Children’s bicycle-transformer – the best models, pros and cons

Children grow very quickly – it would seem that yesterday the child was sitting quietly in the stroller, curiously exploring the world around them, and today he wants to walk independently, next to his parents. If parents are not ready to teach their child to ride a two-wheeled bike, and the Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances bike for certain reasons is not suitable for the baby, you can consider an alternative option – a children’s bicycle-transformer.

If you choose the model intelligently, it will help expand the routes for walks, freeing mom’s hands, as well as learn the basic skills of pedaling and bike management. In this article we will talk about the advantages of three-wheeled children’s bicycle-transformers, as well as give some tips to help you choose the most appropriate model.

For what purposes do you need a child’s tricycle

For what purposes is necessary bicycle-transformer

Active mothers as their child grows up, sooner or later think about how to optimize their daily routine and transfer the baby from the stroller to a more mobile means of transportation. Someone prefers a child seat on a bicycle – not a bad option, but it does not provide the freedom of movement of the child. But he also wants to move, learn new routes, improve his movement skills.

Some parents make a choice in favor of treadmills. An excellent option, which effectively develops coordination of movements, allows the kid to move quickly and independently choose the direction of movement. However, treadmills are not always a good intermediate stage between a stroller and a full three-wheeled bike. The fact is that some kids are very difficult to get used to the fact that instead of pushing off the ground with their feet, they now have to pedal.

In this regard, children’s tricycle-transformer is much more convenient design, performing several functions at once:

  1. Frees mom’s hands. Putting a child in a stroller-bicycle, parents are free in their movements. This is very useful if you need to quickly get to a public transport stop, for example, or go to the store.
  2. Stroller functions. As a rule, most bicycle-transformers have a comfortable and wide seat, which can easily fit a child in a lying position. This means that the baby can take a nap for a while if necessary.
  3. Features of the bike. All models of children’s bike-transformers are equipped with pedals and a steering wheel, which means that a kid at the age of two, and even earlier, can learn bicycle management skills.
  4. Practicality. The design is equipped with a visor that protects the child from the sun and rain, a basket in which you can put your things, and a convenient handle that allows you to manage the stroller-bicycle.

It should be noted that modern models of children’s bicycle-transformers are often equipped with additional options that greatly facilitate the lives of modern parents. This can be umbrellas, padded handlebars, cup holders, luggage bags, seat belts for children and much more.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tricycle transformer bicycle for children has a whole set of advantages over the usual stroller:

  1. Allows you to maintain mobility. With the usual stroller young and fragile woman can be difficult to cope. It is not always possible to enter the public transport or drive on narrow paths.
  2. Significantly expands the routes and possibilities for parents. It is difficult to lift the stroller by yourself, a bicycle-transformer in this regard is much easier.
  3. Practicality. The design has additional options, allowing you to ergonomically place the things necessary for a walk with a child.
  4. Convenience for children. The baby, if desired, can twist the pedals and choose the direction of movement independently, as well as sleep a little, if he gets very tired during the walk.

As for the disadvantages of such designs, there are no significant disadvantages. There are only some nuances, which are easy to avoid:

  1. Insufficient strength of mechanisms (can be excluded if you responsibly approach the question of choosing a suitable model).
  2. Bulky design (yes, the transformer is slightly larger than a tricycle or treadmill, but it is much smaller than a stroller).

Nevertheless, successful models of three-wheeled bicycle-transformers perfectly cope with several functions at once.

3-in-1 models

Modern manufacturers offer quite a few versatile models that take walking with a small child to a new level. The emergence of bikes-transformers configuration 3 in 1 noticeably expanded the possibilities for parents. The peculiarity of such designs is the presence of removable elements, which allow you to modify the vehicle as the child grows up.

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So, for the youngest passengers up to 2 years old bike is more like a normal stroller, equipped with a push handle for parents. As a rule, children at this age are not yet able to pedal independently, so there is no need for them yet. A child can put his feet on a special footrest. In this modification bike-transformer 3 in 1 can be used as long as the baby will not show interest in rotating pedals.

When parents realize that their boy or girl is ready for the next stage, you can bolt the pedals. Closer to the age of three, children become bored just sitting in a stroller. The body grows, there is more energy and desire for new knowledge. At this stage it will still be difficult for your baby to pedal, so it is too early to remove the pusher handle. But with the rotation of the pedals baby will help parents to move their transport. If he gets tired, you can put his feet on the steps.

The last modification of such a design involves transformation into a full three-wheeled bicycle. It is enough to remove all unnecessary elements. You can remove the pusher handle, sun visor and basket-trunk, as well as the footrests.

Popular models

As we have already said, some models are characterized by flimsiness and lack of stability. Given that the three-wheeled bicycle-transformer can perform several functions at once and last more than 3 years, you should be responsible for the choice of such a means of transportation.

