How to choose a child bike seat – recommendations

The warm season is a great time to spend more time outside and riding bicycles. Often adults are hesitant to bike, citing the fact that their child is too young to ride on his or her own. But having a baby doesn’t have to drastically change the time together for the family. By installing a child’s bike seat, you can ride with a toddler who has learned to sit. What is the best child seat on a bicycle to choose, and the child was happy, and parents do not worry about safety – tell us below.

Variety of child seats

child safety seat

To understand how to choose a child seat on a bicycle, let’s understand what they are. Bicycle seats are divided by size (for children weighing up to 15 kg and for those with a mass up to 22 kg) and the place of attachment (front and rear).

The advantages of the front bike seat:

  1. The baby is constantly in front of your eyes.
  2. Children have a good view of the road.
  3. The luggage carrier remains unobstructed.
  4. Suitable for bike models that have a rear shock absorber.


  1. Space for fixing the seat in front is not enough, so this option is only suitable for babies under three years of age and weighing up to 15 kg. Further and the baby will not be comfortable to sit in front, and an adult, because it obscures the visibility of the road.
  2. Pedaling becomes uncomfortable on some models of bicycles after a child seat has been installed.
  3. Many cyclists note a deterioration in maneuverability.
  4. Some parents complain that they become inattentive when the child swivels in front of them.
  5. It is not uncommon for a child to accidentally hit a parent with the back of the head on the chin, leading to accidents.
  6. Usually such bicycle seats are made in small sizes, so they do not guarantee proper protection. And after all, the main task of a bike seat – to ensure safety.

There are two options for attaching a rear bike seat: on the seat tube or on the trunk.


  1. The child does not distract the driver and does not interfere with the operation of the device.
  2. Reliably protects the child – these seats have a higher class of safety.
  3. For those who plan long trips, there are models of child seats, in which the body is reclined, and the baby can sleep.
  4. Mounting on the seat tube ensures good shock absorption. Removing and attaching the seat is very easy. These devices are suitable for most bikes and have a high load capacity.
  5. With a bike seat, which is attached to the trunk, transport children weighing up to 25 kg. But it will be uncomfortable to ride off-road. To provide better cushioning, you will have to put additional springs on the bike.


  1. The passenger has a poor view of what is going on in front.
  2. The child is out of sight of the parent.
  3. Not suitable for a bike with rear shock.
  4. The center of gravity shifts and skidding is possible.

Advice for your selection

Which child bike seat to choose depends on:

  • the weight of the passenger;
  • the duration of the trip;
  • the construction of the bicycle (the shape of the frame, the size of the wheels matter).

Before you go to the store, read the tips on how to choose a child seat on a bicycle. It is worth considering such characteristics:

  1. High backrest and protection on the sides all around the design. This will keep the child in an emergency situation.
  2. Body material. All models are made of plastic. It is important that the product has an anatomical shape, and the construction itself was strong, wear-resistant, non-toxic material.
  3. The chair should be of a size and design to fit a child with a helmet on his head.
  4. Soft inner covers, preference should be given to those made of breathable material.
  5. Three-way foot protection and foot straps.
  6. The ability to adjust the footrests, as well as the height of the backrest according to growth.
  7. The presence of adjustable three-point or five-point harness with special pads and with a secure buckle.
  8. It is convenient if the child seat has a safety railing, where the child can hold or where toys are attached.
  9. The presence of armrests and backrest adjustment to change the position of the baby’s body. The ability to unfold the seat for the child to sleep – the more important the younger the baby. Armrests will protect your child’s hands in case of a fall.
  10. It is good if the seat will have ventilation holes – then the passenger will not be hot.
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After determining what parameters are fundamental for you, you can proceed to the selection of a particular model. To choose a child’s seat is better to go to a bike store. Do not forget to check that the kit had all the necessary fittings to install the device.

On the question of which is better to choose a bike seat, pediatricians advise to choose a quality product from reputable manufacturers, matched to the child’s weight. Quality models can not cost cheap. Buying an inexpensive bike seat is always a risk: questionable comfort and no guarantee of safety. Also, children’s doctors emphasize that it is undesirable to take a baby under a year old on long shared bike rides.

