What to get the cyclist – a list of options

One and a half billion people ride bicycles every day, twice the number of cars and motorcycles. The law of supply and demand has quickly worked in the bicycle market. Consumers are presented with thousands of products that no biker can do without. For those who are wondering what to get a biker, we suggest a shopping spree together.

Bicycle handlebar bell

Bicycle handlebar bell

A win-win option for a versatile gift for the cyclist is a bicycle bell that is mounted on the handlebars. Classic models come in orange, green, red designs. You can give a reliable bell GC GBL-59 COFEE 60MM coffee color. A great gift for March 8 is a stylish accessory with butterflies, flowers or hearts. For a man will suit a bicycle horn, made in the style of retro, or a modern variety of sound devices – electronic bell. The biker should replenish his knowledge of the bicycle. Give a birthday gift of a subscription to Eurosport Player. The cycling lover will follow events in the world from an Android device. The cyclist will come in handy with a hiking charger for mobile devices usb emer.


A scarf that looks like a tube of fabric was invented by Spanish cyclists. Manufacturers of cycling accessories developed the idea and began producing summer and winter buffs for kids, teenagers and adult cyclists. Functional piece of clothing protects against the cold and wind, and thanks to the clever cut goes well with a bicycle helmet. Branded buff, made of natural wool fabric, can be given to a man in February for protection in the cold season. In the fall, the headgear or kerchief will not let moisture in when riding in the rain. The product does not stretch and does not lose its shape, as material fibers are treated with high-tech composition and equipped with a breathable membrane. It is not recommended to give cyclists buffs made of synthetics that do not let air in and act as a plastic bag.



A compact and convenient handbag made of water-repellent material will be a sought-after gift for the birthday of a cyclist. The AliExpress shopping site provides a wide selection of bananas for training or cycling. A quality waist bag has many pockets and is inexpensive. The format of the product allows you to take everything you need for walks: phone, money, keys, documents, camera, food. For guys cyclists suit sports bag brand TINYAT. Stylish youth accessory suitable for everyday use, sports, cycling.

Chain cleaner

Service life and health of the bike depends on the care of the components of the transmission. Every biker faces the problem of cleaning the chain from dirt, dust, thickened oil. In a thick layer of incomprehensible mass quickly grows bacteria that corrode even steel. Do not wonder what to get the cyclist for February 23. A special device for cleaning the part is a necessary thing and a pleasant surprise at the same time.

Brushes attached to rotating gears, located in a plastic case, perform a cleaning function. A budget gift for a cyclist costs $4 to $6.

Bicycle lock.

bike lock

Both expensive and cheap bikes are stolen. Therefore, a bike lock will not be a gift that will be put away for lack of use on a distant shelf. Stores sell U-locks, plate locks, thick chains with welded links, and wheel locks. The cyclist will gladly accept any gift related to his favorite two-wheeler.

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So what can you get a cyclist from the variety of offerings? Professionals advise buying Ottolock type bike locks. The sturdy band of the device consists of steel plates covered with a layer of Kevlar fabric in a thermoplastic braid. To bite through a reliable lock, you would have to exert two tons of force. However, you should not give a bicycle lock in the form of ivy and other useless things that create the appearance of security. The giver will be remembered with a bad word if the hijacker removes the protection and deprives the cyclist of a means of transportation.

A portable version of the pump.

Nails, sharp pebbles or glass on the roads are the enemies of cyclists who have to change tires frequently. An indispensable gift would be a portable universal pump that fits all bicycles. Stylish design, ease of use, convenient attachment to the frame – the main characteristics of the modern tool for the cyclist, which helps to keep the bike on the go. Manufacturers have released a variety of compact models. For example, Skidproof weighing 124 g is made of durable plastic and fits in a small bag. The pump can be easily installed and a flick of the handle to fill the wheel with air.

Flask with bike mount


Impaired drinking while cycling causes heart failure, muscle cramps, and damage to knee joints. Canadian and Australian scientists conducted a study of hydration in cyclists. The results showed: a biker weighing 70 kg should drink 700 ml of fluids per hour of riding. To replenish the loss of moisture during physical activity, the cyclist carries water with him. Today, plastic bottles have been replaced by flasks mounted on the frame. With the device, you can carry 2 flasks at the same time, which is very convenient on long rides. For a gift to the cyclist, you can choose flask holders made of plastic, leather, aluminum or steel. Carbon ones (expensive) are designed for professional sports.