So we decided to make for you a rating of the best models on a reasonable price/quality ratio.

Formula FA3

Formula FA3

A model adapted for children from 1 to 3 years and older. It has a sun visor that also protects your child from the rain. The push handle helps parents adjust the direction of travel. There is a luggage basket, which holds quite a lot of children’s things. There is also a protective edge, not allowing the child to accidentally fall out. Speaking of safety – special straps with secure attachment securely hold the little passenger in a comfortable saddle. Included is a miniature bag, which is convenient for storing a cell phone, wet wipes and other things that you always need to keep handy.

Design features:

  • Wheel diameter (inflatable): front – 12, rear – 10 inches;
  • seat with a fabric insert (easy to remove for laundry in case of dirt);
  • high-quality assembly and reliability of fasteners;
  • multifunctionality.

The model is equipped with convenient and wide footrests, a toy that attaches to the handlebar, a removable parent handle and an adjustable backrest that allows the baby to take a nap if necessary.

Lamborghini L5 Panorama 2018.

The kids’ transformer bicycle was first introduced in 2018. The design is well thought out, providing comfort not only for the little passenger, but also for his parents. If desired, the child can be turned to face you or vice versa.

The model is completed with the following elements:

  • a folding awning that protects from the sun and rain;
  • plastic footrests in the shape comfortable for children’s feet;
  • safety rim and fixation straps;
  • a parent handle with a reliable rotation mechanism;
  • textile insert on the seat;
  • bag for small items on the handle and a luggage compartment.

The model is notable for the fact that it is designed for a wide age range. The maximum load is 35 kg. This means that the design is capable of supporting even an adult child. Parents can adjust the seat horizontally, if you need to put the baby to sleep. For the youngest passengers entertainment is provided: there is a toy on the steering wheel, as well as a mechanism that emits various sounds (emergency alarm or motor sound).


A spectacular and multifunctional model for kids from 1 year old, assembled on a steel frame. For the youngest cyclists there is a textile roof of folding design with a removable visor and viewing window. Folding footrests are present, a compact bag on the parent handle for small items and a roomy trunk at the back.

Design features:

  • telescopic push handle;
  • there is a luminous headlight and sound accompaniment;
  • Rotating seat (rotates 360 degrees);
  • It is possible to turn the child to face you and vice versa in the course of travel;
  • Rubber wheels (diameter of the front 12 inches, rear – 10 inches);
  • There are safety belts and protective edge;
  • rear wheels are equipped with brakes.
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As a child grows up, you can remove all the additional accessories, thus turning the design into a full three-wheeled bike, on which a child can ride up to 3-4 years.

QPlay QA6

QPlay QA6

A distinctive feature of this model – folding design, which allows you to solve the problem with the storage of the bike in the apartment. In addition, this bike is easy to transport in the trunk of the car. With a relatively small weight (no more than 10 kg) bike can withstand quite serious loads (up to 30 kg).

Design features:

  • chamber inflatable wheels (diameter of the front 10, rear – 8 inches);
  • recommended age – from 1.5 years;
  • availability of a folding hood that protects the child from the sun, cold wind and rain;
  • the kit has a roomy trunk.

The design is characterized by excellent build quality and attractive design. The presence of removable elements allows you to change the configuration as your child grows up.

Moby Kids Leader 3600 12*10 AIR Car

The three-wheeled transformer bicycle successfully combines versatility and attractive design. The model is equipped with a swivel seat, a telescopic push handle and a roomy basket for children’s belongings and groceries.

Design features:

  • The child’s seat rotates 360 degrees;
  • footrests designed with anatomical features in mind;
  • the textile inserts are easy to remove and wash from difficult stains;
  • a deep hood that reliably protects the little passenger from adverse weather conditions;
  • The design is characterized by durability and good build quality.

The model has several variations in terms of color design. This means that parents will be able to choose a bike for both boys and girls.

Bentley BN2

Recommended age – children from 1 year and older. As the child gets older, the additional elements are removed and the design takes on the features of a full-fledged tricycle, which the kid can ride up to 4-5 years old.

Design features:

  • weight – 13 kg;
  • The maximum load of 30 kg;
  • comfortable seat with textile inserts;
  • a roomy basket for children’s belongings;
  • attractive design;
  • safety harness and a soft bumper;
  • adjustable backrest.

The design features good handling and maneuverability. The parent handle is strong enough, allows you to easily change the direction of movement with one hand.

Sweet Baby Mega Lexus Trike

The bicycle is designed for children from 1 year and older. Maximum capacity – 25 kg. Additional elements are removable – if you want, you can make a full three-wheeled bike.

Design features:

  • telescopic handle-holder with a secure attachment;
  • safety belts and soft bumper;
  • Wide seat that can rotate 360 degrees;
  • foldable, removable footrests;
  • inflatable rubber wheels (the rear ones are equipped with a brake).

