Black One Bicycles – Types and Best Models

Black One bikes belong to the category of budget bikes. Despite the low price, many models are equipped with alloy wheels, have an interesting design and demonstrate sufficiently high reliability and endurance. In the brand’s catalog, every cyclist can find a suitable version of two-wheeled transport for both leisurely strolls around town, and for dynamic riding on rough terrain.

Today we will learn what hides under the brand name Black One, what bikes this manufacturer produces and what qualities distinguish the products of a fairly well-known enterprise.

History of the bike brand Black One

black one logo

The company supplies the market with budget models of decent quality. Judging by the official data, the country-producer of Black One bicycles is New Zealand. But in practice, the main production is located in China. There are several assembly plants in other Asian countries. Almost all models have a very good build quality and decent equipment. There are a few models that are equipped with hydraulic brakes.

In general terms, the brand Black One can not be called a company that delivers to the market disposable bikes. With proper care, the bikes will last for several seasons. It is worth noting the efforts of the manufacturer – the engineers and designers are constantly improving their products, offering for each season updated lineup and original kits.

Variety of bikes

The main share of production belongs to the company Velo-Trade, which is known to many cyclists for its products Stark. Roughly speaking, Black One is a budget analogue of Stark bikes. Is it really so? Only Black One owners can give a definite answer. However, in the model ranges of the brand there are quite good bikes, which will be appreciated by fans of active lifestyles.

Acquaintance with the brand should not begin with the most budget models – it is better to give preference to the middle segment. Especially since there are many worthy representatives in the lineup. There are 6 categories in the company’s catalog, each of which is divided into 1-4 groups. This allows you to choose the most suitable model for almost every user. Fans of active lifestyles will be able to find in the Black One range:

Enjoy their diversity and variations of wheelbase – so, in the line there are bikes on 26, 27.5 and 29-inch wheels. The company’s products total about 25 models, among which there are two Fatbikes. This shows that the designers of the bike brand keep a close eye on consumer demands and competitor updates.

It cannot be said that the Black One two-pods demonstrate excellent technical characteristics – the rear shock absorber, of course, damps vibrations from riding on rough roads, but not to the extent that should be in mountain bikes. But we are talking about budget bikes – so that high demands to the mountain models Black One should not make all the same.

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In the company’s catalog you can find a couple of cruisers – bikes designed for leisurely and relaxed riding on urban terrain. The models are distinguished by their original riding position and primitive transmission design. The appearance of Black One cruisers is somewhat reminiscent of retro bikes.

There are several models, the characteristics of which will be appreciated by travelers. Tourist bikes are characterized by a comfortable fit, thanks to which the prepared rider can easily overcome more than a dozen kilometers in one sitting.

Bicycles for fitness – yes, Black One keeps track of new trends, so the company has created several models that are in high demand among urban residents.

The range of folding bikes is represented by only one model, which was first introduced to a wide audience in 2017. It is worth noting that folding bikes are still in trend, as they allow you to move freely with a two-wheeled friend by car, rail and even airplane.

The manufacturer does not forget about the younger generation, so produces bikes on 20-inch wheels for the youngest riders, and for those who are older – models with 24 and 26-inch rims.

All women’s models Black One are created taking into account the anatomy of the body of charming cyclists – they differ by understated upper tube of the frame, which is made not only for convenience, but also for the safety of girls and women. The women’s range is represented by 12 models, 9 of which refer to sports equipment, and 3 are elegant cruisers. It is worth noting the excellent variety of designs and color executions – in such a range every cyclist will be able to find the most suitable model.

Best models

Model range of bicycles Black One dazzles with variety. Given the affordable price, every cyclist can choose something suitable for themselves, taking into account the specifics of riding and riding style. Over the years the company’s products have found their admirers, who were able to appreciate the characteristics of some of the brightest representatives of the bicycle range:

Hooligan 26D

Hooligan 26D.

