Bicycle trailer for children – features and types

The number of cyclists is growing every day. In parallel, the number of accessories and various devices that significantly simplify life and make it more comfortable is increasing. For example, a bicycle trailer for children. To some it may seem like a surplus and a waste of money.

But we are not so categorical and imagine quite an ordinary situation: assume that you have long been fond of riding a bike and did not imagine his life without two-wheeled transport. At work, in the park, to the stores, at the market for vegetables, on a picnic out of town – you spend most of the time behind the wheel of a bicycle. At one point you become a happy parent and suddenly realize that you now have to travel exclusively with a stroller. At least, that’s what you would have thought before the invention of a child’s bicycle trailer.

With it you can easily go to the park for a walk, in the village to grandmother, at the cottage to friends, go out of town or enjoy the comfort of shopping with the baby. Today on sale you can find a variety of models made in accordance with safety requirements. They are reliable, equipped with additional safety belts, easy to operate – in general, the ideal device for active parents.


child bike trailer

A child’s bike trailer is an auxiliary vehicle designed to transport a child. It is a comfortable and practical alternative to a wheelchair or bicycle seat, with its own design features and distinctive differences. Today’s models are designed to carry 1 or 2 passengers aged 0 to 7 years. Strangely enough, but our compatriots are almost not familiar with this useful device. As for the European countries and the United States, then there trailers for transporting children are in great demand for over 30 years. They are called Bike Trailer.

In our stores, you can find models designed to carry one child weighing up to 40-50 kg. The bike trailer for bicycles has some distinctive features:

  1. The attachment is made in the form of a flexible connection, fixed to the rear wheel of the driving bicycle. The mount is designed so that even if the leading element of the tandem falls, the child’s seat remains in an upright position. To protect your baby from splashing from under the wheels, you can install additional protection.
  2. A safe distance between the child’s cart and the lead bicycle. The wheels of the child’s trailer are located on the sides.
  3. In its design features, the trailer to a bicycle for transporting children is as similar as possible to an ordinary stroller. And this is not all the amazing news for today: some models are full-fledged transformers, making life easier for young parents. There is a roomy luggage compartment.
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As you can see, the advantages of a child’s bike trailer are many. This is really a convenient way to transport a child, which allows you to lead an active lifestyle and have time everywhere. We have already talked about the fact that in our cities to meet a similar design is almost unreal. What is the reason? Do our compatriots do not see the point of buying a bicycle trailer for children? It turns out that the reason should be sought elsewhere.

Requirements for child bicycle trailers

Given all the seriousness of transportation and the value of the transported “cargo”, you can guess that there will be special requirements for the transportation of children in this way. There are no specific regulations for child bike trailers in Russia. According to the paragraphs 24.8 and 24.9 of traffic rules, you can not carry passengers on the bike, if it is not provided by the vehicle design.

Children under 7 years of age can be carried in a specially equipped seat. Regulatory documents allow the towing of a mini wheelchair, which does not contradict the concept of a trailer. Simply put, a child can be transported either in a special bicycle seat or in an auxiliary vehicle that has documents certifying compliance with safety requirements.

Conclusion: when purchasing a bicycle trailer for transporting children, make sure there is accompanying documentation. It is prohibited to transport a child in a homemade design.

Varieties of child trailers

a child's bike trailer

The existing models can be divided into two groups depending on their design features:

  1. Trailers: for transporting very young children and preschoolers.
  2. Semitandems: for transporting children over 7 years old.

Let’s consider each subspecies of child trailer in more detail. Let’s start with semi-tandems. This is a good option for country trips and travels. In the city it is not very convenient to use them because of the clumsiness of the design. The young passenger can directly participate in the movement, helping the parent to pedal. In this case, the child can not fall out of the trailer in case he panics or will be distracted by something.

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On sale you can find models designed to carry 1 or 2 children. But the adult must have the appropriate physical training to manage such transport. You should also remember about additional safety measures: it is necessary to transport children buckled up and in helmets.

Trailer trailers are models designed to carry very young passengers. There are models for 1 and 2 children, all-season or summer, closed or open types. These are practical designs that allow you to transport tiny babies (from 6 months). Strollers of the open type will certainly be appreciated by inquisitive older babies. The designs are equipped with sidewalls, footrests, a folding roof, seat belts, and comfortable seats.

Popular models

Thule Trolley

If you are thinking about buying a baby stroller-trailer for a bicycle, then you will probably be interested to know what models have proven to be reliable and safe designs:

  • Thule Chariot Cross. The model, designed for one passenger, is equipped with wheels, with which the trailer can be easily converted into a stroller. Great for active riding in the city and beyond. Not a bad option for active parents.
  • Thule Chariot. Versatile model designed to carry two children. Includes a handle and wheels that allow you to turn the trailer into a comfortable stroller. The model is recognized as one of the safest. The only drawback is the weight of the construction (about 45 kg).
  • M-Wave Kids. Lightweight trailer with an aluminum frame and two seats. There is protection from adverse weather conditions, there are reflective elements. But the model has a limited capacity of 20 kg.
  • Schwinn Trailblazer. Another model designed for two young passengers. It comes with a spacious cradle closed type, a parking brake, a changeable wheel and rain protection. If desired, it is easily converted into a stroller.

You should also pay attention to the model Eltreco VIC 1303. This is a budget solution for young parents, allowing you to carry two children at the same time. The model is equipped with weather protection. Owners note the reliability and ease of attachment.

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Choosing tips

When choosing a trailer for your child, you need to focus on several parameters:

  1. The age of the passenger. If it is approaching school age, it is better to buy a tandem. If you are looking for a trailer for a one-year-old child, you should give preference to trailers.
  2. Weight of the passenger. As a rule, models designed for two passengers can hold up to 50 kg. The design of single variants is designed for 20 kg, respectively. These parameters should be observed. Otherwise, the frame may not be able to withstand an excessive load.
  3. Completion and additional options. It is good if the model is transformed into a stroller – this allows you to transport the trailer in public transport.
  4. Manufacturing quality. No plastic – the frame of the children’s trailer must be made of durable steel profile. Pay attention to the fabric of the “interior” – it should be easily removable and washable.

As a rule, most models are equipped with weather protection. But that does not mean that any model will have a rain cover and side curtains. It is better to provide for this in advance and choose a child’s bike trailer more carefully.


Manufacturers of bicycle accessories and devices strive to ensure that cyclists remain “on horseback” regardless of life circumstances. And if not so long ago young and active moms had to stay at home with the baby, today they can go to the village to grandmother or meet with friends in the park. In addition, cycling with the baby promotes a close relationship between mother and baby, as well as restoring the figure after pregnancy.

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