Custom Bike – Varieties, Examples

Every warm day there are more and more cyclists on city streets. The choice of bikes is so great that everyone can find a suitable option for a comfortable ride. But what about those who like to own original and exclusive things? In that case, a great option would be a custom bike – one-of-a-kind and unique in its kind. Let’s talk today about custom bikes, what they are, how they are created and assembled.

What are custom bikes

custom bike

Custom bikes are hand-built, made to order in a workshop to an individual design or with your own hand. They have a unique geometry, best suited to the requirements of the owner.

On ordinary bikes you are unlikely to find many of the additional elements, which are often equipped with custom bikes. These models have an unusual diameter of the wheels and frame geometry, and generally a special design that distinguishes the owners of such bikes among the masses of others.

We can say that velokastom – is how to make your bike appealing to the eyes of others and ideal for its owner.

Types of custom bikes

Thinking about the design of the future two-wheeled vehicle, it is worth to understand what kinds of custom bikes and what are the features of their design:



  • Cruiser – extremely reliable bike, which is great for leisurely strolls around town or on the beach.
  • Electric bike – a great option to easily and tirelessly overcome long distances. These bikes are assembled on the basis of ready-made bicycles.
  • Chopper – the owner of an elongated handlebar, its length and shape resembles a motorcycle. It is the most famous type of custom bike.
  • Lowrider is the most unusual bike among custom bikes, the owner of bright shiny tuning, high handlebar of non-standard shape, twisted frame. If your goal – to attract to your iron friend maximum attention, this model – the best option.
  • Exclusive bike – a special category of bikes, created by the unique schemes and preferences of the owner.
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In most cases, self-assembled bike is much cheaper than a bike of the same level, bought in a store. Every time you improve your iron friend, you have the opportunity to collect a whole collection of parts that can then be used for the future custom bike. Often on sales in online stores or directly from individuals it is possible to buy parts at discounted prices. All this allows you to save many times over the assembly of a unique custom bike. The only thing you will then need to invest is a large amount of time and effort to assemble it yourself.

Highlights of the build

The first thing you should start with when building a custom bike is the design and calculation of the tools you need. Think about where exactly you will create the bike and who will do it – you or someone else. It is worth considering that the creation of such a vehicle is not an easy process, it will require some knowledge and skills from you.

Of course, in the process of assembling it is not necessary to weld a new frame, re-create the bike fork or try to improve the attachments. Changes can be not as dramatic, it is enough to upgrade some part of your bike, to replace a couple of parts and assemblies to get a new bike by sight.

For example, you can turn a hybrid bike into a road bike by simply replacing the standard handlebar with a more comfortable handlebar for long rides. You can also lighten the bike by replacing the steel frame with carbon or aluminum – riding such a bike will require less effort.

True, true fans of riding on unique bikes will not agree to such a version of lightweight customization. They want a more global unique two-wheeled friend.

Assembly recommendations

velocostome assembly

If you decide to build your own custom bike, stick to these tips:

  1. Monitor online and regular bike parts stores for sales so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to buy the right parts cheaply.
  2. When buying parts “off hand,” pay attention to their former owner – the difference in the wear and tear of parts is significant, whether you buy them from a fragile girl or a body-positive uncle over 100 pounds, much less an avid racer.
  3. Frame, which you buy, should be of high quality – on it in the future to mount all the equipment, which will be much easier and cheaper to replace than the main element of the bike. If you make your own frame, use the highest quality material.
  4. In contrast to the high-quality frame, some other parts can be unsightly, such as shifters or shifters. But the quality of attachments, shock absorbers, forks, that is, the main working mechanisms must be treated responsibly.
  5. It is desirable to choose all attachments of the same manufacturer.
  6. Choose accessories in the tone of the main elements of the custom bike – the modern choice is so wide that this should not cause any difficulties.

Creating an original vehicle, remember that the main thing is that you should like your custom bike, please your eyes.


There are several famous custom bikes around the world that you can take as a basis for designing your own unique bike.

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This original bike was made by the hands of designer Victor Sonn from a variety of waste materials: springs, hammers, parts of scissors and rakes, wrenches, engine parts, etc. Some elements were fixed by the designer with bolts and nuts, while others were welded together. As a result, it turns out, even with trash you can create something masterpiece.

Bike in the form of a rat

The bike’s creator, Dmitry Grachev, once had a dream in which he saw the silhouette of a rat as a bicycle. In the process of realizing the idea of a bike, rusty and old parts were used to give it a brutal look. Custom bike was created within three days, and its final version surpassed even the author’s idea by its originality. By the way, this model called “Rat” is not the only custom bike created by Grachev. His collection already counts 8 custom bikes.


This bike is the work of hands of Alexander Kucheryavoy, named after the birth of his niece. For its assembly were used old elements and bicycle parts, money had to be spent only on the painting. The three-wheeled bike is suitable for transportation of bulky cargo, thanks to the large luggage compartment in the front. The bike is extremely easy to ride around town – due to the presence of three wheels, it will not tip over on its side and will not fall.

Deus Ex Machina

This “God’s Machine” is another creation of Alexander Kucheryavoy, which he specially created for traveling together with his dog. The vehicle was conceived as the most comfortable, safe for riding with a dog and, of course, beautiful. To prevent the rear wheels of the trike from being snagged by foot or hand, special flaps were made for them, a small diameter wheel was attached to the passenger-dog side, and the steering wheel and fork in the form of a lightning attracted by its original design. The gold paint in which the bike is painted is a reflection of its essence – transport for God.

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When there is a desire to distract from everyday life and relieve accumulated stress, there is little to compare with the pleasure of riding your own hands collected unique custom bike. Although if you do not have a particular desire to make such a bike, you just want to ride it, contact a suitable workshop, where you will create the transport of your dreams to your design, taking into account all the preferences.

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