Actico bicycles – description, model variations

Today the bicycle market offers a wide variety of models that meet the needs of both professional cyclists and ordinary fans of riding in city parks. There are units whose design is well thought out to the last detail – in them every detail is precisely verified, and the whole bike is assembled so clearly and intelligently that it seems as if it is not even a bike, but some kind of supermechanism. Of course, they are designed for professional athletes and those who are sick of bikes almost literally.

But today we will not talk about them – let’s talk about simpler models, which perfectly cope with the tasks facing the first bike. Chinese brand Actico and its products – today we will talk about bikes for a wide range of consumers.

Description of the manufacturer Actico

Aktiko logo

Affordability and mass – perhaps these are the main principles that characterize the products of the Chinese company. Actico produces bikes for everyone: folding and city models, children’s and teenage bikes, mountain and highway units.

A nice bonus for the cyclist is an affordable price. You can buy an Actico bicycle in Moscow, for example, for only 5,000 rubles. Is it reflected in the quality of assembly? Let’s take a look at the design features of Chinese products.

Features .

Bicycles from the Celestial Empire flooded almost the entire world. And if a professional cyclist has little interest in such equipment, those who are just mastering this type of transport, there is something to look at and from which to choose.

The company Actico is a relatively young brand that produces lightweight and practical bikes for the mass consumer. A distinctive feature of Chinese products is a wide range of models, as well as a number of other qualities:

  • Practicality of use. The design of Aktiko bicycles is simple and intuitive. Even a teenager can cope with minor repairs.
  • Reliability (subject to compliance with the manufacturer’s operating recommendations).
  • Affordable price. This is one of the main advantages. In the model range Actico quite a lot of children’s and teenage models. And for parents, the affordable cost of transport is a weighty argument.

Since we are talking about a budget brand, to take the disadvantages seriously is at least strange. Rather, these are comments. Given the Chinese origin of bicycles and their cost, the vast majority of models are equipped with attachments of dubious quality. Therefore, more experienced cyclists recommend immediately replacing the steering shifter for a higher-quality detail.

An important point! After the purchase you need to carefully adjust the operation of the transmission and adjust the brakes. In principle, a cursory technical inspection should be performed immediately upon arrival home.

Types of models

Chinese company offers consumers 3 main groups of bicycles: children, teenagers and adults, folding models. Let us outline the main characteristics of each category.

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Aktiko children's bicycle

Transport for the youngest riders is characterized by a comfortable fit, small wheels and primitive control system. The handlebars and saddle can be adjusted in height – this is a very practical parameter, which allows you to buy a bicycle for a child “to grow up”.

For kids who are just mastering the skills of cycling, the kit includes 2 safety wheels, which help keep your balance and avoid falling. Some models of children’s bicycles Actico are equipped with a luggage rack and fenders.

Teen and adult

This is a more extensive category, represented by a variety of models. Conventionally, teenage and adult bicycles can be divided into two groups:

  1. urban;
  2. mountain.

Mountain bikes are equipped with a shock-absorbing fork to soften the blow, massive tires with a deep tread pattern and a comfortable seat, which also softens the impact when riding off-road.

The potential owner has plenty to choose from. Adult Actico bicycles are equipped with wheels of different diameters, the brakes can be different, as well as the gear shifting mechanism. These factors determine the cost of the bike.


Actico Folding Bicycle

This category is represented by both children’s and adult bikes. A distinctive feature of the design is the folding mechanism. It is very convenient for transporting the bike – it can easily be folded and placed in the trunk of the car. In addition, folding bikes do not take up much space in the house or apartment when waiting for the new season.

The only nuance of such designs is more weight compared to conventional models.

