Bicycle Altair – varieties, advantages and disadvantages

The Altair is a simple, bright and affordable bike from a proven manufacturer. Altair is the choice of those who are easygoing and not ready to spend a lot of time on the care of the bike. About the history of the brand, what country is the manufacturer of Altair bikes, popular models, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these bikes – we will tell below.

History of the Altair brand

Altair logo

Altair bicycles – one of the directions of the company Forward, a popular manufacturer of modern bicycles. Country-producer of Altair bicycles – Russia, and more precisely the Perm region. The brand positions its products as a rational choice for everyday rides. The bikes are developed taking into account the domestic realities, in particular, the quality of roads.

The company provides a guarantee on all products. Frames are made of high quality steel. Almost all of the components for the bikes, the brand produces on its own. The main emphasis is placed on the reliability and durability of equipment. Most of the technological operations are robotized, which eliminates human error.

Our market already has enough mountain bikes, so a different niche was originally chosen for Altair bikes. The manufacturer produces bikes that do not need complicated repairs and long adjustments. They don’t have anything extra, but they have everything you need for a comfortable ride right now. And the prices are affordable for a wide range of cycling enthusiasts. In case of need, buying spare parts will not be a problem.

Varieties of bicycles

The brand offers only amateur models for cycling. The lineup is not particularly diverse, but the necessary minimum of mountain, city, teen and children’s bicycles is available. The manufacturer of bicycles Altair makes several ranges and about two dozen models. Everyone will be able to pick up a bike depending on their needs. For example, only in terms of wheel diameter there are options from 12 to 28 inches.

  • Mountain bikes are designed to ride on a variety of terrain, they will pass on sand, gravel and dirt.
  • City bikes are suitable for riding on roads without extremes or stunts.
  • Teenage models are universal bikes just a smaller size.
  • Children’s bikes are made according to a special size grid with an extra pair of auxiliary wheels.
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Many models of bicycles have a folding frame to ensure easy storage and transportation of products. Bicycle Altair in the folded state perfectly fits in the trunk of the car, it is easy to lift up the stairs on any floor, carry in public transport, as well as it will not take up much space on the mezzanine or in the closet.

Popular models

Right now, there are 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 versions of bikes available in stores.

Mountain bikes.

MTB HT AL 26 disc

MTB HT AL 26 disc

MTB HT AL 26 disc is a representative of mountain models with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. It is a hardtail with a front suspension fork, 80 mm fork travel and disc brakes. Transmission is 21 speeds. Frame size – 17 inches and wheel diameter – 26 inches. Includes: saddle, fenders, footrest, rear wheel spoke protection, as well as front and rear cataphot.

MTB HT 26 2.0 is a model from the mountain bike range. The main features: steel frame size 17 or 19 inches, shock absorbing fork with 80mm travel, 21 speed, disc brakes, wheels measuring 26 inches.

Two-pods are represented by the following models:

  • MTB FS 26 1.0 is a reliable entry-level two-pods. The main characteristics of this bike Altair: frame made of steel in the size of 16 and 18 inches, spring-elastomer fork has a stroke of 50 mm, wheel diameter – 26 inches. The bike has 18 speeds. Users note the laconic, stylish design and good shock absorption.
  • MTB FS 26 2.0 disc – a modern model for off-road riding. The product has a steel frame, shock absorbing fork with 50mm travel, rear shock absorber, double rims and disc brakes. The wheels are 26 inches in diameter.

Altair city bikes

This line includes models with different wheel sizes and colors: City 20, City 24, City High 28, City Low 28, City Low 28 3.0.

Variants with 28-inch wheels differ in frame height. There is no gear shifting, they have only one speed. These are simple models with basic equipment. The frame is made of steel, rigid fork, double rims and foot pedal brakes.

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City 20 2017 – a classic representative of urban models on 20-inch wheels. The frame is foldable. The product is available in four colors. One speed and a foot brake guarantee easy setup and maintenance.

City 24 2021 is a model with a folding steel frame, rigid fork, double rims and foot brakes. There are long fenders, handy rack, spring-loaded saddle, bell and footrest. Simple and not heavy bike that folds easily for transportation. Great option for women.

Teen range

MTB FS 20 Disc

Characterized by bright colors. Models for teens are made only in off-road versions. The most popular models are:

  • MTB HT 24 1.0 is a model with a 14-inch steel frame, rigid fork, V-Brake rim brakes and 6 speeds.
  • The MTB FS 20 Disc is a two-passenger bike with a special frame geometry for teenagers. The frame is made of steel, size – 13 inches, the fork stroke of 30 mm, the braking system is represented by disc brakes. The number of speeds – 6. Wheel diameter is 20 inches.
  • MTB FS 24 Disc is a two-pods with disc brakes. The main features: frame size – 14.5 inches, the fork stroke of 50 mm, wheel diameter – 24 inches, the type of brakes – disc brakes, transmission – 18 speeds.
  • MTB HT AL 24 Disc – bike with a lightweight aluminum frame measuring 12.5 inches. The model has a shock-absorbing fork with 80 mm stroke. The number of speeds – 7.

Children’s bikes

The youngest Altair offers the following options: Kids 14, Kids 16, Kids 18, Kids 20 – these are four-wheeled models with chain protection, handlebar padding, with a rack, full-size fenders, with a foot brake, bell and spring-loaded saddle.

The 2019 Kids 20 Compact is a bike with a 13-inch steel folding frame. The product is equipped with a stiff fork and foot brake.

City Kids 20 Compact 2017 is a folding bike for children from 5 to 9 years old. The model does not have a gear shift.

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MTB HT 20 1.0 2018, 2019 is a model for children from 5 to 9 years old. The frame size is 10.5 inches. Rim brakes – V-Brake. The diameter of the wheels is 20 inches.

Pros and cons

To the merits of Altair bicycles users include such characteristics:

  1. Affordable price of bicycles.
  2. Extended configuration. Even in basic versions there is almost all the necessary attachments.
  3. Warranty. The manufacturer gives a warranty of three years for the frame and six months for the attachments.
  4. Reliability. Thanks to high-precision robot welding, you can be sure that the product will withstand the appropriate loads and not fall apart on the road.
  5. Metal of high quality. The manufacturer uses pipe elements that meet the established requirements.
  6. Availability of certificates. Products are tested and certified before batches go on sale.

The disadvantages include heavy weight, especially in mountain models. As well as not too good quality of those components, which the company manufactures itself.

Recommendations for selection

Choosing an Altair bicycle

Choosing bicycles is not an easy task. If you are thinking about buying a bicycle for yourself or for a member of your family, then pay attention to the following points:

  1. The type of product. Take into account height and weight in order to choose the right model. Models for adults are divided into mountain bikes and city bikes. The former will be suitable for off-road riding, and the latter – for riding on the streets of the city.
  2. Wheels. They directly depend on the type of bicycle.
  3. Brakes. V-type braking system is suitable for most cyclists. Beginners should take a model with a foot brake.
  4. Equipment. To not have to buy anything, choose models with full equipment.


Altair is a well-known Russian brand that produces more than 20 models of bicycles for children and adults. Each of the positions in the catalog is aimed at meeting the needs of buyers. Modern design, original accessories and domestic production help the company to remain a leader in the budget segment of the bicycle market.

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