Bicycle Ferrari – types, pros and cons

There are companies whose history began exclusively with the production of two-wheelers. And there are companies that first made a name for themselves in cars, and then they took their niche in the bicycle segment as well. Many brands did so: Audi, Land Rover, Hammer… It is unlikely that such an automobile giant as Ferrari could avoid the general trend and not release a couple of models, which instantly won the attention of a certain circle of cyclists.

Today we will find out how much a Ferrari bicycle costs, what are its features and why in this segment the famous company managed to achieve a certain success.

About the bicycle brand Ferrari

Ferrari logo

You can not say that Ferrari is a bicycle brand. Rather, the brand is automotive, but has left an indelible mark in the world of cyclists as well. For the first time our compatriots were able to get acquainted with two-wheeled brand products in 2010. At that time, the novelty did not get a big stir – the lineup was appreciated by people who are far from cycling and the industry as a whole. Still Ferrari is a mastodon of the automobile industry, so the developers have not complicated themselves too much and produced the most ordinary bikes, the cost of which was comparable with units for serious competitions.

Nevertheless, one detail caught the eye immediately – the notorious alloy wheels, which are found on almost all “major” bikes. This element, of course, makes the bike many times more attractive, but does not add any running characteristics.


Ferrari lineup of bikes is not renowned for its variety – for the most part it is city bikes, which are not suitable for aggressive Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances riding.

However, the design of bikes clearly speaks to the opposite – a dynamic, stylish and expressive bike from the famous car brand will certainly attract the attention of others.

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Absolutely all representatives of the range is equipped with Shimano Tourney suspension equipment, suspension fork Suntour and disk brakes. A few words about the endurance models – at a relatively low weight (about 15 kg), the bike can withstand a rider weighing up to 120 kg.

Popular models

Despite the fact that the model lineup is not very diverse, the collection of Ferrari bicycles is worthy of attention of everyone who has at least a minimal relation to cycling. The first thing that catches the eye is the stylish and unified color scheme of bicycles. Stylish red, expressive black and impeccable white bikes Ferrari will certainly be appreciated by fans of sophisticated luxury.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the brightest representatives of the model range:

Ferrari F10

Ferrari F10

  • Bike Ferrari F10 (red). The bike is assembled on a frame of high quality aluminum alloy. The model is suitable for a rider of height 155 to 195 cm and weighing no more than 120 kg. 26-inch wheels with composite tread provide good traction and a good roll. The model comes with a 21-speed transmission, Shimano derailleurs and mechanical disc brakes. The package includes a pump, a set of keys for repair and maintenance of the bike, rear light, anti-theft rope, fenders and a water bottle with a holder. The leather saddle is height and angle adjustable.
  • Ferrari F8 bicycle (white). The model is assembled on a lightweight aluminum frame. Elastomer spring fork with 100 mm travel (rigidity can be adjusted). The bike comes with Shimano attachments, mechanical disk brakes and a reliable 21-gear transmission. Additional equipment is identical to the previous model.
  • Bicycle Ferrari F2 (black). The frame is made of durable but lightweight aluminum alloy. Spring-elastomer fork with adjustable stiffness level. Good rolling and traction is provided by 26-inch wheels with combined tread. The model is completed with reliable disk brakes and attachments from a well-known Japanese manufacturer.
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Absolutely all representatives of the model range are distinguished by an attractive design and cast discs, which, of course, can not fail to attract the attention of potential owners.

There is still one model, which was introduced to the audience in 2017. This is the Scuderia Ferrari SF01, a limited edition bike (only 12 copies). The frame of this model weighs only 780 grams. Price of pleasure – about 15 thousand dollars.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we give a general assessment of Ferrari bicycle products, a well-known phrase comes to mind here: “everyone should do what he does best”. This also applies to manufacturers of premium automobiles. If the company has initially positioned itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable cars, then to expect the same success, but in the manufacture of two-wheeled transport is at least strange.

Yes, with the design of bicycles the developers of Ferrari did well – the production really attracts the attention of others and looks impressive against the background of other models. Cast discs can not be called any innovation or unique technology – this element serves rather to increase the attractiveness of the model.

As for the price, for this money you can buy a bicycle of a proven and no less well-known brand. If you want to ride a bike with cast rims, you can pay attention to other manufacturers, whose range is able to meet the requirements of a wider range of consumers.

Choosing Tips

If your goal is to ride a bike exclusively Ferrari brand, we recommend contacting an authorized dealer or representative of the company, which will help you buy the original bike with all the necessary documents.

In this case, the purchase in the online store is accompanied by significant risks, since the buyer has no opportunity to check the bike before purchase.


Ferrari bikes fit perfectly into the bike fleet of rental companies. Spectacular appearance, unpretentious maintenance and relatively high quality attachments – what more do you need for a bike for the city? The usual cyclist who is looking for a harmonious combination of price and quality, should look for a more practical model, the price of which is not much hit on the wallet.

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