Aktiko assortment

A variety of design execution, different equipment and purpose, the presence of additional devices – the range of Chinese products definitely deserves attention. Let’s designate the models that are in the greatest demand:

Actico 265 MT

Actico 265 MT

  • Actico 16. Stylish children’s bike, which is more suitable for boys (due to design). The model is equipped with 16-inch wheels, a steel frame and attachments made of plastic. The bike looks like a small motorcycle: a specially shaped handlebar, an elongated seat, the frame even has something like a fuel “tank”.
  • Actico 20. Folding design with a reduced diameter of wheels (20 inches). It is a city bike with six speeds. Lightweight design bike is very practical for riding in town. The cost of the bike varies in the range of 8,000 rubles. As for the shortcomings, users note the poor quality of the system of switching speeds and unreliability of the rims (literally after a couple of hundred kilometers they turn into an “eight”).
  • Actico 24. Not a bad two-pod for those who like to ride on a Sunday afternoon in the city park. The model features a successful frame design that allows the load to be evenly distributed. For teens and small riders, the Actico 24 is the right choice.
  • Actico 26. The manufacturer assures that the bike is suitable for use in the city and countryside with relatively smooth roads. The bike is equipped with a transmission with 18 modes, which allows you to pick up the best speed, 26-inch wheels and rim brakes. As additional “bonuses” are: protection for the chain, plastic fenders, folding footrest and mudguards. The main problem of the model – poor-quality shock-absorbing fork, so it should be replaced immediately after buying a bike. Users do not recommend riding the Actico 26 on sharp slopes – fraught with complete frame breakage. It costs about 10,000 rubles.
  • Actico 265 MT. This is a mountain model adult bicycle. The design provides a two-suspension shock absorption system and transmission with 21 modes. The model is equipped with disc brakes, a solid steel frame and 21-inch wheels. The owners of the bike warn of significant shortcomings: unstable paint coating, weak spokes, poor quality eccentrics and weak saddle attachment (constantly lowers while riding). For the relief off-road Actico 26 MT is clearly not the best option. The price of the bike ranges from 13,000 rubles.
  • Actico Citi. In this series it is possible to distinguish 2 samples: female and male. The model is equipped with 26-inch wheels and a front rack, which is very convenient for walks around town.
  • Actico Hardy. The model is equipped with 26-inch wheels, disc brakes and multi-speed transmission (21 modes). The model features a stylish design and the presence of shock-absorbing fork, which indicates the possibility of using it on rough terrain. It costs about 10,000 rubles.

Of course, this is not a complete list of the model range of the company Aktiko – these are just a few of the most striking and popular representatives.

Tips for choice

Expect excellent quality bicycles from the Chinese manufacturer should not be expected. Given the average cost of bicycles, you need to understand that some mechanisms are desirable to change immediately after the purchase of a bicycle. Nevertheless it is worth following the recommendations below, in order not to run into a frankly low-quality bike assembly:

  • The absence of scratches on the paint coating.
  • The integrity of all elements.
  • No traces of rust on the elements of the transmission.
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The first thing to look for is the absence of visible damage. The low price means the use of cheap parts and mechanisms of dubious quality. Therefore, when buying you should pay attention to every detail.

As for the choice of a particular model, the best option is sitibikes. They are relatively well assembled and do not so clearly show evidence of the widespread stereotype of Chinese products. If you still need a mountain bike, it is better to look for more high-quality models from well-known manufacturers.


The products of the Chinese company Actico definitely deserve attention by those who are just starting to nurture a love for the cycling lifestyle. Bikes Actico and for those who need a bike for occasional trips into town. Estimate Chinese products and parents who are well aware that the bike for a child is 1-2 seasons, and then you need a new one. As for experienced cyclists and those who appreciate quality and reliability, then Chinese products – clearly not the best option. After all, the price often speaks for itself.

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  1. Betty Coleman

    Great post! I recently bought an actico bike and i couldn’t be happier with it. It’s lightweight, comfortable to ride, and great for all kinds of terrain. The multiple model variations are a nice touch too, allowing you to customize the bike to best suit your needs. Highly recommend!

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