Element bicycles – model range and recommendations for selection

If you look into the most ordinary bicycle and sports equipment store today, you can see how wide and diverse the range of two-wheeled transport is. Along with the difference in categories, the buyer is confronted with a large number of popular brands as well as little-known manufacturers. In such a variety will confuse even an experienced cyclist who knows how the Land Rover lineup differs from Marin bicycles.

Therefore we consider it necessary to tell about one more bicycle-brand, which today confidently occupies the leading positions in a segment of equipment for outdoor activities and sports. The manufacturer of bicycles Element – object of our attention today, about which we will try to tell in details.

History of brand Element

Element logo

The history of the company began in 2010. Country-manufacturer of bicycles Element – Switzerland. The headquarters is in Geneva. It is a well-known stereotype that Swiss people were, are, and remain very attentive to every detail. Swiss watches are a calling card of the country, the people and the mentality. Needless to say, they have surpassed their competitors in the manufacture of bicycles as well.

The creators of the Element bikes came up with a sound and concise slogan for their products: “A truly essential element in your life!” And indeed, today the bikes of this brand are a desirable acquisition for people leading an active lifestyle. Do you think the Swiss stuffed bikes with ultra-modern equipment and use innovative technologies secretly from the whole world? No way!

Everything brilliant is simple – as well as Element bicycles. They are absolutely simple units without unnecessary cramps and complicated mechanisms, but of excellent quality. The main task of the manufacturer – to supply the market accessible to everyone bikes, which quality is not in doubt.

Distinctive features of Element bikes

Products of the company are distinguished by the following qualities:

  1. Computer modeling. Initially, the future bike is designed with the help of modern computer programs where the optimal geometry of the frame is developed. After that, the Element prototype bike passes numerous tests in the lab: they break iron, twist frame, and bend forks- generally do everything to determine durability and reliability.
  2. Real-world testing. Once a bike has passed the lab tests and shown good results, it is sent to several riders who will continue to test the bike for durability, but in real-life conditions.
  3. A detailed selection of components and their careful fitting. Swiss love accuracy and scrupulously treat everything they create with their own hands. Therefore absolutely all details of Element bicycles are not “cocktail” of mass production, and rather qualitative and reliable production.
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A distinctive feature of Element can be called the Alpine Test group. This is a team of riders who ride absolutely all samples of bicycles. It is important that they ride not only on devices designed for sports competitions, but also on ordinary bikes. This means that the manufacturer is focused on all consumers and respects every cyclist, regardless of his level of training.

Element’s bike manufacturing technology

We were a little bit of a lie when we said that there is no place for innovative technology in Element’s production. It is not absolutely so – the manufacturer has a pair of “chips”, which distinguish Swiss production from the analogues:

  • Superlight – a truly unique technology, the essence of which is kept in the strictest secrecy. We can only say that its use allows you to produce ultralight bicycles.
  • Reinforced Head Section – the technology of strengthening the steering column, in which the barrel of the same name has the shape of a barrel. This provides not only extra power and reliability, but also adds some extravagance to the appearance of the bike.
  • Custom Butted is a batting process that lets you play with the thickness of the frame tubes, making them thicker in one place (for extra strength) and thinner in another (for increased flexibility and maneuverability).
  • The special cross-section of the rear paddles is another factor that increases the stiffness of the entire structure itself, which helps eliminate the “wiggle” of the bike during dynamic pedaling.
  • Bi-oval Tubing – the use of oval tubes instead of the usual round cross-section. As it turned out in practice, the variable cross-section allows for the greatest strength.
  • Optimized Basic Geometry is a technology used in the beginner’s bicycle manufacturing process that involves changing the angle of the handlebar and the length of the top tube. This approach ensures a comfortable fit for the rider regardless of the mileage covered.

Such a production arsenal allows the Swiss brand Element to produce a truly high-quality and reliable bikes that are in demand not only among beginners but also among experienced riders.

Varieties of Element bikes

Alpine element

The range of the Swiss manufacturer includes the following categories of bicycles:

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In the line of mountain models you can find samples suitable for both walking on rough terrain, and for participation in competitions. Travel models are assembled on carbon frames, and budget – on aluminum, but also notable for their lightness and durability. The lineup is represented by bikes on 26- and 29-inch wheels.

The lineup of dual-suspension models has something to look at for thrill-seekers. The top-of-the-line Element model can handle the challenges of the sport, but only when it comes to cross country.

There are only two hybrid bike models in the Element range, two variations to be exact. One budget category, the other with a more solid dodger. On these samples should pay attention to those who do not like the monotony of the road and can easily move off the smooth asphalt somewhere in the woods or on the country road.

City bikes are represented by male and female models. Smart sitibikes are equipped with running boards, metal fenders and shock-absorbing forks. Bike exterior and features can fully enjoy riding on the stone jungle.

Bright and dynamic bikes for beginner riders are represented by models on 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. All models are equipped with multi-speed transmission and shock-absorbing forks – the manufacturer took into account the fact that children do not particularly like to ride only on smooth asphalt.

The Element lineup of bicycles

Speaking of every manufacturer, it is impossible not to go over the running models, which are in deserved demand among consumers. Therefore consider it necessary to designate the brightest representatives of a lineup of bicycles Element:

Element proton

Element Proton.

  • Element Proton. Comfortable model of a mountain bike of average price category. The bike is issued in 5 variations depending on a complete set. In particular, Proton 1.0 is completed with Shimano derailleurs of an initial level, shock-absorbing fork with a stroke of 100 mm and rim brakes. An optimal choice for those who are just beginning to master off-road and extreme riding techniques.
  • Element Graviton 4.0. Excellent niner for advanced users. The bike has a high-quality Rock Shox fork, hydraulic disc brakes, Deore shimano level derailleurs. The bike is collected on an aluminum frame with double batting, which allows to lighten the weight of the bike to 14 kg.
  • Element Axion. A category of women’s bicycles with a special frame geometry, which is designed with anatomical features in mind. Almost all models of this category are equipped by a soft saddle of anatomic form, seatpost with the built in shock absorber that allows to provide additional softness during overcoming of some obstacles.
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Noteworthy and a series of bicycles for children and adolescents. Entry-level attachments, sturdy aluminum frame and wide tires provide a good roll and enough maneuverability bikes.

Selection tips

If you decide to become the honorary owner of one of the Swiss bikes, we recommend that you pay attention to some points that will allow you to make the right choice:

  • Buy your bike from trusted places. No, it’s not a market. It can be a store or an online site, but in any case, the seller must have the title of an official representative or dealer of the company. Anything else is an attempt to get heat on someone else’s name.
  • Do not forget about the documents. Buy your iron friend there, where you can provide quality certificates, a list of shops that will take your bike and be able to warranty the work performed. Demand a paper from the seller, which can guarantee you the declared quality.
  • Decide in advance what you need your bike for. Believe me, it makes no sense to buy a fast hardtail for short journeys around town.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the bike. Even if you are convinced that this is an original Swiss bike, do not be lazy and once again examine a particular sample, paying attention to the quality of paint, welds and existing bodywork.

If you are not sure of your knowledge, look at the bike forums and ask a specific question in the community. Cyclists – a friendly people, so you will certainly give a couple of tips on how to choose a bike and not to miscalculate with the model.


The creators of Element bicycles did not set out to surprise the end consumer. They are trying to make really good bikes available to every buyer. It should be borne in mind that the company has been on the market for a little over 10 years, but in that time it has already managed to acquire positive feedback from many cyclists. Who knows, it is quite possible that soon bikes from Switzerland will become a part of the business card of this country?

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