How to install a bicycle seat

types of bike seat mounts

After you have dealt with the question of how to choose a child bike seat, the next question is how to install it. Installation consists of these steps:

  1. Adjust the bike seat to size and install the mounting holes until they click into place.
  2. Install the bike seat and try it out to see if it interferes with the ride.
  3. Sit your baby down and adjust the harness to your baby.
  4. Take your baby out and make sure the nut is securely fastened.

Before you go on a trip, check the integrity of the construction, the reliability of the main assemblies, the correct installation, the tightening of the fastener. Always use a helmet and secure your child with the safety harness.

Top models of bicycle seats for children

The best manufacturers include the following brands: Hamax AS from Norway (the most expensive), Bellelli from Italy, Britax-Romer from the UK, Author from the Czech Republic, Polisport from Portugal, Flinger and Sheng Fa from Taiwan (the most affordable).

Let’s take a look at the rating of the best bicycle seats for a child, and consider their pros and cons:

Polisport Bilby Junior

Polisport Bilby Junior

  1. Polisport Bilby Junior.

Bicycle seat from the Portuguese manufacturer. The device has a special marking – the European quality standard. The body of the seat is made of durable material, it is resistant to burnout, and the cover is removable. It fastens on the front, on the seat part of the frame with the rear fastening, it’s convenient that the trunk remains free. Weight of the device – 2.3 kg, allowable child weight – 9-15 kg. Installing the product is easy, no additional tools are needed. The bike seat has three-point safety belts. Legs are protected by special footrests, which can be adjusted as needed. The presence of a seat does not interfere with the ride and bike control. The disadvantages include straps that fall off the shoulders.

  1. Hamax.

The Norwegian company is characterized by a well-thought-out design and stylish appearance.

  • Hamax Caress is a bicycle seat that can be attached to the seat tube. Bearing bars of the mount create a good cushioning. The body material is polypropylene and the seat itself is made of soft, breathable fabric. Suitable for riding children up to 22 kg. The main feature of this device – the ability to adjust the angle of recline, if the child is tired and fell asleep. In addition, the backrest and footrest can be adjusted according to the growth of the child. There are three-point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and a sturdy buckle. The straps are adjustable in length and height, so that the passenger is securely fastened and cannot unfasten them himself. The feet are fixed with rubber straps. Install and remove the product easily, but reliably.
  • Hamax Sleepy is a rear-mounted bike seat. There is an indicator, which confirms the correct installation. It is designed for boys and girls from 1 year to 6 years. The seat can change the angle of tilt, so the baby will be comfortable in it to sleep. There are three-point safety belts, they can not be undone without the help of an adult. The footrests are adjustable for your baby’s height. Thanks to the good cushioning on rough roads, the child does not faint. It can be mounted on different models of bikes, both with and without a carrier.
  • Hamax Observer is a comfortable seat for both passenger and rider. The product is easy to fasten and designed for frequent cycling. It sets up quickly, does not interfere with the driver at all, and the child has an excellent view. If possible, we recommend purchasing a safety screen to protect your child from wind gusts, insects, etc. Three-point safety harnesses hold the child securely. Legs are protected by adjustable footrests with locking straps. Plastic armrests make the ride even more comfortable. The bike seat is designed for a boy or girl weighing up to 15 kg.
  1. Sheng Fa YC-801.
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Inexpensive bike seat model. Quickly attaches to the trunk. Lightweight and durable body is suitable for a child who weighs up to 25 kg. There are three-point straps that provide safety during transportation. The disadvantages, according to users, include an uncomfortable system of foot straps, but it is easy to improve on their own. As well as the lack of padded shoulder pads. Bolts additional fasteners unscrew with a strong jolt. Suitable seat not every bike, it is better to use it with models that have wheels from 26 inches. This is a comfortable, beautiful and compact seat. Ideal for short distance riding, preferably on asphalt.

  1. Thule Ride Along Mini.

This is a front-facing bike seat. The passenger has a clear view. The product has five-point safety belts, which do not make your child uncomfortable, because they have special pads. The footrests of the bike seat adjust to the parameters of the baby, the feet are fixed by plastic straps. The seat has a weight of 2.7 kg and is designed for a baby up to 15 kg. The product is quickly fixed and removable.

  1. Vinca Sport VS 801.
Vinca Sport VS 801

Vinca Sport VS 801

Rearward-facing seat for use instead of the roof rack. The side walls reliably protect the baby in case the bicycle falls down. Despite the apparent fragility of the bike seat, it can withstand heavy loads. The seat has holes, thanks to which the air is ventilated. Managing a bicycle after installing a child seat does not become more difficult – it does not interfere with the ride. The advantages include: three-point safety belts, load capacity up to 22 kg, armrests and footrest, good depreciation, high backrest.

