How to make an exercise bike from an old bicycle – instructions

Arnold Schwarzenegger has built a full-fledged gym in his country house, where he works out every day on an exercise bike. 62-year-old Madonna revealed the secret to her youth and beauty. The pop diva does power yoga, running, horseback riding and riding a professional hardtail. Maksim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva have shelled out a tidy sum to build a sports palace with an exercise complex. But why spend a fabulous amount of money if you can simply and affordably make a simulator with their own hands. Exercising every day for 30-40 minutes, an old or unnecessary bike in winter will do wonders with the cardiovascular system and the figure. It is not difficult to construct a support to get decent results. It is more difficult to choose the right load. Recommendations of professionals will show the problem and offer a solution.

Is it possible to make a exercise bike from a bicycle

exercise bike

Genetics and character traits are half of shaping the ability to tolerate pain and strain from exercise. Statistically, only 10% of people who decide to go to the gym regularly keep their promise. Often the gym is no match for the physical activity of the person who complains about a lack of motivation, attitude, or money. In second place is the risk of catching the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It is possible to work out from the comfort of your home, as an ordinary bicycle makes an excellent exercise machine. Normal two-wheeled transport can be easily transformed into an effective sports tool. The meaning of the device is not only aerobic exercise. Trainer bicycle helps to develop musculoskeletal muscles, strengthen cardiac muscle, to get rid of excess weight, improve immunity. The dream will come true, if you properly organize the work and choose a suitable assembly option. The main requirements for the manufacture of a bicycle simulator:

  • availability of tools and selection of the right materials;
  • maximum stability of the simulator;
  • load adjustment;
  • comfortable saddle;
  • measurement of the covered distance, speed;
  • monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate;
  • Doctor’s advice on the frequency and duration of physical activity for a particular cyclist.

To make a exercise bike from a bicycle at home, you need to study and put into practice one of the proposed options.

Pros and cons

The decision to independently make a exercise bike is taken after comparing the positive and negative qualities of the object. If there are doubts that it will be difficult for yourself to create a sports tool from an old bicycle, it is easier to buy a training device in the store.

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Possible pros and cons of the homemade construction are presented in the table.

Small costs (in stores – 15 thousand rubles, homemade – 600 rubles) The dimensions of the exercise bike requires a lot of space
Efficiency for weight loss, fat burning, strengthening musculoskeletal muscles Lack of load, the need to use additional options
Combining a bicycle and an exercise bike in one device The design inflates the seat, which must be changed to fit comfortably
Inexpensive to maintain Unsteadiness of the device
Convenience of exercising at home Rapid wear and tear of parts
Easily transforms into a regular bicycle No devices for measuring speed, distance traveled
Simple manufacturing method The frame may collapse under serious load

Attention: It is contraindicated to use the exercise bike in the severe phase of diabetes, heart failure, thrombophlebitis, cancer, requiring emergency treatment.

How to turn a bicycle into a stationary bicycle at home

The exercise bike at home

An old two-wheeler, a small amount of material, desire and imagination – all you need to make a home simulator. Cyclists know the benefits of exercise, which burn extra calories, activate the cardiovascular system, prevent hypertension. Of the many existing options choose the one that will help to understand: how to make a bicycle exercise bike, without leaving home.

On homemade rollers

The advantage of this method is considered the possibility of quickly installing a load mechanism on the bicycle. To make a bicycle machine you need the necessary materials and time. First, take measurements of the frame, the length of which will be slightly less than the size of the bicycle, but 30-50 cm longer than the length of the roller.

To create the structure will be required:

  1. Boards, of which the base is made in the form of a rectangle.
  2. Tools for fasteners, parts for bushings (pins, bearings, etc.).
  3. Three wooden tubes with a diameter of 10-15 cm with side bushings.
  4. At the edges of the rollers are installed bearings.
  5. Rollers are mounted on a wooden base as follows: the first roller is placed under the front wheel of the bike, which should rest against the edge of the frame. The remaining two are installed under the middle of the rear wheel.
  6. A belt is stretched between the two rollers, increasing the load.
  7. Training involves a lot of pedaling, which may impair the stability of the bicycle. In order not to fall off the bike, the stand is placed near the wall or make additional support. For example, the axles are attached to the platform and the bicycle frame.

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bench bike

Quick assembly of a reliable device does not require scarce materials. The design consists of the bicycle itself and simple parts. A step-by-step description of the work helps to understand how to make a exercise bike:

  • The frame is made of strong sheets of plywood, which can be selected in the store according to the required size;
  • the prepared boards are fastened to each other with the necessary tools;
  • the pedals are installed on the supporting structure, the chain is fixed, and the rear hub is weighted with various weights;
  • the device works due to the rotational motion of the cyclist’s legs.

Stand simulator does not require complete disassembly of the bike. So if necessary, the bike is quickly put back together and used as a normal vehicle.

On a stand

Numerous videos present this particular way of making a bicycle machine. If you choose, you give preference to the simplest option, which does not require much time and significant financial costs. Cyclists even without experience in carpentry work will easily create a reliable construction. The assembly of the simulator is carried out in the following order:

  1. Take boards (not necessarily treated).
  2. You will need self-tapping screws (hacksaw, screwdriver).
  3. Prepare a special device in the form of pipes (pegs), which will be attached to the axle of the bike.
  4. A key for installation is sold at any bicycle store.
  5. Make a box from the boards, taking into account the size of the rear wheel axle (15-16 cm).
  6. Assemble a rectangular frame (letter U with two crossbars) from a board 25 mm wide.
  7. Large burrs, chips remove with sandpaper.
  8. Cut homemade racks 4 cm wide with small indentations, which should withstand the load of the rear wheel of the bicycle.
  9. Attach the blanks with screws to the main frame.
  10. Install the pedals, which for stability it is better to fix with special plates.

The compact design takes up little space and is as close to classic exercise bikes as possible.

Recommendations on loading of bicycle simulator

When driving on roads, the bicycle overcomes obstacles in the form of bumps, ascents and descents. The absence of obstacles at home requires the creation of an artificial weighting structure, which not only increases the aerobic load, but also develops the muscles of the musculoskeletal system. The main ways to load a homemade exercise bike with weights:

  1. Attach removable weights to the wheel, distributing evenly over the spokes.
  2. To install permanent magnets (20 pieces), which adjust the necessary load by means of belts, not a movable frame.
  3. The combined option combines a magnetic design with weights.
  4. Attach the paddles to the bicycle wheel. The closed opening of the drum changes the mode of operation of the exercise bike.
  5. Place two pressure rollers on the rear wheel. Suspended weights hold the wheel in place, creating the desired load when friction is applied.
  6. Use a stand with an electric generator.

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leg weights

Experienced cyclists advise using the 3 easiest ways to load a trainer made with their own hands:

  • buy in a store weighted weights on the legs (attached in the ankle area);
  • pour sand into long bags; distributing it on the center, tie it around the leg;
  • use the brake levers that are on every bicycle.

Training requires attention when you create a load on the exercise bike. Unlike industrial sports designs, homemade ones are not equipped to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, kilometers traveled. Heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute, systolic BP – 170 (the figure varies depending on the age, sex, health of the cyclist).


Old or sent to winter “hibernation” bike can easily be turned into an effective exercise bike. Using any variant of construction at home, you can improve health and raise your spirits in all weathers. It is enough to show desire and to allocate 600 rubles, which is 25 times cheaper than the store imitator bike.

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