Bicycle alarm system – types, pros and cons

Unfortunately, the activity of intruders is becoming more and more sophisticated and elaborate every day. The problem of car thefts is acute in our country. Even more urgent issue is considered the theft of a bicycle – today in the periphery it is quite usual and widespread phenomenon. To fuse the “prey” is simple: repaint the frame, and that’s it. As a last resort, you can take off all the “trinkets” the previous owner to make the bike less recognizable. The statistics is sad – thieves steal almost new bikes right from the doorway, simply by cutting the cable lock.

Accordingly, more effective protection is needed. And here the owners who are reverent with their iron friend, bicycle alarm comes in handy. It is a small device that emits an audible signal that alerts the owner that his bicycle is subjected to mechanical impact.

Types of bicycle alarms

types of bicycle alarms

An anti-theft system makes a shrill sound every time someone tries to move the bike to another location. A motion or vibration sensor is triggered, which triggers the alarm mechanism.

There are four main categories of bike alarms. Some varieties are built directly into the lock and are simply activated by a key – usually a brake disc lock, wishbone or tether. Other types of alarms do not depend on the lock, but are also attached to the bike. There are also more modern devices that work in conjunction with a smartphone via Bluetooth or connect via a mini GPS tracker. Varieties of bicycle alarms:

  1. The most primitive, a siren, makes a loud sound at the slightest attempt to move the bike. As a rule, a thief is frightened by the unexpected and very loud sound, and as a result, he rushes to retreat from the scene of the crime and leave other people’s property in peace.
  2. Not a bad alternative to the siren – alarm system for bicycles with a keychain. The owner turns on and off the security system at its discretion.
  3. A system with a code lock is a more advanced mechanism for protecting your property. The lock cannot be opened until the correct combination of numbers is entered. If you enter the code incorrectly, an audible alarm goes off.
  4. Alarm system with feedback. The system not only emits a shrill sound when a theft is attempted, but also sends the owner information about the physical impact on the bike.

The most effective is considered the use of several forms of protection at once. Especially when it comes to an expensive vehicle.

Advantages of an alarm system with remote control

This is a very effective method of protecting your bike from theft – with any impact on the bike the system begins to emit a loud sound up to 120dB (this is quite enough to attract the attention of others and feel the discomfort of your own ears).

Bicycle alarm with remote control has special settings that allow you to slow down the response of the device in case the bike is parked in a noisy place (for example, to avoid triggering due to a passing car nearby). When such an alarm is used, the owner is informed of an attempted theft.

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Highly intelligent lock

The smartphone opens up many possibilities for its owner. If you combine it with an electronic alarm module, you can get comprehensive information about the movement of the bike. Earlier such protection was used only on cars, today similar devices are equipped with bicycles as well.

Lock 8

One of the best models is Lock 8. The device began to be produced back in 2014. Today, the functionality of the alarm allows not only to prevent theft, but also to obtain data about the whereabouts of the bike. There is, however, one nuance – the device is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and this imposes some restrictions on the distance between the owner and the bike.

Disadvantages of bicycle alarms

There is no perfect security system. Likewise, the bicycle alarm system has its drawbacks, among which the following points can be noted:

  • Some models in standby mode can consume quite a lot of energy, so the owner will have to charge the mechanism in time or change the batteries.
  • As a rule, the alarm does not sound more than 30 seconds (this is due to the need to save battery power). Such a short time can play a cruel joke – the sound can stop at the most inopportune moment. As a result, the alarm “roar” in unmanned garages, and then the thief quietly take away the bike in an unknown direction.
  • In some alarm systems the power elements are easily removed, that is, an attacker, seeing that the bike is protected, can first secure yourself from detection, and then quietly complete the started thing.

The conclusion here can only be one: if you have a bicycle dear to your heart and pocket, you should store it in a safe place (preferably with security cameras nearby). If you can not park your bike in a safe place – use a quality alarm system that can warn in time about the actions of a thief.

How a bicycle alarm works


Bicycle security system frees the owner from the need to paint the bike in some toxic shade or remove expensive parts every time you have to leave your friend alone with this world. The device is inexpensive and will certainly cost much less than searching for a stolen vehicle or buying a new one.

How does the alarm work? The protection mechanism involves the presence of a vibration sensor or motion sensor. As soon as it is triggered, the alarm emits a sound signal. The sensor is triggered at vibration levels up to 120 dB. It can be adjusted in time, for example, it will be triggered if the vibration lasts longer than the set time.

How to set it up

Experienced riders advise installing a bicycle protection system under the saddle on a pin. Manufacturers of alarms provide the ability to tighten the mounting bolts as securely as possible.

You can buy a bicycle alarm, or you can make your own. An ordinary wireless bell for the front door will do. You only need to rearrange the contact so that it works on opening. After that the bell is mounted in the end of the handlebar grip and, having changed the bell to a “howler”, use as intended. To do this, the button is pressed and in this state rest the handlebar against a tree or any other support. Now, when you try to move the bike from its place, you will hear a beeping sound.