  • Onix. A line of bicycles with 27.5-inch wheels. A large part of the lineup are dynamic and expressive hardtails. Almost all models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and transmission for 21 gears. Hardtails are assembled on a rigid aluminum frame with a durable shock-absorbing fork.
  • Alta. Women’s line is represented by bicycles with a specific construction of a stainless steel frame. The models are equipped with reliable disc brakes (mechanics) and transmission with 21 gears. The lineup is represented by bright and stylish models, among which every representative of the fairer half of humanity can choose a reliable bike for the forest and the city.
  • Phantom Disc. This series is represented by bikes with elastomer spring fork, double rims and mechanical disc brakes. These bikes come with 26-inch wheels, a rugged steel frame and an 18-gear transmission.
  • Hooligan 26D. With a rugged steel frame and elastomer spring fork, comes with mechanical disc brakes and 26-inch wheels with dual rims. The model is perfect for those who like to ride on rough terrain. High-quality pedals provide reliable grip.
  • Flash Disc. Another representative of the mountain family, which is equipped with a solid steel frame. This affects the weight of the bike, which is about 17 kg. This copy is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, reliable transmission and double aluminum rims. It comes with plastic fenders. This model is equipped with a special design that allows you to attach a roomy luggage rack for transporting small-sized cargo.
  • Descender FS 26 D Alloy. The model assembled on an aluminum frame, with a shock-absorbing fork, double rims and mechanical disc brakes. The bike is equipped with a transmission with 21 gears. We should also emphasize the exterior of the bike – the model is often available in black and orange colors, which makes the bike recognizable and conspicuous on the road.
  • Monster 20 D. The model is assembled on a steel frame, equipped with a rigid shock-absorbing fork and reliable mechanical disc brakes. Eye-catching, powerful 20-inch wheels that will easily pass through the loose snow or wet sand. We should separately focus the attention of the potential owner on the ergonomic shape of the handlebars and soft saddle, which is the basis for a comfortable landing of the rider. The bike shows excellent handling almost on any type of ground.
  • Ice FS 24D. Another mountain bike model, assembled on a frame made of aluminum, which is equipped with a shock-absorbing fork and expressive wheels with a diameter of 24 inches. The model comes in two color variations – black red or blue-red. It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes and transmission with 21 speeds.
  • Ice Girl 20D. Not a bad women’s model, which is assembled on a frame made of alloy steel and equipped with a shock-absorbing fork of spring type. The bike is equipped with a handy rear gearshift mechanism. The 20-inch wheels with double rims provide good Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances mobility and maneuverability of the bike.
  • Totem. The original two-pod with a spring suspension fork and mechanical disc brakes, assembled on a steel frame. The bike shows a good Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances terrain and excellent maneuverability in the city. A distinctive feature of the bike – comfortable riding position, which reduces stress in the back.
  • Rock Disc. Not a bad model for regular cycling in the city and easy off-road, which is suitable for both adult cyclists and taller seniors. The bike is assembled on a steel frame, equipped with front and rear shock absorbers, a transmission with 18 gears and a convenient gear shifting system from Shimano. 24-inch wheels with double rims provide good handling and passability of the bike. The basic model is equipped with plastic fenders, which reliably protect the running gear from dust, moisture and dirt.
  • Attack. Laconic two-saddle on a steel frame with a reinforced steering unit. The basic package includes mechanical disc brakes, transmission from Shimano for 18 gears and 26-inch wheels. A distinctive feature of the model is the upper tube, which is located slightly higher than on other bikes in this line.
  • Onix Trail 29 D Alloy. Universal model with 29-inch wheels, mechanical brakes and spring-type suspension fork. The transmission with 21 gears provides clear gear shifting thanks to the quality mechanism from Shimano.
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There is another representative of the “Black Units”, which will appeal to fans of laconic classics. We are talking about the bicycle Urban 700 – the model is assembled on a rigid steel frame and is equipped with large enough wheels (29 inches). The bike is equipped with pincer brakes and a single-speed transmission. Design with chain drive and comfortable curved handlebars will certainly be appreciated by fans of classic solutions.

Selection recommendations

choosing black one

If you have decided to get acquainted with one of the Black One’s, we recommend starting with models located in the middle price segment. Black One bikes are already affordable, so you should definitely not expect high performance from outright cheap bikes.

Take a closer look at one of the models described above – these are really not bad examples, tested by more than one cyclist. Yes, there are and will be nuances – in particular, the owners of bicycles Black One note that the quality of paint coating is not at the highest level. Therefore, if you want to keep all the beauty, it is worth to cover the colored elements in advance with a special protective composition. Quite a lot of negative comments regarding the quality of the tires – some owners say that the rubber can tear in the most unpredictable place.

Another point worth warning potential owners of the Black One is the high weight of the bikes. There are almost no bikes in the product line less than 16 kg. Therefore, if you want to lighten your bike, the Black One range will obviously not suit you.


Black One bicycles are a harmonious combination of price and quality. The characteristics of bicycles are quite consistent with the declared value, so look for high quality components in the set is definitely not worth it. Nevertheless, the Black One bicycles are quite suitable for beginner riders and those who are just looking for a comfortable two-wheeled transport.

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