Bicycle Next – equipment and recommendations for selection

The products of the American company are sold all over the world. Tempting offers to buy a powerful 21-speed two-pedal with an aggressive design for a hundred dollars attract supermarket customers. The NEXT bike is not on the top list of the most advanced models. But budget children’s, adult, folding, mountain, highway bikes are popular in Asia, Europe, the United States. Let’s understand the reasons for the spread of low-quality bicycles across the planet.

Next brand history

Next Bicycles

Next Bicycles is located in the San Francisco suburbs (the commercial and financial center of Northern California). Next Bicycles develops and sells bicycles in different classes. Production sites are located in China, Canada, Taiwan and other countries. In the 21st century, there are many manufacturers of two-wheelers on the market. Brands strongly influence the opinion of consumers. Next’s reputation is based on the production of simple amateur-level designs that are suitable for leisurely walks on quality road surfaces. Models for all ages are characterized by affordable cost, maneuverability, light weight.

In America, produced bikes are sold in retail chain stores Walmart. In Europe, the bikes are not displayed in specialized sports stores, but in supermarkets. This explains the popular name “Auchan bikes.” The bike brand is used by a number of companies. For example, Dynacraft DSC, a distributor based in the United States, sells Next products online. After receiving reports of front suspension defects in 2002, the firm recalled 132,000 Next Ultra Shock mountain bikes. US International Co. Ltd. made new forks for those bikes.

Distinctive features

The popular company, which makes budget bikes, offers children’s and adult models, folding bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes. Every consumer can pick up an inexpensive bike for the desired purpose.

Distinctive features of models with amateur level equipment:

  • The bikes are designed for the average biker;
  • suitable for a quiet ride on city streets and paved roads;
  • The design is not inferior to the appearance of expensive bicycle transport;
  • among the advantages note compactness, quality thick tires, inexpensive components, the reliability of the steel frame;
  • Undeniable superiority of the brand Next bikes in comparison with other bikes – low cost.

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Equipment of bicycles Next


Some of the bikes produced by Next Bicycles “work” for years. However, most consumers compare the longevity of bikes to winning the lottery. The equipment of most models is a vulnerable point of the brand. After a couple of hundred kilometers, as a rule, the “quality” begins to show. This may be due to poor control in the manufacturing plants responsible for the assembly of components.


  1. Models are not adapted for biking and sports because of the fragile frame and poor factory assembly of components.
  2. Shock absorbers and derailleurs are of poor quality.
  3. The handlebar mounting bolts come loose when riding over bumps.
  4. Lack of mud fenders included.
  5. Narrow saddle, which immediately change after the purchase of the bike.
  6. The need to constantly carry tools with you for unexpected repairs.

Included is a water bottle with attachment that should have a food-grade plastic symbol on it.

Best Models

The brand of the American company is associated in consumers with technical characteristics, aggressive design, budget cost of produced bicycles. Each model has features and a specific purpose. For example, the mountain Next Octane is sold with 26-inch wheels as a set. Folding bikes are popular because of convenient transportation and storage.


Next Infinity

Examples of popular models are shown in the table.

Name Technical features
Next 100 Steel frame
Folding handlebar
20″ wheels
V-brake brakes
One speed transmission
Next Infiniti All mountain bike
Used for city riding
Wheels – 27.7 inches
Frame – steel
Number of speeds – 21
FORWARD Next Mountain bike for adults is included in the rating of the best bikes 2020
Simple reliable frame geometry
29 inch wheels
24 speed transmission
Optimal cushioning
Scott 20′ Scale 960, XL(22′) Lightweight aluminum frame
Professional equipment
RockShox fork with remote steering
Reinforced tires
Weight – 12,5 kg
Next Ozone Suitable for city riding and long-distance training
18-speed transmission
26″ wheels
Adjustable saddle
Stylish design
Novatrack Shark 20 6 (2020) Kids bike (5-9 years old)
20 inch wheels
Steel frame
Number of speeds – 6

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FORWARD Next is the most expensive model (costs about $500). Extreme enthusiasts can use the reliable bike for bmx riding.

How to buy a Nameless bike

What should a Next bike be like? The experts will help you determine the criteria for the right choice.

  1. Decide why you buy a two-wheeler. Do you need a stylish or practical bike?
  2. The main feature of urban two-wheelers is minimalism. For such trips choose bikes with a wheel diameter of 24-26 inches.
  3. For highway riding you will need larger wheels.
  4. If you need compactness, buy folding models of a popular brand. The disadvantage of the model are considered 20-inch wheels.
  5. When choosing a two-wheeled transport, use the recommendations of manufacturers who have made a table of compliance with the size of the frame of the growth of the cyclist. For example, if you are 170 cm tall, you need a 19″ frame.
  6. You can do without the table to determine the optimal saddle height. To do this, measure the length of your leg from the inner thigh to the heels. Multiply the result by 0.89. The value varies with your riding style.

The cheapest models can be used for a season, and then handed over to the store for broken bicycle transport. Most bikes do not have wheels protected by fenders, so you need to add about 400 rubles to the cost of the model.


Modern bike Next – not a bad budget option for those who ride around town and know how to use tools. With high-quality assembly of components and the absence of defects, the bike will be a reliable two-wheeled transport for many years.

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