Audi bicycles – history, varieties

It is hard to find someone who is not familiar with Audi cars. German quality, safety and reliability are the hallmarks of cars that are sold around the world. Many will be surprised, but the Audi company has also established the production of two-wheeled equipment – the range of the famous brand includes bicycles.

Audi brand description

Audi logo

Many people know this brand as a manufacturer of good cars, the price of which can reach several million. Many have seen from personal experience how quality and reliability of cars of this brand.

And recently the company decided to master the production of two-wheeled vehicles. Despite the fact that Audi cars are popular and are often found on the roads, we can not say the same about bikes. Even within the city limits you can see Audi bikes. As for the bikes for off-road and mountain models, then the company still has a serious work to do.

The main problem for Audi, which has established the production of bicycles, is too high cost and obviously inflated expectations. The presence of the same cast rims does not save the situation – Audi bikes do not yet meet the requirements of their future owners.

Features of Audi bikes

Bicycle concepts the company has quite a lot – at one time the manufacturer announced both sports bikes and road bikes. But they did not take root among cyclists. As such popularity can be said only about Audi city bikes.

Nevertheless, the whole two-wheeled assortment of the company has some features:

  • Frame. Almost all bicycles are equipped with a carbon frame. There is, however, one model that stands out in this respect, but about that a little later. The lightweight frame is a distinctive feature of Audi bicycles. Its weight is not more than 1.6 kg.
  • Attachment. It includes the carriage, bushings, star system (rear and front), shifting rods, rear and front derailleurs, brakes.
  • Cast wheels. Another Audi feature that prevents dirt from getting on the wheels of the bike.

If we talk about other features of the bicycles of the discussed brand, it is impossible not to note the urban design and ergonomic design.

Varieties of models

Audi Duo

Audi Duo

The bicycle line of the company is represented by urban and mountain models, road and sports bikes, as well as electric bikes, equipped with the latest technology. You can argue for a long time about the pros and cons of each variety, but it is better to pay attention to the brightest representatives of each series:

  • Audi A1. It is a folding sitibike model, equipped with disc brakes, Shimano Tourey attachment and a shock-absorbing fork with a stroke of 100 mm. At first sight, the original geometry of the frame and alloy wheels draw attention. The bike weighs 15.5 kg, and its price ranges from 19,000 rubles.
  • The Audi A4 is already a mountain model, as the manufacturer claims. The dodger is exactly the same as the previous model, but the main difference is the fork. The mountain bike has a Roks Shox Dart. That’s pretty decent for a mountain bike, but the rest of the specs suggest that the Audi A4 is a more exotic option, but by no means a mountain bike.
  • Audi Duo is another bicycle model from the famous German concern. And, we must say, this is the only bike that is really different from other models and not only Audi. The fact is that its frame is made of wood. The bike is made at the factory Renovo Hardwood Bicycles. The model is equipped with a convenient luggage rack. It is distinguished by a fairly good assembly. The only nuance is the price of the bike. The simplest Audi Duo will cost the future owner about $6000.
  • Audi Worthersee. Quite an original e-bike model in a futuristic design. The bike is equipped with a modern computer, the screen which displays the current speed, the total kilometer and other information. Audi Worthersee is made of ultralight materials (model weight – 21 kg), can run up to 80 km/h.
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A large assortment of Audi bikes is available on the company’s website or at official dealers. The average price of bikes is 25,000 rubles. The cost of electric models is much higher.

Tips for choice

Audi Worthersee

It all depends on the specifics of use. Frankly, the price tag of the company is above average, so here of great importance are the financial capabilities of the potential owner. If we talk about the characteristics, the urban models of bicycles Audi really deserve attention: a stylish design, ergonomic exterior and comfortable rider fit. As for the mountain and sports bikes, then here it makes sense to turn to other manufacturers, which produce cheaper bikes of the same quality, and sometimes even better.


Audi bikes are sure to attract the attention of others. They look quite advantageous in the urban area, and are also characterized by a comfortable fit for the rider. But they have significant shortcomings, which noticeably affect the popularity of bikes – it is an unreasonably high price and not the most successful for long journeys geometry. If brand affiliation is not a decisive factor, it is worth looking at cheaper city bikes from other manufacturers.

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