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Homemade alarms have disadvantages – it is not loud enough in contrast to the factory devices. In addition, it can go off if the bike accidentally falls or someone just bumps it.

How to Choose a Bicycle Alarm

choosing an alarm system for your bike

Given the not bad variety of security mechanisms, choosing the right device can be difficult for inexperienced bike owners. What to pay attention to? There are several selection criteria:

  1. Type of device. Today, the consumer has a choice between radio locks, brake discs and cable locks. A radio lock just makes a noise, a brake disc lock keeps the wheel from moving, but a cable lock will have to be hacked before the cycle starts.
  2. Size. Bicycle locks range in length from small mechanisms to bulky units. This is due to different mechanisms and designs. Radio locks can be compact, but brake discs are more impressive in size.
  3. Material. There are plastic, metal, zinc or steel alarms on sale.
  4. The strength of the sound. Most devices emit a discomforting sound for the human ear. The volume of the security system ranges from 100 to 133 decibels, depending on the model.
  5. Water resistance. This is a very important parameter, since bikes are often left outdoors, where there is a chance of rain, wind, snow and other weather troubles.

You should also pay attention to the number of batteries required for the alarm system. For example, there are devices that are quite sufficient for 3 batteries, and there are devices that require 12 batteries.

Selection of the best bicycle alarms

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

To make the choice easier, we suggest paying attention to the rating of the best mechanical anti-theft systems:

  1. Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2. The alarm system is a lock in the form of a cable with fasteners. The device is made of high quality hardened steel of high strength. The alarm is designed to prevent almost any attempted theft of the bicycle. The user has the opportunity to order a duplicate key. The anti-theft system is resistant to all weather troubles. The model comes with additional accessories that protect the wheels of the bike. The system is quite bulky, it will take some time to install and remove it. The approximate cost of the alarm system is 3,000 rubles.
  2. Blusmart Bike Security Cable. The system is represented by a cable lock, which is almost unbreakable. An excellent choice for those who have to leave their bikes in crowded places. It is unlikely that an intruder will risk cutting the cable in front of a large number of people. Nevertheless, even with this anti-theft system, it is better not to leave your friend for a long time. The alarm system is distinguished by its compact size and affordable cost (about 1,500 rubles).
  3. Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85. Quite reliable anti-theft system from the German manufacturer, which can be put on any two-wheeled equipment (bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles). The circumference of the product is 85 cm, which allows you to securely fix the bike by the frame and wheel. The model is a thick steel links, which are coated with liquid silicone – this prevents damage to the paint coating. Included is a case for comfortable transportation. The price is about 10,000 rubles.
  4. YVYV Bicycle Alarm YV-610. Quite a simple model, which is quite tolerably copes with its duties. To activate the system, which runs on regular batteries, you need to enter a given combination. The beep is loud enough – so loud that everyone in the room decently clogs the ears. Feedback from users suggest that the device is triggered by the movement of the frame, and to remove the batteries without disturbing the motion sensor, it is simply impossible.
  5. Bicycle lock GK 202.802. The housing of the alarm reliably protects the mechanism from dust and moisture. The system is characterized by increased sensitivity and a very loud sound signal. There is an additional wheel lock, which prevents the bike from being stolen. The approximate cost of the model – 2000 rubles.
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Skylock anti-theft system

Now let’s turn to more modern anti-theft systems:

  • Lock8. Opens our rating of a smart anti-theft system, to activate or deactivate which will need a smartphone or tablet. It comes with a key fob, which will come in handy when the gadget runs out of power. Built-in GPS allows you to always be aware of the location of the bike. The device emits a powerful enough sound signal, and sends a notification to the owner when an attempted theft of the bike. The mechanism is characterized by its compact size and durable casing. Approximate price – 8500 rubles.
  • Noke U-Lock. Another innovative system of bike theft protection, which is represented by a Bluetooth lock that works by means of a smartphone or tablet. To activate the anti-theft system, you need to connect your phone to the gadget – even a schoolboy can cope with the settings. Lock in auto mode scans the area for the presence of its owner and removes the lock. If the battery runs out, you can use the code cipher. Approximate cost of the lock is 3 000 rubles.
  • Skylock. The model has much in common with the previous version – also works via Bluetooth connection. The key feature is that an intruder will definitely not be able to deactivate such a system – the Skylock alarm system has a lot in common with the car anti-theft system. There is one significant disadvantage – a high price (about 12,000 rubles). Therefore, such a device is reasonable to use for the protection of very expensive bicycles.

It is difficult to find a stolen bicycle. Moreover, if the thief worked “to order”, that is, he was hunting for your bike, it will be difficult to find the thread. Therefore, owners should protect their property from theft as much as possible.


The minimum cost of a primitive alarm system – 500 rubles. To buy a more effective protection will have to spend several thousand. If it seems like a waste of money to you, then imagine how much time you will have to spend searching for your iron horse or buying a new bike.

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