Corto Bicycles – Varieties and Popular Models

There are many bicycle brands, and each of them strives to meet the requirements of customers as much as possible. Some of the companies focus on the production of highly specialized units, which find their owners among athletes and professional riders. Someone occupies the average price segment, producing a good quality bikes at an affordable price. One of these manufacturers is the company Corto, so today we will focus on this brand and its products.

Brand info

Corto logo

Corto bicycles appeared in Russian stores relatively recently. Buyers began to get acquainted with the brand’s products in 2012 – at the same time dealership centers appeared in some Russian cities. A little earlier, Corto bicycles had appeared in the catalogs of the Velomarka online store. By the way, this is the site to which the official site of Corto also provides a link.

The bicycles of the brand under discussion are the result of fruitful work of Russian and Italian specialists. Corto engineers and developers pay great attention to the quality of bicycle assembly and detailed fitting of all components. Production facilities are located in Taiwan (China), but this does not mean that you can apply the common stereotype of Chinese mass-produced bicycles of this brand:

  • The design is developed by Italian specialists;
  • Corto bicycles attachments and components are supplied from China;
  • And assembly, improvement and sale of products is engaged in Russia.

The history of these particular bikes began with the event “Eurobike” – this is where Russian engineers met with Italian developers. The specialists quickly found a common language and decided to try to create something special. At present, Corto’s products are largely oriented towards the Russian consumer, as it is quite difficult to compete with the oldest Italian bike brands.

Technology manufacturer

Corto was started by ordinary enthusiasts, who were big fans of bicycling in their time. Therefore, the production began with clear goals and a clear reference point. The developers wanted to create a category of good-quality bicycles, available to a wide range of consumers, with considerable importance given to the quality of assembly and spectacular appearance.

Like most other brands, the company “Corto” buys bicycle components from Chinese manufacturers, thereby reducing the cost of the final product. Frames and forks are of high quality from China. The rest of the attachments for Corto are also bought from suppliers whose names are known among cyclists – this is everyone’s favorite company Shimano, Sram, Shox, Rock, Mavic and others.

A distinctive feature of Corto bicycles is a certain level of dodging, which is immediately installed around. So, for example, if on a particular instance is the rear derailleur Shimano Deore, the front counterpart, brakes and transmission will be from the same series of equipment. By the way, competing brands for the front derailleur use components 1 or 2 classes below the rear derailleur.

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Corto bike

Other technologies are also used in production:

  • The use of combined aluminum alloys (this provides additional frame rigidity, but at the same time allows you to significantly lighten the weight of the bike).
  • The manufacturing process uses tube molding for the frame.
  • In the initial stages, engineers create three-dimensional projections of the frame, which allows for the eventual careful selection of all other components of the bike.
  • Corto bikes are assembled using tapered bearings.

Aluminum alloy 6061 is the most common material for bicycle frames. However, other alloys are also used in the production of Corto bicycles, including ultralight carbon.

Innovative technologies make it possible to create a detailed projection of the future bike on the computer. Moreover, engineers have unique software at their disposal that even makes it possible to perform interactive “crash tests,” that is, to calculate the most probable failure points.

Tapered bearings are not used for all bikes, but their presence increases the strength and durability of this or that specimen.

Types of Corto bikes

At the moment, there are few highly specialized bicycle brands – as a rule, companies seek to cover as wide a range of consumers as possible, so they produce the following categories of bikes:

In addition, the Corto brand has one model of bike for street and dert. For the most part, the products of the discussed bike brand can compete with companies operating in the mid-price segment. The undercarriage position is Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances bikes, which enjoy enviable popularity in the domestic market.

The collection of Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances models includes 16 for men and women, as well as two models designed exclusively for charming female cyclists. The cost is quite affordable for the average Russian citizen – the price tag starts at $400.

Collection Corto bikes for trail is presented by 3 models, 2 of which – two-saddle. By the way, the company Corto – one of the few manufacturers in the Russian market, which produces a fairly solid bikes, adapted to this trail. All models in this category are equipped with good rear shock absorbers and air springs.

Bikes for beautiful ladies – these are two models, one of which is equipped with 21-speed transmission, rim brakes and low-cost fork Zoom, and the other is designed for more active girls: the bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes, 3×8 transmission and fork from SR Suntour.

For the younger generation, the brand offers six models of different colors and designs. There are four-wheeled bikes for the little ones and full-fledged MTBs for teenagers.

