, in return they offered their own well-established technological production that meets all world standards.

It was this partnership that turned out to be beneficial for everyone: the Trek corporation, Gary Fisher himself, who was able to concentrate on creating new ideas without worrying about technological processes, and consumers. There were new models of high quality mountain bikes, which interested and involved in the sport a lot of new riders.

Garry Fisher logo

Today the brand is very popular in the United States, but in European countries and in Russia about the bikes Gary Fisher few people know. Production facilities are concentrated in the largest factories of the Trek Corporation in Taiwan. You can buy Gary Fisher bicycle only under the brand Trek – the new line completely replaced the independent bikes Gary Fisher.


The popularity of the Gary Fisher brand is due not only to the creation of the world’s first bikes, but also to the use of modern technology and original design ideas.

  1. This company was the first to use products of the Japanese company Shimano – ratchet and turclips.
  2. It was also the first to move the rear brake to the upper triangle feathers.
  3. The company began to make frames from carbon and aluminum compounds, which made them more reliable in operation.
  4. Fischer came up with the innovative idea of using two-pods for cross country racing – his company pioneered the idea here as well. Subsequently, the realization of this idea brought him many competition victories.
  5. The company developed a new form of hardtail frame – by extending the shape of its front triangle, the company made ascents and descents more comfortable.
  6. Later, special frames were developed for women’s bikes with a beveled top tube, the most suitable for women’s bodies.
  7. They also created the first hybrid bike in the history of the Gary Fisher brand.
  8. The bikes began to have 29-inch diameter wheels, which was larger than other similar products. This touch further increased the rideability of Gary Fisher bikes.
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Bicycle varieties

Garry Fisher bike

The range of mountain bikes for different purposes brand Gary Fisher is almost the widest of all manufacturers of two-wheeled transport. Under this brand for the entire history of its existence were produced such products:

  • cross country bikes;
  • all mountain;
  • downhill;
  • hybrids;
  • road bikes;
  • city bikes.

The first three types of bikes were the most successful. Other designs, also produced by this brand, were not widespread.

Cooperation of Gary Fisher with Trek concern can be called ideal – Gary accumulates ideas, develops new models, and the company realizes them and lets out the assembly line.

The best models of Gary Fisher

Depending on the area of use, design and individual characteristics, some Gary Fisher bikes are particularly popular. Let’s take a look at the most famous of them, what they appeal to cyclists.

Wahoo .

This model is the latest representative of the independent bikes brand Gary Fisher. It is a simple but reliable mountain hardtail design, suitable for both amateur and professional bikers. It has SR Suntou fork with 100mm standard travel. frame material is aluminum, it is made by hydroforming technology. Transmission gears from different manufacturers – Sram and Shimano.

Simple City 8 W

Simple City 8 W

City bike, designed for beautiful ladies who like to attract attention. The bike’s “exterior” does this perfectly – no pedestrian who has seen the Simple City 8 W in action will be left indifferent. The planetary hub, which has 8 speeds, is another important advantage of the bike. The aluminum frame makes the whole thing lightweight.

Superfly 100

It is no exaggeration to say that this bike is one of the most “cool” among the two-suspended bikes. Carbon frame, air fork, which has a stroke of 100 mm and differs enviable lightness, attachments from Sram, 30 speeds and the same 29 “wheels, for which the brand is known Gary Fisher – all this makes the bike comfortable to ride on rough terrain and effectively cope with any situation on the road.

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Gary Fisher’s invention – the mountain bike and now does not leave fans of cycling. His line of Gary Fisher bicycles of various types set the tone in the production of bikes for several decades. Despite the opinion of some fans who condemned the decision to merge with Trek Bicycle Corporation, the move allowed the company to not only stay afloat, but also to grow, creating new lines of reliable bicycles. And for Gary Fisher, it allowed him to continue, in his words, “to change the world around him and truly enjoy life.”

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