Atom bicycles – types and popular models

A young Russian company produces the Atom bicycle, claiming the title of “people’s bike. The highlight of the manufacturer is considered to be the engineering of the frames using the latest software. The products easily compete with foreign brands in the niche of recreational, racing and budget bicycles. Components of success: quality, high achievements of athletes, a wide range of models, low price for bikes for beginners and intermediate level.

History of Atom bicycle brand

Atom logo

20 years ago the owners of the famous company Velomir together with professional riders registered a new company Atom. The founders chose a name symbolizing unceasing movement and energy. The designers were tasked with creating the first multi-sport brand in Russia. Many years of street riders’ experience were used in the development of new models. Engineers strengthened the frame and attachments, adapted all units for severe climatic conditions of the country. Production sites were created around the world, among which the most famous are in Taiwan and China.

The first lines of bicycles were designed for recreational, sport riding, extreme directions of European-class mountain biking. Released in 2003-2005. DX – hardtails became a legendary series that have gained popularity in the segment of reliable, versatile, affordable bicycles Atom.

In 2006-2009 the model lineup was updated with new bikes, created with the use of composite materials (MrDrop, XC900, XC1000). The Russian brand Atom caused the interest on the numerous international exhibitions. The product range included children’s two-wheelers, modern BMX bikes (from models for beginners to innovative modified bikes of professional level). Atom Racing riders involved in extreme biking have proved: the quality products of the brand is not inferior to Western competitors.

Currently, other brands have become leaders among Russian manufacturers. But the Atom bicycle remains a quality, popular, innovative product with a price range of 9-25 thousand rubles.

Varieties of bikes

In the creation of bikes Atom uses modern world technologies bicycle industry:

  • chrome-molybdenum lightweight alloy 4130 made in Japan;
  • triple batting;
  • frame nodes milling;
  • cold forging;
  • TIG welding
  • application of carbon fiber;
  • hydrostamping performed on a numerically controlled machine tool;
  • monocoque mechanisms;
  • hollow connecting rods and axle are heat-treated
  • rudder with maximum rigidity with 13 zones of variable thickness
  • monocoque saddle on a special pin is coated with cushioning foam.
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The frames are made of pipes of different thickness along their entire length. The method used reduces or increases the load, reduces the weight of the bike. Forget marking on the forged disc confirms the strength and rigidity of the metal. Expensive nanotechnology Monocoke is used in the manufacture of the handlebar, stem, the rear triangle and other structural elements of the brand Atom.

The brand is famous for a variety of frames: carbon, ultra-lightweight aluminum alloys, DH-two-suspension, etc.

great Atom

Atom bikes are represented by different types of models used by bikers in all kinds of riding:

  1. Road bike – 1.
  2. BMX – 3.
  3. Cruisers – 4.
  4. Freeride two-pods – 8.
  5. Cross-country – 10.
  6. Walking – 11 (6 bikes with folding frames).
  7. Sports hardtails – 17.
  8. Children’s and teenagers – 21.

For overcoming street obstacles suit Atom Racing bike. For racing on a difficult track produce a special design of hardtail. Full-suspension ultralight bikes are among the top models for Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances. Reliable BMX children’s and teenage Atom bikes are chosen for future riders who dream to engage in riding with tricks.

The best models

Atom’s strategy, developed by professional riders, has paid off. The market was surprised by the pace of development of the brand. Manufacturers anticipated new trends in cycling, ahead of time. For extreme trends produced Atom Mr Drop, Sam, Dirt. Classic models added to the line of BMX bikes on 20-inch wheels (Bomber Striker, etc.). The Atom bike continued to hold the leadership position.

Atom R1

Examples of popular Atom brand models are shown in the table.

Name Type Main Features
XC 500 Country The S-shaped shape of the rear feathers helps to dampen vibrations
RS shock-absorbing fork
27-speed Shimano drivetrain (LX level)
Mr Drop Mountain (MTB)
Made of chrome-molybdenum alloy
Stiff springs
Reverse speed adjustment
Wheels – 26 inches
Curved handlebar design
Atom R1 Highway Aluminum and carbon alloy frame
20 speeds
American Classic wheels weighing 1.5 kg
Shimano attachments
XC 200 Comfort Lady Mountain, cross country
Women’s Atom brand model
Threadless handlebar
Cushioning – Hard Tail
Fork level – recreational
21-speed transmission
Wheels – 26 inch
Bomber Sniper 2008 Electric bike Chromium-molybdenum alloy frame and fork
Wheels – 20 inch
Pedal platforms
Extreme Wolf II Road BMX Atom Folding Bicycle is made of light alloys
Hard Tail shock absorption
18 speed transmission
Wheels – 26 inches
Comfortable carrying handle
Atom Striker Racing BMX Aluminum frame
Rigid fork
Mechanical sliding brakes
Shimano transmission
Teen Bikes Atom
Matrix 240 DH
Matrix 200 S
Mountain (MTB), cross country Dual suspension
Steel frame
Spring-loaded elastomer fork
V-brake rim brakes
6 speeds
Wheels – 20 inch
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Atom bike recommendations

Most bikers consider two-wheeled transport of the Russian manufacturer as a quality product with a bright design. Active and long-term use of the bike does not require complex repairs and maintenance. Durable frame of its own production withstands extreme riding and stunts.

Professionals, along with the positive characteristics note a number of disadvantages to which they recommend paying attention. What to check when choosing an Atom bicycle:

  • theseat cushioning;
  • the softness and comfort of the saddle;
  • the height of the handlebar should be adjustable;
  • buy spare tires (factory tires wear out quickly);
  • note that technical specifications are indicative;
  • Inspect the components responsible for the drive (brakes, gear levers, chain, etc.).

Selected bike Atom should match the height of the cyclist and riding style, to be comfortable and convenient means of transportation.


The main “trumps” of the company Atom – a wide range of quality products, the use of innovative technologies, the budget price. The manufacturer is not afraid of competition, because the Russian brand is trusted.

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    I have an Atom DX Expert bike. I’m very happy with it, I’ve been riding it for two years without any problems. Now I’m looking for a bike for my ten-year-old son and I’m thinking of getting the same one, because of the lowered frame, it will suit teenagers as well.

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