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In the category of bikes for the city are listed models, among which there are as simple sitibikes with a frame tube, and high-speed 26-inch and 28-inch wheels. Almost all models for the city are equipped with a roomy rear rack.

There are also folding bikes in the range of the company. This is a very convenient configuration of the bike, which greatly facilitates the storage and transportation of the bike. In particular, folding bikes are easy to transport in a car and store in a small apartment. In the Corto catalog, there is one folding bike model that is definitely worthy of attention, and now you will see why.

Top models

As promised, we will begin our review of popular models from Corto by describing the features of the Folding Bicycle:

Corto Cliff

Corto Cliff

  • Corto FB226. On the one hand, this is a real folding bike. And on the other hand – one easy movement of the bike turns into a full-speed MTB bike with a shock-absorbing fork, transmission for 21 gears and a special geometry of the frame, which fully corresponds to its category.
  • Corto Fast. Budget model, which is in tangible demand among domestic consumers. The first thing that immediately catches the eye is a spectacular design and bright coloring of the bike. By the way, at the very beginning of its journey, the leadership of the company Corto announced that there would be very few black colors in the coloring of bikes. The model, assembled on a frame of aluminum alloy, is equipped with good quality attachments: Suntour fork with 100 mm of travel, front and rear derailleurs Shimano Tourney and Acera, transmission with 24 gears and reliable disc brakes.
  • Corto Crag. This is another Corto model that found its customer. We can’t call it a budget model, which is quite understandable – the build quality is at the highest level and the equipment is above all praise. This model may well take part in sporting events. In 2017, the bike underwent a complete restyling and got a solid dodger. Transmission, hubs and rims from the updated Deore line, Fox Performance fork with 15 mm axle.
  • Corto Cliff. Mountain model on 26-inch wheels, assembled on a lightweight, durable frame that can withstand considerable stresses when riding on rough terrain. The bike comes with a good mid-level Shimano bodywork, which means the bike is great for off-roading.
  • Corto Yeti. Quite original model, which can not be left without attention. Wide tires, which complete the bike, allow to overcome loose ground in the form of snow, mud and wet sand. It is the perfect partner for those who like to scour off-road and discover new routes.
  • Corto Ant. Teenage bike, assembled on a lightweight aluminum frame. The geometry of the bike is designed so that the young cyclist was comfortable to ride not only on smooth asphalt, but also on a sandy road. The bike is equipped with a system of front and rear brakes, it is possible to adjust the height and tilt angle of the saddle. The bike is available in two color variations.
  • Corto Kiti. Elegant bike for girls, assembled on a solid frame of lightweight aluminum alloy. A distinctive feature of this model – the lightness and maneuverability. Taking into account the physical abilities of young cyclists, engineers tried to create the lightest possible unit, which at the same time is sufficiently durable and endurance. The model is available in two colors: pink and white.

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There are other models in the Corto collection that deserve the attention of the potential owner. In particular, you can pay attention to the spectacular Corto Kite Citibike, equipped with a rear rack, plastic protection for the frame and wheels, as well as additional lighting, which is convenient for riding at night.

Choosing tips

If you decide to buy a bicycle from this manufacturer, it is recommended to contact the official representatives of the company. In Russia, quite a few dealer centers that can offer a choice of existing models of bikes, or bring to order a specific bike, assembled specifically for you. To make the right choice, it is recommended to pay attention to some recommendations from experienced cyclists:

  • Decide on the type of bike. What sense to buy a powerful mountain bike for leisurely rides around town? Likewise it makes no sense to buy a maneuverable hardtail for short rides on a flat and smooth ground. So first of all we have to determine the riding style and road terrain, and then look for a model that is designed for those or other roads.
  • Try to buy a bike in places where you can get all the necessary documents and warranty. Very well, if the seller will be able to give a list of workshops, where they deal exclusively with the repair of Corto bikes.

Of course, when choosing a particular model, you should thoroughly inspect the bike, paying attention to the quality of paint coating, connection of elements and welding seams.


Bicycles “Corto” – the brainchild of Russian and Italian manufacturers who have tried to create a truly high-quality and good-quality bicycles for a wide range of consumers. Corto products can compete with other well-known manufacturers, and somewhere even surpass them in quality. Decent quality bodywork and reasonable price create all the prerequisites for the growth of popularity.

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