Backpack on the trunk – types and best models

The bicycle is a unique means of transportation in many ways. Obvious savings, effective exercise and health benefits, mobility – it would seem that we are talking about the perfect vehicle. But with the exception of one thing: going somewhere far away, involuntarily think about where, in fact, to pack their belongings?

Take at least a bicycle tour with friends – where to put the tent, warm clothes, equipment for fishing, dishes and other things? In the usual backpack can not carry a lot, and go with bulky load on his shoulders is not very convenient. Therefore, cyclists who prefer a long journey, you should pay attention to the backpack on the trunk. This is the best option when you need to transport a lot of things and take the load off your back and shoulders. Choosing the right model will help take away quite a lot of things. Therefore, our task today – to tell you about the benefits of backpacks and nuances that may encounter their owner.

For what purposes do you need a bike backpack on the trunk

The main function of bicycle backpacks is to transport cargo. When you have to go on a long trip, it is important to take the necessary things with you. Food and water, a tent, utensils and warm things, as well as any other tourist equipment. Today, the bicycle is increasingly becoming the optimal means of transportation, so the appearance on the market of a special design to carry a large number of things – quite a logical pattern.

So it is a bicycle backpack type “pants” allows you to compactly arrange a lot of things that may come in handy on the road. But that’s not all – bike backpack also performs other functions:

  • Allows you to relieve the back, shoulders and spine;
  • Provides more stability bike if the load is distributed evenly;
  • Bike backpack with mounts on the trunk does not interfere with driving and does not create a nuisance while turning;
  • As a rule, most models have the ability to mount not only to the trunk, but also to the seatpost, which greatly simplifies the use of backpack.

There are other advantages of using this accessory. Modern models allow you to compactly place the necessary things on the road in sectors. This means that the cyclist will not have to turn over all the contents to find a navigator or get a bottle of water. Moreover, the variety of designs allows you to choose the right backpack depending on what things will be carried in it more often. Here we come smoothly to the next point.


types of bicycle backpacks

Conventionally, bicycle backpacks, attached to the trunk, can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Single volume.
  2. Sectional.
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The first category is in the form of a solid bag with special straps and fasteners for easy movement on the bike rack and shoulders. But models of this plan do not allow you to rationally distribute things – to get something lying at the very bottom, you will have to unpack the entire backpack.

In this regard, sectional products are much more practical and convenient to use design. The presence of removable compartments greatly simplifies the issue with storage and transportation of things. Most often, sectional bike backpacks have two bags and one upper section. In case you need to transport not very many things, you can simply unhook one section, which will make the backpack less voluminous.

Choosing the right backpack

What to look for when choosing the right model? Experienced travelers recommend considering the following parameters:

  • Try to choose a product with a dimensionless top, which is simply pulled together by a single cord.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the bicycle backpack has reflective elements on its surface, allowing for safe movement of the cyclist at night.
  • Make sure the straps are securely fastened and sturdy.
  • Choose models with pockets on the front. Preferably, the sides should have a smooth surface – this reduces the likelihood of interference while riding.

It is good if the bike backpack has many small pockets with secure fasteners. This allows you to place things like your phone, navigator, wallet, water bottle, etc. within reach.

Of course, the bicycle backpack should be chosen taking into account the model of the bike and the peculiarities of its design. During the movement of the bag with things should not interfere with corners and perform other maneuvers. Moreover, pay attention to the dimensions of the packed bag – remember that the luggage should not interfere with other traffic and create emergency situations on the roads.

How to properly install a bicycle backpack


Buying a bicycle backpack on the trunk, you should take care in advance about the presence of special rubber pads, which protect the decorative coating of the bike. In order for a loaded back part of the bike does not create additional oscillation during the movement, you need to properly distribute the load: heavier things to put in the lower part, and the lighter things to put on top.

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To ensure that the bike backpack is securely fastened, you need to pull it with mounting slings as close to the seatpost as possible. Please note that cycling backpacks should be positioned as close to the ground as possible to prevent the bicycle rack from sliding around.

Popular models

The large selection of models is a good thing. But only until you personally encounter one yourself. To ease your agony, we suggest looking at proven models of bike backpacks:

Mustang 90

Mustang 90 bike backpack.

  • Dakar 60/8. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a rigid frame, which securely holds the contents of the backpack and prevents it from slipping off the trunk while riding. Backpack capacity is 60 liters. There is one common and two side sectors, which allow you to comfortably place the design on the bike rack. Backpack is made of quality waterproof fabric, which can withstand considerable stress. The cost of backpack – 2600 rubles.
  • Mustang 90. It is quite roomy product with a capacity of 90 liters. The model is made of high-quality and durable material with special inserts of PPE in the places of the greatest wear. Upper flap can be removed. Backpack is equipped with special ties, comfortable carrying handles and pockets that can be placed signal lights. The cost of the product – 3500 rubles.
  • Mirage 80. One of the most versatile models that can be used both for biking and for classic backpack use, that is, the shoulder carrying method. Side straps are removable (can be removed into the appropriate holes), there are special polyethylene inserts, giving the necessary rigidity, a good capacity (80 liters), there are reflective elements, made of waterproof fabric – a relatively low weight (only 1.4 kg) is quite comfortable and convenient model, which will take with a lot of things.
  • Trek 70. Trek is a three-part backpack with a capacity of 70 liters. If necessary, you can use one section separately. It has a reinforced inner part of the backpack, which prevents the premature abrasion of the surface. A distinctive feature of this model is a special tube that allows you to intelligently distribute the weight of your luggage. The cost of backpack – 4000 rubles.
  • Virazh 50. Compact model bicycle backpack type “pants” volume of 50 liters is made of durable and waterproof fabric, which effectively resists the effects of ultraviolet rays. Upper compartment is equipped with a special valve, which allows you to get the right thing, even during the movement. The model has many pockets, which allows rational use of hiking bag. The cost of backpack – 3000 rubles.
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As you can see, the choices are good. Now every cyclist will be able to find the most suitable bag for carrying things, which will allow you to decide on a long journey, taking with you a tent and other necessary things in the campaign.

Is it possible to make a backpack on the trunk of your own

You can, and there is nothing difficult about it. To do this, you will need:

  • Strong, waterproof and abrasion-resistant fabric (cut length – 2 meters).
  • A sling (necessary length – 10 meters).
  • Reflective tape or decorative elements (in sufficient quantities to ensure good visibility at night).
  • 2 latches.
  • 2 zippers.

The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Make a pattern of the future backpack (you can find ready-made templates on the network).
  2. Cut out all the elements from the fabric.
  3. Make mirror patterns of the second “pant legs”.
  4. Sew on the sling.
  5. Sew all the parts together.
  6. Sew both tops, zippers on pant leg and top.
  7. Sew all tops together and sew on the sling.
  8. Attach reflective elements all over.

You can sew the top section and the 2 side sections separately, with a zipper between them. In this case, you will get a sectional backpack.


Bicycle backpack on the trunk – this is a practical solution for those who have long wanted to go camping, but refuse due to the inability to take a sufficient number of things with them. This device allows you to bring not only a tent and warm clothes, but also many other items that will be useful in hiking conditions. The availability of a wide range of stores allows everyone to find the best option that will solve the problem with storage and transportation of goods.

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