Cronus Bicycle – Varieties and Selection Tips

Cronus is a relatively new bicycle brand that produces budget-friendly products for a wide range of consumers. The manufacturer claims to be of French origin, alluding to the “European quality” of its models. However, a cursory evaluation of comments on cycling forums is enough to draw the appropriate conclusions – the company does not conduct a completely honest marketing policy. Notorious “France” is located in Asia and is usual China.

Nevertheless, this brand deserves attention if only because Cronus produces quite decent bicycles. The only nuance, which forms a skeptical attitude, is not quite honest methods of promotion of their products. On the other hand – who has it easy nowadays? There is a huge variety of bicycles for the average rider, and it is difficult for young brands to compete with the mastodons of this segment. So let’s not be critical of the company’s marketers, but rather pay close attention to Cronus bicycles.

About Cronus bike brand

Cronus logo

We know from ancient mythology that Cronus is the god of time. Whether it has something to do with bicycles or not, we do not know exactly. It is quite possible that the manufacturer decided to make a certain analogy, emphasizing the fact that its products always correspond to the time.

Kronus is a relatively young and developing brand, which appeared in 1993. The brand quickly gained popularity as soon as French designers got involved in the creation of bikes. And indeed, the exterior of bikes is worthy of respect. Currently, Cronus bikes are successfully sold in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and the CIS countries. Country-producer of Cronus bikes – China. Accessories for bikes supplied by Shimano.

The models are distinguished by their stylish appearance, carefully thought-out frame geometry and high quality painting. There are other features that favorably distinguish Cronus bikes from the products of other brands (the same “Desna”, for example).


Speaking of the technological features of the production of bicycles “Kronus”, it is impossible not to note the spectacular appearance of the bikes. Here we could not do without the French designers, who, as you know, are often trendsetters. Absolutely all lines of Cronus bicycles have an emphasized individual style, and sophisticated coloring technology distinguishes the young brand from other manufacturers.

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Distinctive features:

  • Original frame design. This is evident in almost every detail: there is decor on the lower and upper tube, there are inscriptions on the feathers, as well as lines that emphasize the smoothness of the curves.
  • In the production of more expensive models, the technology of three-layer painting is used. This allows not only to protect the metal elements of bicycles from corrosion, but also to create an original design effect.
  • The company’s premium products have embossed inscriptions on the frames, which have a matte finish.
  • When producing frames for their bicycles, engineers do not use template solutions, but develop the geometry of the structure themselves.
  • Cronus bicycle frames are manufactured using hydromorphing technology, which ultimately results in stronger products with less weight due to a more harmonious load distribution.
  • Hydromorphing and technomorphing technology is used on absolutely all bicycles, including budget models.
  • A distinctive feature is the split top tube. This “zest” has a positive effect on the strength of the frame, and also makes it more rigid in relation to torsional loads due to the addition of another point of contact. In addition, this detail gives Cronus frames a unique look.

The manufacturer cares about its customers, so it offers service of its products in the service centers, which, by the way, are also in Moscow.

Varieties of Cronus bicycles

Cronus models

There are companies that produce specialized bicycles, designed for a narrow range of consumers. There are quite a few brands that produce BMX bikes or exclusively mountain bikes. However, the young manufacturers, seeking to popularize their name, rely on coverage of a wide range of consumers. And, it must be said, such a decision quite justifies itself. The company’s catalog includes the following categories of bikes:

Choosing your iron friend, should be guided by the specificity of riding and purpose of the bike. If the choice is difficult to make, it is always possible to buy a bike for the forest and the city – yes, there are such universal options.

The best models

Each bicycle brand in the catalog has several models that lead the list of sales and do not cease to be popular even with the appearance of updated copies. Cronus has them too – we draw your attention to the brightest representatives of the model range:

Cronus Belgium 320D

Cronus Belgium 320D.

  • The Cronus Soldier 1.5 is a striking model that will suit beginner riders and those who have been riding confidently in the city and Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances for a long time. The bike is equipped with Shimano drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Wide Kenda tires in combination with double aluminum rims provide a good roll and decent handling of the bike.
  • Cronus Soldier 0.5. Not a bad model for those who are just getting acquainted with the world of hardtails and two-pods. The model features the presence of the original brand frame and an impressive array of equipment: folding pedals, V-brake, dual aluminum rims, transmission from Shimano 21-speed, 26-inch wheels with Kenda tires. The bike can handle loads of up to 120 kg.
  • Cronus Belgium 320D. A relatively new model that was first introduced to the general audience in 2019. It is a reliable road bike with an 18-speed transmission from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. Rolling 28-inch wheels combined with a stiff fork ensure the stability of the bike even on the most difficult trails. The model is assembled on an aluminum frame and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Cronus Rover 410. Model on 26-inch wheels is equipped with Shimano attachments, hydraulic disc brakes, suspension fork and wide tires. This is a stylish mountain model, which is suitable for fans of off-road.
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Among the line of folding bikes, it is worth paying attention to the Angela 14 model. The range of the company also presents a decent selection of children’s and teenage bicycles.

Recommendations for selection

Choosing a bicycle is not an easy matter. Someone is guided by their financial capabilities, someone – by personal preferences, and someone just chooses a model from the catalog of the most famous manufacturer. In any case, there are many more criteria. Therefore, we draw your attention to the factors that should be fundamental in the choice of a suitable model of bicycle:

  • Pay attention to the price and compare it with your financial capabilities. You should not buy a bike on your last penny to feed yourself for a month. But if you want to buy a particular model whose price does not fit into your budget in any way, you can consider buying a bicycle at a discount.
  • Type of bike. Think about where you’ll be riding your bike. On the mountain bike can conquer the off-road and rugged terrain, hybrid options are good for systematic travel in the city and a relatively relief track, urban bikes are suitable for flat paved roads – in general, the choice is yours. But you have to take into account the specifics of the track in any case.
  • Pay attention to the size of the frame. This is one of the most important criteria for choice – the bike should match the growth and stature of the rider.
  • Calculate the number of speeds you need. Often having a multifunctional transmission is a waste of money. The number of gears from 21 to 30 is certainly powerful. But the main thing is not the number, but the quality of gear shifting. Moreover, professional riders limit themselves to a very modest transmission and do not complain about life.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to bureaucratic issues. A conscientious seller, which sells original products, will always offer to read the quality certificates, provide a warranty and a list of addresses of service centers, where you can apply for bicycle repair.


Bicycle brand Cronus – this is not bad bikes, available to a wide range of consumers. A wide range allows you to choose a quality model, depending on personal preferences and riding technique. Good equipment and high quality paint ensures longevity of bicycles and their reliability.

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