Bike helmet

Riding a bicycle requires the use of special equipment. A bicycle helmet is not only a means of protection from impact and injury, but also a mandatory safety requirement. Among the many designs choose the accessory that will give or a professional athlete, or an ordinary tourist. The classification of models based on riding style and the level of protection of the cyclist will help determine.

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Type of helmet Purpose
Cross Country Riding around town
Simple competitions
Road Versatile look
Occurs more often than other helmets
Bowler Aggressive riding style
Performing different tricks
Full-face Model with helmet glasses designed for cycling
Enduro Aggressive off-road riding
Specialized trails
Trek Special bike helmets for speed riding
Not suitable for normal walking and stunt riding

Manufacturers also produce children’s, teenage and women’s models.

Pizza knife in the shape of a bicycle

Pizza knife

There are many items on the “What to get a cyclist for Feb. 23” list. For example, a bookshelf in the shape of two bikes, stylish cufflinks, picnic bags with the cyclist’s name and others. An interesting idea is a pizza cutter, presented in different variations. The front wheel of the bike acts as a blade, the handlebars and frame replace the handle of the cutting object. Creative knife is an original and necessary gift that will delight the cyclist and surprise guests. Online stores will help you choose the right model.


The handlebars, saddle, pedals are the main points of support for the cyclist. Ergonomic tubular grips are mounted on the handlebars. The support platforms securely fix your hands and reduce vibration while riding. Over time, the bicycle part wears out and needs to be replaced. Therefore, giving grips to a cyclist is a good idea. Hand grips for the handlebars are made of different materials: rubber, leather, thick foam rubber, plastic. The most common – rubber platforms, complete with horns on the handlebars. You can pick up grips of any shape and color.

Bike storage rack

Free your friend or relative from thinking about where to shove the bike so it does not interfere with the aisle and does not spoil the interior of the apartment. Give the cyclist the gift they need by using an inventive idea for two-wheeler storage. Bicycle Lifecycle Hangers are a great solution for seasonal storage of the vehicle. The hangers come in a variety of shapes with mounts that don’t mess up the wall. No need to unscrew the handlebars, remove the pedals or saddle for storage. For example, LEVITA suggests hanging your bike by the frame holders with a shelf for books or flowers inside.

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Cycling gloves

This is a must-have piece of equipment for every cyclist. Choose gloves with ergonomic pads on the palm. It does not matter what material the right thing is made of: gel, foam or suede. The purpose of the accessory is to dampen microvibrations while riding. For a winter gift for the cyclist will suit special models, designed for riding in cold weather. They retain heat and accumulate moisture. An advanced option is cycling gloves with a built-in LED turn signal.

Torque wrench.

Torque wrench

A precision tool for tightening threaded connections to a set torque is the best gift for men’s cycling. A wrench with a built-in torque meter won’t break threads and won’t under-tighten. Torque wrenches with digital readout are expensive. The cheapest option is a ratchet-like dial. A specialized tool will ensure a quality threaded connection and will not allow negative consequences from improperly applied force.

Tool Kit

Bicycles (even the most expensive) are not immune to breakage. A biker should have a compact set of tools that may be needed on the ride. A cherished rescue suitcase can be presented as a gift to men. Experienced cyclists recommend excluding two extremes when buying:

  1. Do not buy a cheap bicycle multitool with tools made of short-lived materials.
  2. Do not buy expensive sets of promoted brands. You will have to pay not for quality, but for the name of the manufacturer.

The best option for a gift is a set of tools for the bike at an average price of 20-50 dollars.

Bottom line

Cyclists are unusual people. Regardless of status and age, they ride with the “wind”, travel, take part in competitions and just love healthy transport. The famous road cyclist Armstrong says it’s not the records that attract them, it’s the feeling of happiness that comes from riding a fast bike. New Year’s Eve, birthday, March 8 or February 23 are great occasions to make a cyclist happy. Choose from the presented suggestions any bicycle accessory. It’s a win-win option for a memorable gift.

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