Ligerad: what it is, types and benefits of recumbent bikes

Ligerad is a comfortable and common urban transport in Europe and America. The appearance of the recumbent bicycle on our roads causes general surprise. Some believe that the unusual design was invented for “poncey”. Others call the invention Frankenstein’s monster and bike-builder. Those, who passed a hundred kilometers in a comfortable seat, consider a recumbent bicycle as an exclusive facility for high-speed or long-distance trips. Professionals assert: once you will ride a strange mechanism out of curiosity and you want to move to him for a long time. At clumsy recumbent bicycle, which involved the muscular power of man, a world record – 133.78 km / h.

What is a recumbent bicycle.


The two- and three-wheeled Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes is an almost flawless modern bicycle. Transport owners get more comfort and get faster. No need to climb on the narrow saddle and lean forward. The clever fit allows you to look around the road and enjoy the scenery.

Ricambent (the name in English-speaking countries) differs in design, streamlining, and speed from a standard bicycle. On a special recliner cyclist can comfortably ride a hundred kilometers without fatigue due to lack of load on the spine. The pedals are moved forward and levers are made instead of a handlebar to make turns. The back pressed tightly against the seat and the location of legs at the seat level affects the dynamics of acceleration of the ricambent.

There are several variants of the steering wheel arrangement, size and diameter of the wheels. Titanium alloys, alloy steel and other durable materials are used to manufacture the frame. Lie bike with excellent streamlining can reach a speed of 52 km / hr. To feel the bike, you need to ride a couple of hundred kilometers.

Ligerad interested NASA scientists studying the ultimate potential of man in space conditions. Experienced riders were invited to participate in the experiment to determine the maximum speed on the recumbent bike. The current record belongs to Canadian Sam Whittingham.

Interesting fact

Charles Mosche bicycle

The first ricambent was constructed in 1900 by American Brown. The model was considered unsuccessful because of its weight, length and poor maneuverability. Thirty years later, French inventor Charles Mochet built a recumbent bicycle, the Velorizontale. The ambitious entrepreneur set a goal: to win the world championship and set a new speed record. Cyclists recognized the comfortable fit and easy handling of the design, but were ironic about the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikese, which they called “a tub of wheels.

Only Foro, an outsider in the competition, agreed to take part in the “adventure. Taking advantage of the ricambient’s advantage in aerodynamics and speed, the athlete became the unbeaten leader for 5 years. The Cyclists’ Union began to receive complaints about unequal competition conditions. Since 1934, lying bicycles were banned from official cycling races, but it was allowed to organize competitions separately for ricambents. Since then, the enthusiasm of the inventors faded, and riders stopped fighting for unofficial victories. It was only at the end of the twentieth century that the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikese gained fame as a comfortable and popular urban transport.

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Types of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess

Ligerad bikes are divided into conditional groups, the purpose of which explain the names of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes models:

  • racing (for setting records);
  • sports;
  • recreational;
  • tourist.

A special subspecies of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes is popular – a recumbent tricycle (trike). The main qualities of the model:

  • Stability of design and ease of operation;
  • large size;
  • the ability to lie down when riding and construct a sleeping mat for the night;
  • presence of a cargo carrier;
  • reduced maneuverability and low speed.

Purpose of use

the purpose of using a recumbent bicycle

The Ligerad was created for high-speed or long-distance travel. The recumbent bike is used for leisurely walks around town and flat bicycle paths. For those who like to stand out, the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes is the best choice, guaranteeing everyone’s surprise and interest. Touring models can be used to pack travel bags and not fear that they will move out on the wheels. The recumbent bicycle is made for recreation, professional sports, ceremonial parades. Professionals participate in competitions organized for ricambands.

Inventors have designed special-purpose Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess. Paul Schoendorf, a professor at the high school in Cologne, created a series of recumbent bicycles for the elderly and disabled. For example, California nursing homes use the three-wheeled ricambent. The closed top helps shelter from wind and weather. The International Association for the Development of Means of Transport Using Human Muscle Power has established: the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes gives freedom of movement and mobility and is superior to wheelchairs.

The strange bicycle has interested American physicians. The results of the research were published in the journal Medical news today:

  1. Walking on a Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikese improves lung function. Thanks to forced ventilation, the human organ is freed from harmful toxins and works more actively than usual.
  2. Lying bicycle relieves the strain on the spine, making it easier for the musculoskeletal system to function.
  3. Recumbent reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer.
  4. Prevents the development of impotence in men.
  5. Endorphins are activated while riding a recumbent bicycle. Happiness hormones create a “safety cushion” for the nervous system, alleviate depression, relieve pain.

When choosing the right model, take into account the traditional division of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess into classes. Types are defined by the drive characteristic, wheelbase indices, the level of planting height.


The vehicle contains a foot or manual drive. Torque is transmitted to the drive wheel of the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes through a belt, chain, steel cables, or cardan shaft.

