Electra bike – varieties and popular models

Almost 30 years ago, there was a bike that wanted to be different, to look and ride different than the others. That’s where the story of a bike born on a sandy beach began. One day the Electra bike went to town and conquered it.

Today we’re going to talk about an unusual bicycle brand whose products are in high demand around the world. Electra bicycles are a new way of looking at two-wheeled transport, a new concept that provides comfort to the cyclist in all situations, and new technology, which is a constructive change in the geometry of the frame.

Brand History

Electra logo

The American company was born in 1993, when Gino Erforth and Banno Benziger decided to build a conceptually new bike. At that time city bikes were just gaining popularity in the United States. The task was not an easy one – to create a structurally new frame that would provide a comfortable fit for the rider in any situation.

Now, looking at the range of the company and the technical characteristics of the models, it becomes clear: the brand, despite the relatively young age, is becoming more popular and in demand every day. The products of the American company are distinguished by a wide range of features:

  • The use of innovative technology and high-quality materials.
  • High-quality assembly of bicycles and a decent set of models.
  • Effective modern design.
  • Long manufacturer’s warranty.

And that’s not all. Developers are constantly working to improve their products, analyzing feedback on the Electra bikes and implementing advanced technology to ensure that for each new season to the consumer submitted an updated model.

Types of bikes

Production company Electra was created and is created with a focus on maximum comfort of the user. To make the design of the bike comfortable, not enough just to replace a few components – you need a conceptually different geometry of the frame. This conclusion and are guided by engineers and designers of Electra bikes, creating a model line. To date, the company has its own development – a unique technology Flat Foot, the essence of which lies in the change of riding position, allowing the rider to feel comfortable while riding on a flat road at low speed. As a result, even after hours of continuous riding the back, arms and legs of the rider show no signs of fatigue.

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Electra manufactures:

We can say that the history of the brand began with the production of spectacular cruisers. The exterior of the bike somewhat resembles similar motorcycles and is distinguished by a comfortable seating position of the rider. The brand’s catalog has about four dozen cruisers, which allows you to choose the most suitable bike according to personal preferences.

A lot of the company’s catalog and bikes for the younger generation. Children’s bikes are also designed with the use of Flat Foot technology, which is responsible for a comfortable fit for the young rider. A separate category in the catalog presents children’s bikes Electra walking type.

The range of the brand also includes bikes for those who prefer to consume their energy rationally. There are 11 models of Electra electric bikes, equipped with electric drives from Bosh and onboard computers with which you can choose the most appropriate riding mode. A planetary 8-speed hub will come to the rescue when the electric drive fails to provide movement.

Electra City Bikes feature a comfortable rider’s seat, attractive design and high reliability ratings. In this category you can find a cute bike for daily walks around town, as well as your first “adult” bike.

It is worth saying a few words about the individual collections of Electra bicycles:

  • Moto lineup. The series is represented by ordinary BMX bikes on 29-inch wheels. Samples will be appreciated by fans of extreme and trick riding. All bikes are assembled on solid steel frames and have good maneuverability.
  • The loft line is charismatic singlesplids, which do not have anything unnecessary. Standard frame geometry, 28-inch wheels, providing good rolling – what else can you demand from road models?

Electra also offers tandem bikes. Bikes are distinguished by a relatively low weight and carefully thought-out geometry of the frame. There are two modifications, presented in different colors: red and dark green. In terms of equipment, there are no differences except for the width of the wheel profile.

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The best models of Elektra

Almost all of the bicycles of the brand under discussion are assembled on steel frames using high-quality components from well-known and trusted manufacturers. Many samples are characterized exclusively from the positive side. Nevertheless, it is worth highlighting a few of the brightest representatives of the model range, which are in demand among consumers:

Cruiser Lux Fat Tire

Cruiser Lux Fat Tire

  • Cruiser Lux Fat Tire. Have you ever seen a bike that seamlessly combines elements of a cruiser and a Fatbike—what-is-it-and-what-is-it-for–how-to-choose at the same time? You do when it comes to the Cruiser Lux Fat Tire from Electra. It is not only stylish, but also practical city bike, which is available in two configurations. The first is a single-split. The second – with a 7-speed transmission from Shimano and entry-level equipment. Both modifications are equipped with mechanical disc brakes. The bikes have protective elements on the front sprocket and chain.
  • Townie Original 21D. In fact, this is a universal unit, which feels confident both on smooth asphalt and light off-road. Though the geometry of a frame and slick tires eloquently testify that the design of a bike is more focused on riding on city streets. But on the other hand, the transmission with 21 gears says that the bike is quite suitable for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding as well. The Flat Foot technology provides a comfortable riding position in any conditions.
  • Townie GO. Electric bikes come in a variety of configurations. In all models, hydrolines and cables are held inside the frame, which only increases the attractiveness of bicycles. There are modifications with planetary hubs and classic derailleurs, which allows you to pick up the most suitable means of transportation.

Electra bikes are difficult to confuse with other two-wheeled transport. They are distinguished by their original design, comfortable and convenient seat, well-thought-out frame geometry and good equipment.

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How to choose

Electra bicycle selection

If you opt for the products of a well-known brand, we recommend you buy a bike from an official representative or look at the website of the company, where you can explore the wide range. What to look for when choosing a bike:

  • Weight. If you are looking for the lightest bike, we recommend looking for models assembled on aluminum or carbon frame. Steel significantly increases the weight of the bike, which is unlikely to be appreciated by a fragile cyclist.
  • Purpose. Driving around town, riding on rough terrain, transportation of small-sized cargo – to choose a bike is based on personal preferences and the scope of two-wheeled transport. It is one thing when you need a bike just for the occasional ride in city parks. And it is quite another thing when the purpose of the bike – to plow the trails in the woods and conquer the mountains.
  • Equipment and build quality. This parameter is of key importance a priori. Of course if you decided to buy something like “ashambike“, about any quality is out of the question. If your bike should ride without problems for a few seasons with a minimum of maintenance, look for models from reputable and well-known manufacturers.

As for the rest, try to ask the appropriate question on the cycling forums – with a high probability you can find some good advice there that will help you make the right choice.


Electra is a manufacturer of cute and quality bikes for the whole family. In the catalog you can find a good selection of women’s and children’s models, city and road bikes. The unique technology used in production allows the cyclist to cover long distances and almost no fatigue.

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