The design features good controllability – a parent can easily correct the direction of movement of their child with only one hand. A roomy basket allows you to go for long walks, taking with you all the necessary things.

Capella Action Trike

The model appeared on the market relatively recently – in the second half of 2019. The recommended age – children from 3 to 5 years old. A convenient pusher handle allows the parent to adjust the direction of travel, and safety straps and a bumper guarantee the safety of the child while driving.

Design features:

  • availability of a textile canopy, which reliably protects the child from adverse weather conditions;
  • Rubber wheels (diameter of the front – 12 inches, rear – 10 inches);
  • there is a buzzer-clackson, a basket for luggage;
  • a small backpack on the parent handle, which is convenient to store a cell phone, wet wipes, wallet and other small items.

The design is characterized by durability, reliability and good handling. The backrest can be adjusted to a fully horizontal position.

Puky Cat 1S

Puky Cat 1S

The model from Germany is designed for children from 2 to 4 years old. The low center of gravity and the wide-spread rear wheels ensure that the entire construction is stable. Comfortable seat of anatomic shape provides proper comfort of the child. The model is equipped with a rear brake.

Design features:

  • airless molded tires, made of soft PVC, are resistant to mechanical damage and eliminate the possibility of a punctured wheel;
  • convenient parental handle, allowing you to easily adjust the direction of travel;
  • child-friendly pedals;
  • good maneuverability in comparison with the stroller models;
  • roomy trunk.
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The design is distinguished by the original design of the cargo carrier, which is suitable for storing toys.

Jaguar MS-0569.

The model features a light weight – only 5 kg. The bike is designed for children from 2 to 4 years old. Safety belts in combination with a soft sidewall will not allow even the most active kid to fall out while riding. Despite the imaginary lightness of design, the model has sufficient strength and rigidity.

Design features:

  • the maximum load – 30 kg;
  • the trunk is made in the form of a dump truck;
  • the wheels are the optimum width;
  • the seat is adjustable.

Users note a slight backlash of the pusher handle – when driving into an obstacle (a curb, for example) some difficulties may arise.

Choosing advice

A three-wheeled convertible bicycle for a child

Buying a three-wheeled bicycle-transformer for a child – a responsible moment, which should be taken seriously. Today on the market there is a fairly large variety of quality models that can last for several years. When buying, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Frame. From this element depends directly on the strength of the entire construction. They can be plastic, metal (steel or aluminum) and carbon fiber.
  • Seat. Many parents believe that a wide saddle is much better than a narrow product. In practice, it turns out otherwise – in a saddle of a triangular shape, it is easier for a child to turn, bend and change the position of his body depending on the situation. A saddle made of soft plastic with a ribbed surface will not let a child slip by mistake.
  • Pedals. Comfortable pedals have an elongated shape. This feature does not allow the child’s foot to slip while driving. The footrest should be wide enough and stable.
  • Wheels. Keep in mind that the model purchased in the future will be used as a bicycle. A child will ride not only on a smooth asphalt surface, but also on a dirt road. Accordingly, the wheels should be wide enough and durable. In this regard, rubber inflatable is much more practical than cheap plastic counterparts, which make a loud sound during movement.
  • Handle-pusher. Judging by the reviews of users, the most convenient option is considered a single rod with a round handle. It is easy enough to control the tricycle – the bike easily turns in the right direction.
  • Safety belts and safety edge. The quality of these elements determines the safety of the child. We recommend paying attention to the material from which the bumper is made – it should be soft, but at the same time rigid. As for the safety belts, their location and fastening should hold the child, but at the same time not to cramp his movements.

We should say a few words about the additional equipment. It is clear that the mother with a small child on a walk – it’s a kind of traveler with a lot of luggage. Spare clothes, containers with food and water bottles, wet and dry wipes, toys – and this is just a small list of things that only one child may need. And if mom plans to go to the store?

In that case, you can’t do without a sturdy and roomy basket. It is good if the bike will be additionally equipped with a miniature backpack bag, where it is convenient to store small things.

As for other options – the most significant are:

  • Umbrella, visor or hood – we advise to pay close attention to this element, as the comfort of the child during bad weather will depend on it.
  • Entertainment design. Here it is up to each parent to decide whether their baby needs this option. Manufacturers often offer musical accompaniment, the presence of toys on the steering wheel, etc.

If the child can already show you what he likes best, take him to the store. The taste of a boy or girl should be taken into account necessarily.


Children’s bicycle-transformer 3 in 1 – a convenient and practical solution for active parents. Most designs are designed for multi-year use, which allows you to significantly save on the purchase of children’s transport. Many models can perform the function of a stroller and tricycle at the same time. The main thing – choose a really good model that will serve your child for several years.

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