  • Front-wheel drive. The leading wheel in a recumbent bicycle is the front wheel, providing maneuverability, reliability. With a movable carriage, the optimal angle of the front fork is 45 degrees. Drive with a fixed design helps to freely position the seat and fold the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes.
  • Rear drive. The recumbent bicycle is controlled through the rear wheel. Plastic tubes, guide rollers and shafts are used to dampen the oscillation of the extended chain.

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According to the size of the wheelbase, the following types of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess are defined:

  • Short KB. The front wheel of small diameter is placed behind the pedal base of the recumbent bicycle. The chain is installed through two rollers to avoid friction and transmit torque to the drive wheel. The small distance between the wheels makes the compact ricambent maneuverable.
  • Medium KB. The bikes are fitted with 24- to 28-inch wheels. The seat is located near the rear axle, which reduces the size of the recumbent bike.
  • Long KB. The vehicle is designed for riding at high speeds. The front wheel of the ricambent is smaller than the rear wheel. The low location of the pedal carriage gives the design stability, but reduces maneuverability.



The following types of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess are distinguished according to the height of the seat:

  • High Seating. The seat is at a distance of 1 m from the ground, which provides good visibility, comfort, comfortable driving ricaments.
  • Medium. The cyclist’s seat is located at a distance of half-bent leg. Different sized wheels improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Low. The seat is set 15-20 cm from the ground, which increases the streamlined model and speed. Small recumbent bike with this fit should not ride on public roads.

Special types of recumbents

In addition to standard models, other types of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess are gaining popularity, related to the features of management.

Type Feature
Streamliner A solid fairing completely covers the frame of the recumbent bicycle. The design has an attractive futuristic look
Tandem Ligerade. The model is made for two riders who can ride sitting or semi-recumbent
Lowrider The Ligerad is made for people who prefer a sporty driving style
Bicycle scooters Long handlebars, high seat positioning make it easy to enjoy long rides or city rides.
Velomobile A three-wheeled recumbent bicycle with great aerodynamics and an enclosed top
Wheelchair Designed to resemble a go-kart with a steering wheel and two front wheels
Tilted recumbents. Have low drag, the rider lies on his or her stomach
Short ligers. Lying bikes have a small wheelbase. Designed for everyday riding and travel
Front-wheeled Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess. Instead of a handlebar, they use an articulated frame that unfolds as the body moves
Rowing Ligerad The recumbent bicycle is controlled by the power of the hands

Regardless of the type, ricambles are characterized as comfortable and reliable means of transportation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The recumbent bicycle differs from the classic bicycle by design features, the presence of a bucket seat, the location of the carriage unit with pedals. Easy-to-ride models are valued for their unusual design, functionality, convenience in long journeys and walks out of town. Opinions of professionals on the advantages and disadvantages of Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess are presented in the table.

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Advantages Disadvantages
Maneuverability, aerodynamic performance, ease of handling High cost ($1,800 to $10,000)
Possibility to drive hundreds of kilometers in lying position without getting tired Decrease of pedal speed on long rises
Good visibility, comfortable seating,
Comfort of driving a recumbent bicycle
High weight of the construction (12-17 kg)
No strain on arms and spine Because of the low seating position of the ricambent – dazzle of oncoming car lights
Safety when braking – no throwing over the handlebars Unprotected from the weather
Additional protection of the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikese frame against impact Large turning radius
Uniform distribution of load on muscles, and reduction on pelvic organs Incomplete design of the recumbent bicycle makes it impossible to overcome sidewalk obstacles
High speed Disturbed balance of the ricambike wheels due to the immobility of the cyclist
Comfortable posture that does not require neck strain Dangerous to hit traffic jams, ride on snow and mud
Good fairness Due to the low height, the bicycle is not easily visible on the road
Maximum power transfer while pedaling Difficult Uphill—how-to-learn–tips riding
Lying position allows the cyclist to brake with his feet instead of taking a blow with his head Large dimensions

Rating of best recumbent bikes

Azub T-Triz

Comfortable and reliable ligers have become a popular and sought-after vehicle. Adventure Cyclist (USA) Adventure Cycling Association presented a ranking of the best Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikess. The list included seven models:

  1. The Czech compact Azub T-Triz Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes combines affordability with European quality.
  2. The touring high-speed Giro 26 ATT features a striking design with a multi-variant seat. Ricambent has double brakes.
  3. The versatile Catrike Expedition is used as a sport and touring recumbent bike.
  4. The front-wheel drive Cruzbike Sofrider is characterized as a comfortable model for travel and out-of-town trips. Ligerad is equipped with reliable tires, cargo carrier, necessary accessories.
  5. The Easy Racers Tour Ease ultra-light aluminum ricambent is designed for long-haul travelers.
  6. Greenspeed Magnum tricycle is the leader on the world market among recumbent bikes. Sturdy frame, voluminous trunk, adjustable seat – the main features of the comfortable model for travelers.
  7. The unique Lightfoot Greenway model stands out for its peculiar design. 109 gear steps allow you to drive the ricambent even on a high mountain.


Professionals consider the Ligerad–what-it-is–types-and-benefits-of-recumbent-bikes a symbol of human progress and the transport of the future. The UN sees these bikes as a means of “green recovery” after COVID-19.

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