Bicycle glovebox – what is it for, best models

When going on a trip on your two-wheeled friend, you should take care to have such an item as a bicycle glove compartment. It allows you to take with you the things you need on the road (e.g., repair kit for the bike, a set of tools). Let’s find out what is the difference between a bike glove compartment and other designs, such as a bike backpack on the trunk.

Popular models of bike gloveboxes

Bicycle glovebox is a bag of various shapes and sizes. It is attached to the fixed elements of the bicycle (most often on the frame). Even Soviet models came standard with a miniature purse made of leatherette, which was attached to the bicycle frame. Modern models are made of other materials. Today’s bike gloveboxes can have different shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are highly specialized models, for example: for water, only for tools, gadgets, etc.

The purpose of such an accessory is obvious – comfortable movement. The cyclist does not always have the ability to take a cumbersome backpack in which you can put all the necessary things on the road. But also go “lightweight” – not the best option. The same phone and wallet need somewhere to put. Therefore, a compact bicycle glovebox may be the best option for those who travel short distances.

Saddlebag glove compartment

There are several types of bicycle gloveboxes:

  • Bag on the frame. This model is great for those who ride for short distances. Depending on the type of design, in such a glove compartment you can put the necessary tools for repairs, a spare camera, documents and other small items. As a rule, such gloveboxes are equipped with separate compartments, which are convenient for storing money, phone and other small items.
  • Glove box on the steering wheel. The optimal choice for situations where you need to take only a minimal set of things. Smartphone, a primitive set of tools, a camera in case of a puncture etc. The models are made so compact that they don’t take up much space and don’t hinder steering. Thanks to the convenient design, which opens from the top, you can get the necessary items directly on the road.
  • Bag under the frame. And this is a good choice for travelers who prefer one-day trips. The subframe glove box is attached to the upper and seat tube of the bike. Such a bag holds many more items that may come in handy on the road.
  • Seatrest glovebox. Bags in this category have different shapes and sizes. Products are attached directly to the saddle of the bicycle. In fact, this is a classic version of the bicycle glove box, which perfectly copes with its tasks.

Please note that almost all modern models of bicycle gloves are equipped with reflective elements, which significantly increases the safety of the cyclist on public roads.

How to make a glove compartment for bicycle with your own hands

If you are a supporter of all kinds of alterations and master classes, we recommend that you pay attention to the way of making a bicycle glove compartment with their own hands. To begin with, you need to decide on the type of design, the size of the bag and the place of its intended attachment. After that – prepare the necessary material:

  • a piece of leatherette or leather (23*20 cm);
  • shoemaker knife;
  • ruler or sewing tape;
  • chalk or a piece of soap for marking;
  • rivets and other sewing tools that can be found in any home.
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Now you can proceed to the fabrication of the bicycle glove box. A primitive work algorithm looks as follows:

  1. With the help of stationery to make a pattern of the future product. The contours of the future glove compartment should be applied to the wrong side of the material.
  2. Cut out the workpiece.
  3. Use a knife or an awl to make holes for the rivets.
  4. We mount the fasteners and shape the workpiece at the bends, fixing the product with rivets.

In essence, the compact bicycle bag is ready. It only remains to make clasps, with which the glove compartment will be attached under the saddle or bike frame. Velcro and clasps can be made from leftover leather.


bike glovebox

Carrying luggage for the cyclist is quite a pressing issue. Some give preference to bicycle backpacks for the trunk, some reserve the right to use an ordinary shoulder bag. But avid cyclists adhere to a certain concept of Bikepacking—what-it-is–pros-and-cons-of-bikepacking-bags. The idea is to maximize the compact and ergonomic arrangement of all the necessary things on the road so that the luggage does not interfere with the cyclist and does not overload the vehicle.

Thus, a homemade glove compartment for a bicycle can become the most comfortable accessory, allowing you to take the most necessary items with you on the road.


A bicycle glove compartment is a compact bag that is attached to the frame, handlebars or under the saddle of the bicycle. Depending on the type of product, the glove box can hold both a standard set of tools for camping repairs, and a wider range of accessories that may come in handy on the road.

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