  1. M-Wave SF-928L.

Inexpensive child bike seat. The device is easy to fix on the trunk. The model of the child’s bike seat provides for transportation of a passenger weighing up to 22 kg. Safety on the road is guaranteed by safety straps and an extra handle. The footrests can be adjusted to the child’s height. The disadvantages: the driver’s feet touch the seat when pedaling.

  1. Author.

The brand produces models of bicycle seats with different types of fixation.

  • Rabbit Sportfix – front bike seat with universal fixation and a soft pad on the seat. Suitable for passengers up to 15 kg. The footrests are height-adjustable, there are straps for fixing the shins. The child’s body is secured by three-point harnesses. The disadvantages include squeaking on bounces and dropping the straps from the shoulders.
  • Bubbly maxi FF is a bike seat that is mounted on the back. The mount is screwed to the frame, and the seat is put on top. Removing the seat is easy – you just need to press the button and pull out the body. The bike seat is made of plastic: lightweight but durable. Maximum load capacity up to 22 kg. The three-point harness straps secure your child in the seat. Fastening the straps is easy, but to remove them, you have to press the button and pull. Footrests are adjustable to the child’s height, the foot is fixed by the straps. Good cushioning allows you to ride on any road.
  • Boodie CFS – bike seat is fixed on the trunk. The product is ergonomically designed. It has three-point safety straps. Footrests are adjustable in several positions. The seat is designed for a child weighing up to 22 kg. It can be easily mounted and dismounted.
  1. Bobike One Mini.
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Bicycle seat of excellent quality and design. The kit comes with two types of mounts: for mountain bikes and for city bikes. Bike seat quickly and securely attached to the frame. The device is designed for passengers up to 15 kg. Quite roomy seat is equipped with a soft cushion and removable cover. The height of the leg supports is adjustable. Three-point safety harnesses hold the child perfectly. The handling and maneuverability of the bike after the installation of a child seat does not change. Of the disadvantages: no grips for the child to hold on to.

  1. Britax Remer Jockey Comfort.
Britax Remer Jockey Comfort

Britax Remer Jockey Comfort

Rear-mounted bike seat, suitable for a child weighing up to 22 kg. The safety harness straps are adjustable to suit the height of the passenger, and the plastic straps are attached to the feet. The plastic body of the bike seat is lightweight, but durable and shockproof. On the plus side: comfortable fit with wide padded armrests, adjustable seat (higher-lower) and a sleeper position. The length of the footrest is also adjustable. Of the disadvantages: the weight of the product is 5.5 kg and a high price.

  1. Bellelli.

The Italian manufacturer has a quality design of bicycle seats.

  • Bellelli Pepe Clamp.

The bicycle seat is made of durable plastic. It can be attached to the seat tube from behind with four hexagonal bolts or you can mount it to the trunk. If possible it is better not to mount the carrier, as it will be softer and more comfortable for the child. On large bumps, it is possible lapping of the structure to the wheel for a fraction of a second. The length of the harness and footrest is adjusted to the parameters of the child. The product holds up to 22 kg. Of the pluses: safety design, numerous ventilation holes, soft padding removable for washing, easy and quick attachment, a variety of colors.

  • Bellelli MrFox Standart.

A bicycle seat that is fixed in the back. Although the seat is rear-fastened, but the view for the baby is sufficient. Designed for children up to 22 kg. The pluses include: light weight, affordable price, secure attachment, three-point safety straps and adjustable footrest with locks. On the downside, not every bike model will fit. This seat will not fit on a bike with a rear shock absorber and is not suitable for non-circular frames. In addition, the diameter of the wheels must be more than 26 inches.


The bicycle as a means of transportation is becoming increasingly popular. Walking with the whole family gives a sea of impressions and emotions. Involve the child to cycling should be as early as possible. Even from one year old he will be interested in riding. New impressions and fresh air are sure to benefit the little passenger.

A rear-mounted child seat is a better choice for a number of reasons. The most important thing is to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe. Now that you know how to choose a child bike seat, you will definitely make the right choice. With this important attribute, rides together will not only be fun, but also safe.

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