BMW bicycles – brand description, model overview

The bright, extravagant BMW bicycle is recognized by its cast wheels, the specific curve of the frame, and the premium quality of the materials used. The German manufacturer of reliable cars, motorcycles and engines has taken care of the strength and durability of the bicycles, protecting them 100% from the problems of “eight”. Under the popular brand, Bavarian designers have developed a series of bikes that are designed for all groups of bikes and all types of roads. Technical and aerodynamic characteristics allow racing, mastering professional tricks, riding in the city or off-road.

Brand History


The Bavarian Motor Works (BMW AG), founded by German manufacturers in 1916, began operations by producing V-12 engines. BMW-powered airplanes set more than 30 world records for the highest altitude achieved. After World War I, Germany was forbidden to produce airplanes. The firm moved to the production of consumer goods, braking systems for trains and equipment for agriculture. After 7 years, the manufacture of motorcycles and bicycles expanded production. In 1928 the founders acquired an automobile plant in Thuringia. The production of the small-capacity Dixi, the “progenitor” of the BMW, begins. In the mid-1930s the company became the largest industrial conglomerate in Europe.

In the 40-s, BMW factories include jet engines for military aircraft in its range of activities. The designers managed to be ahead of time. Only a few years after the end of the Second World War and the study of technical documentation taken from Germany, the countries of the anti-Nazi bloc learned about the scientists’ know-how. In the postwar period, the company was in a difficult situation due to the destruction of factories and the ban on the production of aircraft. It managed to survive in harsh conditions by producing lightweight motorcycles and bicycles. In 1959, a production car BMW (Model 700) appeared on the market, which brought fame to the company.

Producers called the products “ideal cars for driving”. The slogan is supported by the quality of produced vehicles. The annual turnover of the prestigious brand exceeds 170 billion euros. Technical achievements and innovative developments of the Bavarian company are used in the manufacture of bicycles and components.

What kind of riding is suitable for BMW bikes

The flagship among the models on cast rims belongs to the class of expensive bicycles. The use of quality alloys, universal geometry of the frame, disc brakes (found Zoom and Tektro) – the main advantages of branded bikes. The misconception that a BMW bicycle on alloy wheels is only suitable for quiet riding around town is refuted by professionals. Riders presented a lot of photos that document the performance of difficult tricks and exercises.

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The rugged two-wheeled vehicle is suitable for the following purposes:

  1. Riding on the cycle track. The design of cast rims is characterized by high aerodynamic performance compared to wheels on spokes.
  2. Highway racing. Bright design strengthens the spectacular appearance of the sports bike.
  3. Off-road riding. The BMW Cruise is associated with the Bavarian company’s off-road motorcycle. The hardtail features 28-inch wheels, a hydroformed frame, dual rims, and a 30-speed transmission. (Although some bikers refer to the mountain bike as an “asphalt dweller” and a recreational model).
  4. Resistant to impact and damage, the two-wheeler is used for cycling and travel, Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances or downhill activities.
  5. Stylish, memorable, functional bike is focused on urban conditions.

The contrasting color of BMW Folding Bicycles, compact size, LED lights, and the iconic brand on the frame attract attention during leisurely bike rides.

Pros and cons

The merits of BMW bikes

BMW bicycles are made with alloy rims. The rugged models are characterized by rigid construction, stylish design, and ease of use. The aerodynamic qualities required in competitions are enhanced by the use of castings in the manufacture of the bike. Large blades allow air to flow through faster than many thin spokes. Stiffness makes the structure able to withstand shocks from road bumps and increased loads. Testing has confirmed the merits of BMW bicycles:

  • improved aerodynamic characteristics;
  • the use of quality alloys;
  • comfortable steering wheel, clutch pedals;
  • easy handling, comfortable saddle;
  • tough double rim;
  • creative design;
  • alloy wheels are easy to maintain.


  • heavy weight;
  • excessive loads cause cracks, disabling blade failure;
  • deformed rims are unsuitable for repair;
  • inadaptability to extreme riding;
  • high cost.

Model Overview

The company produces comfortable bicycle BMW with wheels 28-29 inches, adjustable handlebar stem, disc brakes and other features. The model line is represented by hundreds of varieties of bicycle technology. Each specimen has its own characteristics.

For example, the Active Hybrid Bike costing 266,800 rubles is called an innovative bicycle of the Bavarian concern. The removable lithium-ion battery allows for a ride of 120 km.

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The new model of Mini Folding Bike features a special mechanism that allows the high-quality aluminum frame to be folded and unfolded in seconds. BMW bike weighs 11 kg, is equipped with 20-inch wheels, has 8 gears. Teflon coating protects the chain against rust and dirt.

Cruise Junior with a lightweight aluminum frame of unusual appearance is designed for younger students. The angle of the tube mounted under the seat allows for a child’s height to be taken into account. Red leather inserts decorate the saddle and handlebar.

The Junior Cruise Bike Black teen bike is featured in the 2020 collection. Quality shock-absorbing fork, 6 speeds, disc brakes, reflectors on the pedals are the main features of the reliable model.

BMW bikes feature the dynamic, iconic Bullneck design (translated as “bull’s back”). Chips or cracks can easily be removed with a touch-up pencil. For smooth shifting when riding around town, quality Shimano Altus equipment is installed.

Recommendations for selection

tips for choosing BMW bikes

Reliable BMWs are chosen by athletes who like aggressive riding as well as quiet riding on highways. When choosing a model, the biker’s driving style is taken into account.

  1. Mountain bikes on wide tires with deep tread are suitable for riding on city streets and highways.
  2. Cross-country BMWs easily overcome off-road.
  3. Two-pods with an advanced shock absorption system are designed for comfortable riding.
  4. Downhill is chosen by athletes for high-speed descent from steep slopes.
  5. Models for teenagers do not differ from the complete set of adult bikes, but have a different weight and dimensions.
  6. Regardless of age, any variant is selected by the girth of the bike.
  7. Pay attention to the material from which the frame is made. Steel construction is characterized by increased strength and reduces the cost of the model. Aluminum alloy facilitates design and is not destroyed by corrosion.
  8. For the front shock absorbers, it is better to choose spring-elastomeric parts.

Cast wheels are a popular product that is often counterfeited. Therefore, when buying in stores, demand certificates with a detailed description of the specifications.


The renowned manufacturer has taken care of an impeccable level of bicycle technology. The BMW logo guarantees the reliability and durability of the vehicle. Proven technology lives up to the quality expectations of a status purchase.

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